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Sample Press Release Advocating

an Abuse Prevention Program

The children of America are our country's most precious resource. The future hope of this nation rests upon their
development and potential. Physical and sexual abuse endanger that future and shatter the innocence and purity of

Today, the ministerial association of Oak Grove announces a renewed commitment to confront this social problem. We
call upon the churches and synagogues of our community, plus all other institutions that work with children and youth,
to institute immediate safeguards to protect children and youth from physical and sexual abuse. As an association, we
advocate the following principles in an effort to provide a safe place for all young people within our community and

1. Child physical and sexual abuse are criminal actions which should not be tolerated in our society.

2. As a community we must work together to provide educational programs to instruct adults and children regarding the
nature and impact of child abuse.

3. Victims of abuse need love, encouragement, and support. This extends not only to current victims, but to the many in
our society who are adult survivors of childhood abuse.

4. All staff--paid and volunteer--who work with children should undergo appropriate screening. No adult who has been
previously convicted of child abuse should work with children or youth.

5. Children require an adequate number of supervisors to create an environment that reduces isolation, increases
accountability, and provides a proper balance of power and control in order to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.