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Adverbs of Frequency English Grammar Rules We use some adverbs to describe how frequently we do an activity.

These are called adverbs of frequency and include: Frequency Adverb of Frequency Example Sentence 100 always ! always go to bed before 11"m. #0 usually ! usually have cereal for brea$fast. %0 normally & generally ! normally go to the gym. '0 often( & frequently ! often surf the internet. )0 sometimes ! sometimes forget my wife*s birthday. +0 occasionally ! occasionally eat ,un$ food. 10 seldom ! seldom read the news"a"er. ) hardly ever & rarely ! hardly ever drin$ alcohol. 0 never ! never swim in the sea. ( -ome "eo"le "ronounce the *T* in often but many others do not.

The Position of the Adverb in a Sentence

.n adverb of frequency goes before a main verb /e0ce"t with To 1e2. Subject + adverb + main verb ! always remember to do my homewor$. 3e normally gets good mar$s in e0ams. .n adverb of frequency goes after the verb To 1e. Subject + to be + adverb They are never "leased to see me. -he isn't usually bad tem"ered. When we use an au0iliary verb /have4 will4 must4 might4 could4 would4 can4 etc.24 the adverb is "laced between the au0iliary and the main verb. This is also true for to be. Subject + auxiliary + adverb + main verb -he can sometimes beat me in a race. ! would hardly ever be un$ind to someone. They might never see each other again. They could occasionally be heard laughing.

We can also use the following adverbs at the start of a sentence:

5sually4 normally4 often4 frequently4 sometimes4 occasionally

6ccasionally4 ! li$e to eat Thai food.

15T we cannot use the following at the beginning of a sentence: .lways4 seldom4 rarely4 hardly4 ever4 never.

We use hardly ever and never with "ositive4 not negative verbs:

-he hardly ever comes to my "arties. They never say *than$ you*.

We use ever in questions and negative statements:

3ave you ever been to 7ew 8ealand9 ! haven*t ever been to -wit:erland. /The same as *! have never been -wit:erland*2.

We can also use the following e0"ressions when we want to be more s"ecific about the frequency: ; every day ; once a month ; twice a year ; four times a day ; every other wee$