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IDENTIFICATION 1. A place where business is transacted or professional services are available. 2. A place of work characterized with paperless system and modern technology set-up. 3. An association formed towards the attainment of a predetermined objective which contains the five elements (Manpower, Money, Machineries, Methods & Market). 4. The process of reproducing, reprinting, or copying graphic material especially by mechanical, photographic, or electronic means. 5. A person who works as an assistant to an executive possessing a mastery of office skills and ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who displays initiative, exercises judgment, and makes decision within the scope of authority. 6. The art of getting along with different kinds of people, during which an atmosphere of trust and confidence is created. 7. It is the objective of the company to build goodwill towards its customers and clients thereby creating a good image of the company in the business world. 8. Similar to the touch-dial telephone for the house but having many more features for business use. It has a speaker or hands-free feature, background music, call back, call pick-up, call transfer, call forwarding, conference call, and headset compatibility. 9. This is a type of communication written by employees within the company and for circulation internally. 10. The ABCs of telephone manners.



1-5 Give at least 5 Major Secretarial Duties 6-15 Ten Commandments of Human Relations 16-25 Telephone Courtesy 26-33 Qualities of Effective Letter Writing 34-38 Different Formats of Business Letter 39-40 Two Categories of Mail