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Profile Guide

This SIL INDUSTRIAL MINERALS INC. Profile Guide shows profile ranges achieved with different grades of our Industrial Blasting Sands, using our plant blaster and Quality Control Staff. The blasting tests were done out of doors, and consisted of 85 psi at the nozzle, nozzle to surface was 9 inches plus/minus 3 inches, at 1/4 inch (#4) orifice long venturi nozzle, on a new 1/8 inch cold rolled mild grade steel, with a blast angle of 75 to 105 degrees. Some variance in the profile can be noted by the profile ranges, due to our blasting environment. SIL INDUSTRIAL MINERALS INC. cannot guarantee similar profile results with our Industrial Blasting Sands in the field where variables exist.
3.53.0PROFILE (Mils) 2.52.060/80 MESH Minimum Nozzle Size 3/8(#6) COARSE SIL 7 5/16 (#5) 1/4 (#4) MEDIUM SIL 4 3/16 (#3) FINE SIL 1 40/50 MESH 16/50 MESH