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Introduction Type of place !ocation a.Of the three hill resorts in the country, Cameron Highlands is the most popular. b. Pangkor island is a popular island in Perak c.Malacca is a show place for Malaysia s historical past a.!ocated on the south"east of #uala Terengganu is the tropical island of Pulau #apas. b.The nature park is located far from ci$ili%ation. c.&estled amidst lush tropical forests and rolling plains, this secluded hideway is sited about '("km south"west of )ungai Tawar. d.The mall is located in the heart of the bustling commercial area. e.!ocated on the outskirts of town, the club house is a home away from home for many of its members. a.Pulau #apas is only a +( minutes boat ride from the town of Marang. b.To go to Pulau !angkawi, you can take a bus or ta,i to #uala Perlis and from there by e,press ferry. c. The palace and the museum are within walking distances between one and the other. d.The resort is -ust a breath away . The resort is only a stone s throw away from the bus terminal. the a.The hill resort offers a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of city life. b.The pictures0ue $illage e,udes a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere c.The peace and tran0uillity surrounding the nature park does wonders to those seeking a break from the hassles of li$ing in the city. d.The resort, against a backdrop of green rolling hills, offers the perfect getaway for those wishing to rela, and unwind. a.The resort is e0uipped with the most state"of"the"art conference rooms and a theatre. b.The island resort has facilities to cater to the needs of e$eryone" a golf course for golf enthusiasts, -ungle tracks and water sports for the young and ad$enturous and nature parks and green houses for those who wish to ha$e leisurely stroll.


/tmosphere place



Model Essay *escribe your fa$ourite holiday resort Heading Introduction !ocation *escription Of the + main hill resorts in Peninsula Malaysia, all of which are located in the state of Pahang, Cameron Highlands is the most popular and is fre0uented by both local and foreign tourists. !ocated on the north"west of Pahang, Cameron Highlands is about a 2 hours dri$e from either #uala !umpur or Penang. Its strategic location makes it a fa$ourite weekend escapade for urbanites from all o$er the country. Cameron Highlands is accessible by road. 3isitors to the highlands

How to get there

Climate.4hether /ttractions


would first ha$e to pass through the small, 0uaint town of Tapah. Then, from Tapah, it takes about an hour s dri$e to reach the highlands. 1or those who are faint"hearted, the ride along the steep, narrow roads can be 0uite an unner$ing e,perience as there are numerous hairpin bends along the 2( km route from Tapah. Its high altitude together with its in$igorating coolness will lea$e a person refreshed and is the ideal place for people recuperating from illness. 5/lthough the mushrooming of hotels and other tourism pro-ects are fast changing its skyline, Cameron Highland is much sought after by those seeking to escape from the rat race and the hustle and bustle of the city. 5The highlands are dotted with numerous $egetables farms, nurseries and tea plantations and is a welcome change for those who long to get away from the concrete -ungle. 5The rose garden with their many $arieties and colours will enrapture you. If roses are not your fa$ourite, then you can ha$e your pick from the other options"strawberry or butterfly farms or -ust miles and miles of green tea plantations. 51or the ad$enturous, there are well"laid -ungle paths to 6.7rinchang and 6.7eremban. Hikers will certainlyen-oy tra$ersing the -ungle paths for they are well maintained and easy to follow. If you find the -ungle trails a little monotonous, the blossoms of brightly coloured wild flowers along the way will pro$ide an interesting di$ersion. 5there are cascading waterfalls and pictures0ue lakes. /lthough the chilly weather and free%ing waters will make you think twice whether or not to don your swimming wear, you can en-oy the solitude of nature with only the swish swashing of the waterfalls and the gurgling waters to disturb you. 5/nglers can ha$e a whale of time as the ri$ers and lakes here abound with fish. /nd if fishing is not your cup of tea, then you will be satisfied -ust to sa$our the many breathtaking $iews the highlands ha$e to offer.

Its Your Turn Exercise 1 8sing the notes, write a description of 1raser s Hill. 4rite your answers in the spaces pro$ided. Heading 1raser s Hill /nswer Introduction 5hill resort in Pahang 5other hill resorts "Cameron Highlands "6enting Highlands !ocation 5west of the state of Pahang *istance Climate.4eather 5two hours dri$e from #uala !umpur 5cool climate, located on highlands



5much sought after by people because it is cooler and more refreshing 5di$erse range of flora 5star attraction "peace and tran0uillity 5far from hustle and bustle 5$ariety of acti$ities 5-ungle trekking, hiking, bird watching, playing tennis 5 tennis courts, golf courses, well marked -ungle trails 5choice of rest houses, chalets, hotels 5camping outdoors


9,ercise ' 4rite a description of Pulau !angkawi using the short notes below. Heading Pulau !angkawi /nswer !ocation 5north west of #edah 5made up of a cluster of small islands *istance 5+' km from #uala Perlis 52: km from #uala #edah 5;;' km north of Penang How to go there 5accessible by sea 5first go to #uala Perlis or #uala #edah 5then a ferry ride /ttractions 5steeped in legends "legend of Mahsuri "legend of Tasik *ayang 7unting 5beautiful beaches 5crocodile farm 5underwater theme park /tmosphere 5peaceful, tran0uil 5perfect place to rela, ad unwind /cti$ities 5snorkelling, -ungle

trekking 5island hopping 5shopping"duty goods


Model Essay Sampel 1 NIGHT MARKET &ight markets are found all o$er Malaysia. They found in big cities, housing estates and $illages. These night market are set up on fi,ed days of the week. It can be on Monday, Tuesday, 4ednesday or any other day of the week. )ometimes they are called by the names of the day which they appear such as Monday Market, Tuesday Market and so on. The stall owners usually go to the site early in the e$ening in their $ans or lorries. 4ith a lot of e,perience, they can set up their stalls and arrange their things within a short period of time. Their stalls are usually arranged on both sides of the roads to make it easier for shoppers to go to their stalls. The bright lights of the stalls gi$e the place a festi$al"like atmosphere. The $ariety of things sold at night market are truly ama%ing. There are fruit stalls selling bananas, papayas, rambutans, langsat, -ackfruits, watermelons and durians. The drinks tempt one to come to their stalls. The aroma of spiced, deep"fried chicken greets e$en long before one comes near the stalls selling it. 1ried noodles and $ermicelli garnished with browned garlic, sliced chillies and chopped spring onions look more like works of art than food to be eaten. It is true that the food is feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. The food stalls also sell satay, popiah and murtabak. Isn t it any surprise that many families eat out on night market days< There are also stalls selling costume -ewellery and fashion accessories. The fake -ewellery looks like real with its imitation diamonds and -ewels. 4omen and young girls are attracted to these stalls. The watch sellers are also there with their glass cases of cheap imitation watches. The watches look no different from the much more e,pensi$e ones. / customer can buy a =>ole, for less than forty ringgit? The stalls attracting many children are the ones selling toys. The noisiest stalls are the ones selling music cassettes and $ideo compact discs. Music and other sound come forth from their gigantic loudspeakers or tele$ision sets. People go to night market for a $ariety of reasons. Many of them go there not to buy anything but to watch other people. 6enuine shoppers are also painful. Many also go there to eat. The rest go there to en-oy the sights and sounds of the night markets. Model Essay Sampel *escribe a place of tourist interest. To many children, the @oo &egara is a fascinating place to $isit. One can spend the whole day touring it and still end up thinking that the time spent was too short. It is a world of animals, both wild and tame. The entrance to the %oo is a huge gate where tickets are sold at the ticket booth. The gate with its shocking red colour ne$er fails to welcome $isitors. 4hen one enters the %oo grounds, one first sees big cages where the animals kept. May types of animals like lions, tigers, elephants and chimpan%ees are seen inside their cages. )ome cages are small that it makes one wonder whether it is cruel to cage them. The animals mo$e about restlessly inside their cages. )urely by now, they are used to the stares

and picture taking of the %oo $isitors. 7ut then, will any animals or person e$er get used to being looked at< 7irds can also be seen inside their cages and on trees. This is a glorious sight that always attracts many %oo $isitors especially the bird lo$ers. 7irds if myriad colours, some with long, glossy multi"hued feathers rested on branches. Many people spend hours watching them through their binoculars. 7oth children and adults are always capti$ated by the animated atmosphere and the s0uawks and whistles of the birds. Many animal trainers and %oo attendants can be seen feeding the animals or washing them. Therefore, many $isitors take this opportunity to take pictures with the animals taking their bath in the background. There are many signs hung at strategic places that say =*o &ot 1eed the /nimals . These signs are necessary for in many cases, food brought by $isitors and gi$en to the animals ha$e made the animals sick. If the $isitors are lucky, they can watch performances by the %oo animals when the show times are on. These animals ha$e been trained to perform and gi$e the $isitors an entertaining time. Of course, there are also many small restaurants and cafes selling snacks and drinks at the %oo. Most $isitor will not lea$e without buying some of the %oo sou$enirs sold in the cute sou$enir shops. These sou$enirs are usually t"shirts, caps, badges, postcards and bags. The @oo &egara is indeed a fascinating place to the locals and tourists. 4ell maintained, it is a tourist attraction and also Malaysia s pride.

Sample ! A "opular Tourist Spot T#at I #a$e %isited Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island lies about ABkm off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It spans o$er +: km in length and ;C km at its widest point. The island en-oys a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from ': C to +(C. The water temperature is ': C. 3isitors can e,pect occasional hea$y rain especially from &o$ember to 1ebruary. Howe$er, most resorts continue to operate during this season and acti$ities may be carried out as usual that form the Tioman marine park. Tioman s waters are home to a splendid array of marine life such as barracudas, turtles, stingrays, clownfish, parrotfish and eels. /s a protected area, Tioman is the largest and most de$eloped of the $olcanic islands. 1ishing is allowed within a + km radius of the island. Coral and shellfish collecting as well as other damaging acti$ities are strictly forbidden. Only acti$ities that do not harm or destroy marine life such as snorkelling, scuba di$ing, swimming and underwater photography are permitted. 7lessed with a sunny tropical climate, Tioman is the perfect spot for a host of water sports acti$ities. The warm and clear waters make Tioman a popular destination for snorkelling and di$ing. 7esides that, $isitors may also en-oy kayaking and island"hopping.

Model sentences for describing scenes

TH9 )#D The weather was unpredictable.fickle. The sun, first, appeared as a huge ball of fire. Then, all of a sudden, there were alternate bands of grey, black and white in the sky and it looked as if it was going to rain. / pale sun looked down from a dull, white sky, gi$ing little warmth and light. The bla%ing sun was shining through the cloudless sky. TH9 )9/.79/CH The gentle wa$es rolled endlessly towards the white sparkling beaches. Tall coconut palms danced gracefully to the rhythm of the sea bree%e. 4e sat by the edge of the sea and watched the wa$es race towards us and tickle our feet. / lone fisherman can be seen casting his net into the calm, blue sea. / )TO>M *ark thunder clouds were racing in the sky and strong winds were blowing. Then the rain came E first in big, hea$y drops that were as sharp as splinters of ice, then , in pouring sheets. There was a splash of lightning followed by a rumble of thunder. 7lack clouds raced across the sky. TH9 3I!!/69 The hills stood out in the distance against the cloudless blue sky The $illage houses were huddled together behind a barbed"wire fence. 3illage women, balancing small rattan baskets on their heads, walked in a single file across the paddy fields. */D

The dark night was slowly crawling by and dawn was approaching.

&I6HT The light was fading and darkness was beginning to descend upon the -ungle. The night crawled by slowly. The stars twinkled in the black sky like thousands of fireflies. / 78)D )T>99T The crowds were so thick and we had to wea$e through them in the sweltering heat. The street was crowded with throngs of shoppers !ook at the following mind map about the description of a $illage scene on a hot sunny day. The scene is described by using sensory description. Melodious chirping of birds Sounds

Farmers at work

Green paddy fields

Sighing of the breeze

Sig!"s A village s ene S#ell Rustling of lea es

Buffaloes rolling in the mud

Heat of the blazing sun Tas"e Tou !

Fragrance Sweet taste of Model wild 9ssay Smell of of coconut flowers freshly cuttry to write a composition 8sing and the points gi$en abo$e, on your own. water ferns grass

Wind caressing the cheeks

Dou can use the model composition abo$e FThe &ight MarketG

Model Essay on E$ent *escribe an e$ent you ha$e attended. Teacher s *ay Celebration in My )chool Teacher s *ay is a special day in our school. It is not celebrated in our school but all schools in Malaysia. /ll the students in my school look forward to it e$ery year. 4e take the opportunity to thank out teachers for all that they ha$e done for us and show them our appreciation on Teachers *ay. There are no classes on that day because it is a day for the teachers to rest. 4e would normally ha$e an assembly in the morning. The school principal will deli$er her speech and thank the teachers for their contributions and dedication to the school and students. The Head Prefect would then present his speech to thank the principal and all our teachers on behalf of all students in the school. *uring the assembly, e$ery teacher is called to come up on the stage and the class monitor will present their class teacher with a bou0uet of roses. The bou0uet of roses is a token of appreciation from the students to their students to their teachers. It is a nice gesture that all the teachers appreciate.