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Basic Safety Procedures

For information about creating policies and procedures for the safety of children and
youth, please see Safe Sanctuaries, Safe Sanctuaries for Youth, or Santuarios Seguros
published by Discipleship Resources.

• Plan Ahead: “In what ways is our church vulnerable? Settings? Situations?”
• Maintaining Appropriate Interpersonal Boundaries (“if its not yours, don’t touch it”)
• The Two-Adult Rule (Boy Scouts use Three-Person Rule)
• First Aid/CPR Training
• Annual Orientation for Workers (paid or volunteer)
• The Five-Years-Older Rule (at least Four-Years-Older Rule)
• No Workers Under the Age of Eighteen
• The Six-Months-Hospitality Rule
• Windows in All Classroom Doors
• Open-Door Counseling
• Limited Counseling Sessions
• Advance Notice to Parents
• Parent and Family Education
• Appropriate Settings
• Adequate Insurance for the Scope of Your Ministries
• Youth Group Web Site Safety