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Why I am interested in the project I really enjoy historical research and analysis, looking for trends, patterns, that

give me new insights on the subject. In this internship, I hope to apply my past experiences with purely historical research into examining the philosophical aspects of biology and its terminology. I think it would be really interesting to trace the root of the disciplines of embryology and developmental biology, in terms of how theyre used, and why; maybe through that, we can find scientific, political, ethical, and/or moral reasons for the proliferation of the term developmental biology in the academic world today. As Ive been thinking about your research topic, I was wondering whether a possible reason for the academia distancing themselves from the term embryology may come from the fact that embryology tends to be associated with creating life, and thus, stem cell research and related subjects that dont really sit well with American society. Questions: -Does your research focuses on biological research in the United States, or the Western world, or the global scientific world? -In a way, do you think the research, in a way, since its definitely interdisciplinary, involves bioethical principles, or is related to bioethics? For example, in the project description, you note that well be looking at how some animals became more or less popular for different types of research. Will we explore the ethical, in addition to the economic and logistical reasoning for the popularization of certain animals in lab research?