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Infosys Placement Papers 2011

Directions (Q. 1-7): In each of the following sentences there are two lan! spaces. "elow each sentence there are fi#e pairs of wor$s $enote$ y n%m ers 1)& 2)& ')& () an$ )). *in$ o%t which pair of wor$s can e fille$ %p in the lan!s in the same se+%ence to ma!e it meaningf%lly complete. 1. , nation that loses the ------- of honesty loses its ----------. 1) power& will 2) appeal& charisma ') $ict%m& gro%n$ () stamina& co%rage )) #irt%e& so%l 2. If one gets ri$ of the go#ernment officials an$ politicians from the ----- of economic acti#ities& corr%ption will e -----. 1) h% & alance$ 2) ne.%s& repriman$e$ ') gear& eliminate$ () genre& alle#iate$ )) sphere& re$%ce$ '. /he principal aim of a socialist state is to ---- ------- in income an$ stat%s an$ stan$ar$s of life. 1) a olish& po#erty 2) c%r & menace ') eliminate& ine+%ality () chec!& g%lf )) minimise& stan$ar$s (. /o fight nat%ral calamities wis$om re+%ires that we -------- crises an$ ------- for them. 1) apprehen$& tac!le 2) anticipate& prepare ') hamper& sec%re () a$$ress& e#ol#e )) sense& $e#iate ). /his collection of essays has --------- eyon$ the tra$itional ------ of a #ersatile economist. 1) #ent%re$& $omain 2) mar!e$& line ') performe$& performance () sol$& copyright )) hel$& charisma 0. It is +%ite tr%e that when the whole economy is in --------& raising the rate of interest has other --------. 1) sei1e& %r$ens

2) sham les& $imensions ') 2eopar$y& glimpse () $istress& implications )) swing& 2%stification 7. In a $emocracy& it is essential that ------ #oices on one e.treme or the other sho%l$ as part of the system of chec!s an$ -----. 1) concerne$& press%re 2) $issenting& alances ') confronting& pran!s () opposition& whims )) eager& fancies Directions (Q. 3-1'): 4t%$y the following ta le an$ answer accor$ingly: /he following ta le shows the mar!s o taine$ y si. st%$ents in si. $ifferent s% 2ects. 4t%.54% . 6istory(100) 7aths(200) 8nglish(1)0) "iology(1)0) 8cono.(100) 6in$i(1)0) ,n!it 02 9 102 9 11' 9 '0 9 7) 9 :0 4ana ): 9 113 9 10' 9 '3 9 72 9 107 ;amar )( 9 17' 9 :7 9 20 9 7: 9 10) 4%mantra 0: 9 100 9 100 9 '0 9 03 9 113 <oseph 03 9 10: 9 10: 9 '2 9 7) 9 11' 4har ani 9 72 9 1(' 9 70 9 (0 9 0( 9 10' 3. =hich two st%$ents ha#e got e+%al mar!s in all s% 2ects together> 1) ,n!it-<oseph 2) <oseph- ;amar ') 4ana- 4%mantro () 4ana- 4har ani )) ,n!it-4har ani :. =hat is the appro.imate ratio etween the s%m of percentages of mar!s o taine$ y ;amar in 6istory an$ 6in$i an$ percentage mar!s o taine$ y 4har ani in 7aths> 1) 7:( 2) (:7 ') 7:) () 3:) )) ):: 10. Percentage of mar!s o taine$ y 4%mantro in 8conomics is what percent more5less as a percentage of the percentage mar!s o taine$ y ,n!it in 7aths> 1) 1)? 2) 10? ') 1'?

() 1:? )) 2'? 11. Percentage of mar!s o taine$ y <oseph in all s% 2ects together is 1) 0'.('? 2) 07.(0? ') 70.(' () 00.):? )) 7'.('? 12. /he mar!s o taine$ y 4%mantro in 6in$i is what per cent more than the mar!s o taine$ 4ana is 8nglish> 1) 12.'(? 2) 10.37? ') 1(.)0? () 10.('? )) 17.3:? 1'. =hat sho%l$ come in place of +%estion mar! (>) in the following e+%ation> 1' @ ) 9 > A 1( 1)( 2)( ')( ()) )) Bone of these Directions (Q. 1(-2)): In the following passage there are lan!s& each of which has een n%m ere$. /hese n%m ers are printe$ elow the passage an$ against each fi#e wor$s are s%ggeste$& one of which fits the lan! appropriately. *in$ o%t the appropriate wor$s. /he earth is not only the )1 heritage of all h%man!in$ %t also the %ltimate )2 of life. "y o#ere.ploiting its )' we are )( the #ery )) of o%r own life. ,ll aro%n$ signs )0 of the $estr%ction )7 y h%man acti#ity an$ of the )3 of nat%re. /herefore& the protection an$ ): of the earth is not a +%estion of morality or ethics %t a +%estion of own 00 . 6ow we 01 to this challenge will 02 not only this generation %t many generations to come. 1(. 1) c%lt%ral 2) common ') historical () esta lishe$ )) initial 1). 1) $estiny

2) spar!le ') principle () so%rce )) goal 10. 1) %r$en 2) capacity ') reso%rces () nat%re )) reser#es 17. 1) %n$ermining 2) stressing ') forcing () see!ing )) e#a$ing 13. 1) hope 2) asis ') %nity () soli$arity )) growth 1:. 1) compete 2) glitter ') stages () mar#el )) a o%n$ 20. 1) ca%se$ 2) %nfol$ ') negligence () %nfol$e$ )) highlighte$ 21. 1) cas%alty 2) a %se ') loa$

() $egra$ation )) harshness 22. 1) infrastr%ct%re 2) respect ') conser#ation () ea%tification )) generation 2'. 1) $oom 2) s%r#i#al ') rationality () prestige )) intelligence 2(. 1) cater 2) forwar$ ') confront () tolerate )) respon$ 2). 1) re#iew 2) repriman$ ') eng%lf () affect )) $epri#e ,B4=8;4 : 1. ()) 2. ()) '. (') (. (2) ). (1) 0. (() 7. (2) 3. (') :. (1) 10. (() 11. (2) 12. (') 1'.(') 1(. (2) 1). (() 10. (') 17. (1) 13. (2) 1:. ()) 20. (1) 21. (() 22. (') 2'. (2) 2(. ()) 2). (()

1.7y neigh o%r has se#en chil$ren.8#ery rother has e+%al no. of rothers an$ siters & %t each sister has twice as many rothers as sisters> ,ns: (&' 2./here are 11 more animals than ir$s in a pet shop.If there are as many ir$s as animals an$ if there are as many animals as ir$s the no. of legs is (5) of the original.6owmany ir$s an$ animals are there> ,ns: 22&11 '.one soap can e ma$e o%t of the scraps o taine$ while preparing 11 soaps.6ow many soaps can e prepare$ o%t of the scrap o taine$ o%t of 2)1 soaps.(/a!e all possi ilities) ,ns: 2) (.*in$ o%t the fi#e $igit n%m er whose first $igit is three times that of itCs fifth $igit&the fo%rth $igit is fo%r more than the secon$ $igit&the thir$ $igit is three less than the secon$ $igit& an$ there are ' pairs of $igits s%ch that each s%m is 11> ,ns: 0)2:2 ). 2DD 'DD E )DD D(D DD' EEDDDDD EE*in$ o%t the DCs an$ se#en is not there in the calc%lation. ,ns: 231F''2 0./here are ) %rglars an$ once went to a a!ery to ro it o #io%sly /he first g%y ate 152 of the total rea$ an$ 152 of the rea$. /he secon$ g%y ate 152 of the remaining an$ 152 of the rea$. /he thir$ g%y &fo%rth g%y an$ fifth g%y $i$ the same.,fter fifth g%y there is no rea$ left o%t.6ow many rea$ are there> ,ns:'1 7./he main line train starts at ).00,7 an$ the har o%r line train starts at ).02,7.8ach train has the fre+%ency of 10 min%tes.If a g%y goes in the morning at a ran$om time what is the pro a ility

of he getting main line train> ,ns: 0.3 3./here is 00F''m rectang%lar area .;am is 1153 times faster than Grishna."oth of them starte$ wal!ing at opposite en$s an$ they met at some point then&;am sai$ H4ee yo% in the other en$I/hen they contin%e$ wal!ing.,fter some time ;am tho%ght he will ha#e tea so he t%rne$ ac! wal!e$ ac! 1) meters then he change$ his min$ again an$ contin%e$ wal!ing .6ow m%ch Grishna has tra#elle$ y the time they meet> :., farmer has J chic!ens., sac! of fee$ comes for : $ays.,s the fee$ cost is increasing the farmer sells some chic!ens an$ retains 12 chic!en.If he re$%ces the fee$ +%antity y 10? ./hen he o ser#es that the fee$ comes for '0 $ays.=hat is J> ,ns:'0 10.8scalator Pro lem. , person wal!ing ta!es 20 steps to come $own on a escalator an$ it ta!es '0 secon$s for him for wal!ing./he same person while r%nning ta!es 13 secon$ an$ '( steps.6ow many steps are there in the escalator> ,ns:(0 ,nal Paper: 1. /here are nine car$s arrange$ in three rows an$ three col%mns. 8ach row contains atleast one green car$./here are three yellow corners.;e$ is either in the first row or secon$ row./here are 2 greens in the 'r$ col%mn an$ 2 l%es in the secon$ row.=hat is the arrange ment of the car$s ,ns: K ; L ""L KLK 2. /here are eight car$s.8ach car$ has colo%r on oth si$es./here are 2 l%e 2 re$ 2 green 2 yellow

1) /here are two alls to%ching each other circ%mferencically. /he ra$i%s of the ig all is ( times the $iameter of the small all./he o%ter small all rotates in anticloc!wise $irection circ%mferencically o#er the igger one at the rate of 10 re#5sec. /he igger wheel also rotates anticloc!wise at Bre#5sec. what is MBC for the hori1ontal line from the centre of small wheel always is hori1ontal. 2) 1 2 ' ( @'()) EEE(03: -2'() EEE2'(( @12)( EEEE '0:3 Q) 4tri!e off any $igit from each n%m er in se#en rows (nee$ not e at same place) an$ com ine the same operations with ' $igit n%m ers to get the same a$$ition. ,fter this stri!e off another $igit from all an$ a$$ all the Bo.s to get the same 2 $igit Bo. perform the same process again with 1 $igit Bo.s. Li#e the M no.s in 7 rows at each stage. ') there is a safe with a ) $igit Bo. /he (th $igit is ( greater than secon$ $igit& while 'r$ $igit is ' less than 2n$ $igit. /he 1st $igit is thrice the last $igit. /here are ' pairs whose s%m is 11. *in$ the n%m er. ,ns) 0)2:2. () there are 2 g%ar$s "al an$ Pal wal!ing on the si$e of a wall of a wearho%se(12m D 11m) in opposite $irections. /hey meet at a point an$ "al says to Pal I 4ee yo% again in the other si$eI. ,fter a few moments of wal!ing "al $eci$es to go ac! for a smo!e %t he changes his $irection again to his pre#io%s one after 10 min%tes of wal!ing in the other(opposite) $irection remem ering that Pal will e waiting for to meet.If "al an$ Pal wal! 3 an$ 11 feet respecti#ely& how m%ch $istance they wo%l$ ha#e tra#elle$ efore meeting again. )) ...).....(... '.. EE...

.'. EE ... '.. EE Q) *in$ the ) $igit Bo. 6int: ) is %se$ atleast once in the calc%lation. 0) ,fly is there 1 feet elow the ceiling right across a wall length is '0m at e+%al $istance from oth the en$s. /here is a spi$er 1 feet a o#e floor right across the long wall e+i$istant from oth the en$s. If the wi$th of the room is 12m an$ 12m& what $istance is to e tra#elle$ y the spi$er to catch the fly> if it ta!es the shortest path. 7) ;amesh sit aro%n$ a ro%n$ ta le with some other men. 6e has one r%pee more than his right person an$ this person in t%rn has 1 r%pee more than the person to his right an$ so on& ;amesh $eci$e$ to gi#e 1 r%pee to his right N he in t%rn 2 r%pees to his right an$ ' r%pees to his right N so on. /his process went on till a person has Mno moneyC to gi#e to his right. ,t this time he has ( times the money to his right person. 6ow many men are there along with ;amesh an$ what is the money with poorest fellow. 3)Q%estion relate$ to pro a ilities of remo#ing the re$ all from a as!et&gi#en that two alls are remo#e$ from the as!et an$ the other all is re$. /he as!et contains l%e&re$&yellow alls. :)Oen!at has 1 oyN2$a%ghters./he pro$%ct of these chil$ren age is 72. /he s%m of their ages gi#e the $oor n%m erof Oen!at."oy is el$er of three.Jan yo% tell the ages of all the three.

,B,PK/IJ,P 1)P:says all of my other ( frien$s ha#e money 7:says that P sai$ that e.act one has money B:says that P sai$ that precisely two ha#e money Q:says that 7 sai$ that ' of others ha#e money. P:Pan$ B sai$ that they ha#e money. all are liers.=ho has moneyNwho $oesnCt ha#e>

2), hotel has two&the east wing an$ the west wing.some east wing rooms %t not all ha#e an ocean #iew(QO).,ll == ha#e a har o%r #iew(6O)./he charge for all rooms is i$entical& e.cept as follows R 8.tra charge for all 6O rooms on or a o#e the 'r$ floor R 8.tra charge for all QO rooms e.cept those witho%t alcony R 8.tra charge for some 6O rooms on the first two floorNsome 8= rooms witho%t QO %t ha#ing !itchen facilities. (L;8 mo$rl /est '-+%estion 1<-22) ')Post man has a $ata of name s%rname $oor name of ( families. "%t only one is correct for each family./here are a set of statements N+%estions. ()( co%ples ha#e a party.Depen$ing on the set of statements&fin$ who ins%lte$ whom an$ who is the host of the party. ))) women gi#en some of their heights(tall&me$i%m&short)6air( long& plainte$)&star$s("lac! or "rown)& sari&2 me$i%m&2-short./all-Sno sari.Plainte$-Sme$i%m.,nswer the com inations. 1) , person has to go oth Borthwar$sN4o%thwar$s in search of a 2o . 6e $eci$es to go y the first train he enco%nters./here are trains for e#ery 1) min oth so%thwar$s an$ northwar$s.*irst train towar$s so%th is at 0:00 ,.7. an$ that towar$s Borth is at 0:10 .If the person arri#es at any ran$om time&what is the pro a ility that he gets into a train towar$s Borth. 2) , person has his own coachNwhene#er he goes to railway station he ta!es his coach.Qne $ay he was s%ppose$ to reach the railway station at ) QCcloc!."%t he finishe$ his wor! early an$ reache$ at ' QCcloc!. /hen he r%ng %p his resi$ence an$ as!e$ to sen$ the coach imme$iately. 6e came to !now that the coach has left 2%st now to t2e railway station. 6e tho%ght that the coach has left 2%st now to the railway station.6e tho%ght that he sho%l$ not waste his time an$ starte$ mo#ing towar$s his resi$ence at the spee$ of 'mi5hr.Qn the way&he gets the coach an$ reaches home at 0 oCcloc!.6ow far is his resi$ence from railway station. ');a$ha&LeetaN;e#athi went for a picnic.,fter a few $ays they forgot the $ate&$ay an$ month on which they went to picnic.;a$ha sai$ that it was on/h%rs$ay&7ay 3 an$ Leeta sai$ that it was /h%rs$ay 7ay 10.;e#athi sai$ *ri$ay <%n 3.Bow one of them tol$ all things wrongly&others one thing wrong an$ the last two things wrongly.If ,pril 1st is t%es$ay what is the right $ay&$ate an$ month>

1) *in$ the ne.t term in series 1&)&1(&'0&))&:1&1(0&--,ns:- 20( ( mar!s 2)I went to the mar!et an$ spen$ 10? f what I ha$ then went tot the secon$ shop an$ spen$ 10? again .=hen I came ac! home I reali1e$ that I ha$ $roppe$ my p%rse .=hen I chec!e$ my pay slips the amo%nt that I ha$ spen$ were 1:;s.=hat t was the amo%nt that was in the p%rse when I $roppe$ it.. ,ns:- 31 ;s. 2 mar!s

') /here is a fi#e $igit n%m er. /he fifth $igit is one fo%rth of the thir$ $igit an$ one half of the fo%rth $igit. /hir$ $igit is one half of the first $igit. secon$ $igit is ) more than the fifth $igit. =hat is that ) $igit no.> ,ns:30(21 ( mar!s () /here are three associates an$ they ha#e some money in a room. "%t no one is elie#ing others alone. so& a) Bo one sho%l$ e a le to open the room alone. ) =hen any 2 persons are com ine$ they sho%l$ e a le to open the room. =hat is the minim%n no. of loc!s N !eys re+%ire$.> ,ns:- Di$nCt attempt ) mar!s ))there are two towers 1 an$ 2 of 200 an$ 1)0 ft heiht an$ 2)0ft is the $istance etween them./wo ir$s tra#eling at the same #elocity from the top of the two towers reach for a grain place$ on gro%n$ etween the two towers at same time& what is the $istance of this grain from tower1. 0 mar!s 0)Qne man ha$ 0( arrels an$ ha$ to pay (0francs an$ ) arrels for e.cise $%ty.,nothe man who ha$ 20 arrels ha$ to pay 2 arrels for e.cise $%ty %t got (0 francs in change.=hat was the e.cise $%ty on each arrel an$ what was the cost of one arrelCs elongings. ,ns. 10 an$ 110 ( mar!s ,ns:- :0 feet.

7)/here were two ar ers in a shop.8ach one ta!es 1) min for hairc%t an$ ) mins. *or sha#e./hree c%stomers came to the shop an$ wante$ hairc%t as well as sha#e each.=hat is the minim%m time in which oth the ar ers can finish the wor!.. ,ns:- '0 mins my answer was ') mins( one silly mista!e in ma!ing se+%ence) ( mar!s

3), riga$e ha$ : sol$iers carrying 1) fr%its each./heir chief ha$ some fr%its as well./he a#erage of the whole riga$e was : less than what the chief in$i#i$%ally ha$.=hat was the total n%m er of fr%its that the riga$e ha$. ,ns:- 100 %t I wrote the fr%its that the chief ha$ was 2) in the main answer(silly mista!e). ' mar!s :), la$y o%ght two gar$en slots for less than 10 $ollars.4he o%ght some no of yar$s of each oth e+%al to the the a#g.price of them per yar$./he $ifference etween them was 2.1) $ollars in cents.=hat were the no. Qf yar$s of each that were o%ght. ,ns:- Di$nCt attempt 0 mar!s 10)/here were ( persons a& &c&$ each participating in ( contests of french&8nglish&maths&logic. a tho%ght $ won logic awar$& tho%ght c won *rench awar$&c tho%ght other two false. 4o who won which awar$. 7y ,ns:, won french " won english J won maths D won logic 0 mar!s 11) there were ( persons wor!ing in an organi1ation a & &c&$. /hey ha#e post presi$ent&manager&acco%ntant&cashier&not in the same or$er. Jashier always play with presi$ent an$ always $efeats him. Jashier an$ manager are etter players then acco%ntant. c li#es ne.t $oor to $ an$ plays chess with him. only li#es ne.t to presi$ent. $i$Cn win maths awar$& $ tho%ght a won 8nglish awar$. Pater on the res%lts of maths an$ logic came o%t to e correct an$

4o who hol$ which position. 7y ,ns:J was manager , J D " is possi le arrangement of ho%ses " was cashier , was acco%ntant D was presi$ent 0 mar!s

1. *rom a #essel& 15'r$ of the li+%i$ e#aporates on the first $ay. Qn the secon$ $ay '5(th of the remaining li+%i$ e#aporates. =hat fraction of the #ol%me is present at the en$ of the secon$ $ay. ,ns: )0? 2. ,n orange glass has orange 2%ice an$ white glass has apple 2%ice oth of e+%al #ol%mes. )0ml of the orange 2%ice is ta!en an$ po%re$ into the apple 2%ice. )0ml from the white glass is po%re$ into the orange glass. Qf the two +%antities& the amo%nt of apple 2%ice in the orange glass an$ the amo%nt of orange 2%ice in the white glass& which one is greater an$ y how m%ch> ,ns: /he two +%antities are e+%al '. /here is a ( inch c% e painte$ on all si$es. /his is c%t $own into of 1 inch c% es. =hat is the no of c% es which ha#e no pointe$ si$es. ,ns: 3 (. 4am an$ 7ala ha#e a con#ersation. 4am says I am certainly not o#er (0 7ala says I am '3 an$ yo% are atleast ) years ol$er than me Bow 4am says yo% are atleast ': ,ll the statements y the two are false. 6ow ol$ are they really> ,ns: 7ala A '3 yrs 4am A (1 yrs. ). ;am 4ingh goes to his office in the city& e#ery $ay from his s% %r an ho%se. 6is $ri#er Langaram $rops him at the railway station in the morning an$ pic!s him %p in the e#ening. 8#ery e#ening ;am 4ingh reaches the station at ) QC Jloc!. Langaram also reaches at the same time. Qne $ay ;am 4ingh starte$ early from his office an$ came to the station at ( QC Jloc!. Bot wanting to wait for the car he starts wal!ing home. 7angaram starts at normal time& pic!s him %p on the way an$ ta!es him ac! ho%se& half an ho%r early. 6ow m%ch time $i$ ;am 4ingh wal!>

0. In a railway station& there are two trains going. Qne in the har o%r line an$ one in the main line& each ha#ing a fre+%ency of 10 min%tes. /he main line ser#ice starts at ) oCcloc! an$ the har o%r line starts at ).02,.7. , man goes to the station e#ery $ay to catch the first train that comes. =hat is the pro a ility of the man catching the first train> ,ns: 0.3 7. , family D went for a #acation. Tnfort%nately it raine$ for 1' $ays when they were there. "%t whene#er it raine$ in the mornings& they ha$ clear afternoons an$ #ice #ersa. In all they en2oye$ 11 mornings an$ 12 afternoons. 6ow many $ays $i$ they stay there totally> ,ns: 13 3. , s%r#ey was ta!en among 100 people to fin$ their preference of watching /.O. programmes. /here are ' channels. Li#en the no of people who watch at least channel 1 at least channel 2 at least channel ' no channels at all atleast channels 1an$ ' atleast channels 1 an$ 2 atleast channels 2 an$ ' *in$ the no of people who watche$ all three. :. ,l ert an$ *ernan$es ha#e two leg swimming race. "oth start from opposite en$s of the pool. Qn the first leg& the oys pass each other at 13 m from the $eep en$ of the pool. D%ring the secon$ leg they pass at 10 m from the shallow en$ of the pool. "oth go at constant spee$ %t one of them is faster. 8ach oy rests for ( secon$s at the en$ of the first leg. =hat is the length of the pool> 10. 8ach alpha et stan$s for one $igit in the following m%ltiplication. /6I4 .I4 EEE D*DD

DDTD EEEE DDBDD EEEE =hat is the #al%e / can ta!e> ,ns: / ma. #al%e A (

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