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A Summer Training Report Submitted By SUMIT KUMAR 1041831024

In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree Of




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Submitted By: Sumit Kumar (1041831024)


Submitted to: Mrs. Divya Pandey (Seminar Coordinator)

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This is to certify that this training report entitled Injectoplast Perfection In Engineering by SUMIT KUMAR (1041831024), submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and communication Engineering of the Gautam Budh Technical University, Lucknow, during the academic year 20012-13, is a bonafide record of work carried out under my guidance and supervision.

Mr. Uttam Sir

Head Of Depart. Electronics & Communication Engineering, Vidya Bhawan College for Engineering and Technology, Kanpur

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We are a student of pre-final year of The curriculum of gives us opportunity to attend summer training program of 4 weeks. We applied for summer training in Lohia Group Kanpur they warmly welcome us and guided us to complete our training on INJECTOPLAST PERFECTION IN ENGINEERING PLASTIC We in behave of my team would like to thanks Mr. Arun Kumar Shah Sir for giving us opportunity to select as a team member. And special thanks to S. Pandey and T. Singh Sir who supported us in all possible way.

Sumit Kumar (ECE)


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As I have performed my training in INJECTOPLAST PERFECTOIN IN ENGINERING PLASTIC FROM LOHIA GROUP KANPUR. In this training we have study about various types of machines and equipments and technologies used in it and also various techniques used in automatic controlling of machines. Now I am going too introduced about the industry, its infrastructure and technologies used in the department of injectoplast. As there are used various types of motors and there controlling using different types of automatic controlling techniques using computer aided design system. Finally we conclude that there is lot of requirements of engineers of various branches.

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Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Infrastructure 1.3 About Lohia Group 1.4 Vision 1.5 Mission 1.6 Product Capabilities At Kanpur Chapter 2 Message from MDs Desk Chapter 3 Products 3.1 Power train & Engine Parts / Modules 3.2 Driveline & Steering Parts 3.3 Grab / Assist Handles & Interior Trims 3.4 HVAC & ECM Parts and Modules 3.5 ETC Plastic Pedal & Chassis Parts

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1.1 Introduction
The machines and equipment are selected from the best in class global suppliers with state-ofthe-art technology. This plant are designed, constructed and equipped to international standards. The processes, planning and maintenance ensure that the plants deliver their rated capacities consistently. The manufacturing processes adopt the methodology of PFMEA, Poke-Yoke, PDCA cycle, 5S, Kaizen, Lean Principles, and Six Sigma etc. Injectoplast has over the years become a full service supplier offering engineering solutions to the automotive industry. This includes contemporary technology & processes coupled with product designing, application engineering, tool designing & tool manufacturing, Programmed management and best in class manufacturing practices.


Customer's satisfaction by delivering highly reliable products has been the forte of Lohia Group. The group, therefore, believes in manufacturing all critical and precision components in-house and to this end, the production facilities of the group companies are equipped with high precision machine tools and manned by a team of well qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. Various facilities include CNC turning centers, turn mill centers; horizontal & vertical machining centers etc. To complement these machines, there are general-purpose machines like lathes, milling machines, surface and cylindrical grinding machines etc. for manufacture of tooling and fixtures and for pre and post CNC operations. The robust machine structures comprise of a large amount of heavy duty components. For machining these heavy components, there are horizontal boring machines, Plano millers, large capacity lathes and cylindrical grinding machines. The company has CAD/CAM facilities.

1.3 About Lohia Group

LOHIA GROUP, promoted by a well known business family of North India, diversified from traditional business and ventured into manufacture of high-tech machines way back in mid '70s. LOHIA GROUP, has a long tradition of excellence is currently active in machinery, mechanical sub-contracting, textiles and engineering plastics.
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Lohia Engineering Works, a firm belonging to LOHIA GROUP, began with the manufacture of Schweitzer type cone-winding machines, to handle a variety of yarns. Presently, the GROUP is primarily engaged in engineering sector with LOHIA CORP LIMITED as its flagship Company, under the leadership of its Chairman Mr. Raj Kumar Lohia. LOHIA CORP LIMITED formerly known as Lohia Star Linger Limited incorporated in 1981 is engaged in manufacture of complete range of machines required by Plastic Woven Fabric Industry and is an undisputed leader amongst machine manufacturers of this industry. At present, it is not only enjoying over 60% of market share in India but has also earned a reputation of world's leading manufacturer of such equipments. Its projects are running successfully in over 60 countries around the world and this accomplishment has been possible due to the GROUP's continuous emphasis on quality and innovation. The Company has an outstanding track record to its credit as it enjoys the status of 'Trading House' and is accredited ISO: 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE BY DNV NETHERLANDS. Along with LOHIA CORP LIMITED, the Group also comprises of Threads (India) Limited engaged in manufacture of industrial synthetic sewing thread and Injectoplast Private Limited primarily engaged in manufacturing of high performance engineering plastic components for automobile sector.

Lohia Group is itself an achievement at par and has a long way to go ahead and create advantages in the technological world.

1.4 Vision

To be the partner of choice for our customers by providing technology based world class products and performance enhancing services tailored to meet their requirements. To provide total customer satisfaction through quality products and services at competitive costs. To attain the leadership in technology, quality, services and costs with integrity and stability.

1.5 Mission

To follow the best practices as a responsible corporate and contribute in sustainable development of the society including employees. To provide total customer satisfaction through quality products and services at competitive costs. To make continuous up gradation in our products through innovation anticipating the needs of our markets and customers. To maximize the exports of our all products by offering quality products and services at competitive costs combining with our intellectual and trade resources.
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1.6 Production Capabilities At Kanpur

Process Capability


Thermoplastic Injection Molding Thermo set Injection Molding

Up to 1250 gms

Up to 700 Tons

Up to 400 gms

Up to 180 T

Vertical Insert Molding

Up to 100 gms

Up to 55 T

Press Blow Molding

Wt. up to 140 gms & length 350 mm Up to 450 gms Up to 600 gms Up to 250 T Up to 250 Tons

2 K Injection Molding Gas Injection Molding

Technical Centre, Product Development Cell & Tool Room, Programmed Management Team Plastic Welding

Caria V5, Pro-E, UG, Solid edge, Ideas

U/S, Hot Plate, Vibration


Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Painting

Chapter 2
Message from MD's Desk
At Injectoplast our endeavor is to strive for uncompromising commitment to overall customer satisfaction meeting stringent quality standards, challenging requirements and customer program timing. Having acquired a leadership position in niche segment of automotive systems, Injectoplast has been endorsed by customer confidence. Leading to recognition by way of performance awards winning new projects. We support customers requirements at multiple locations, making a global footprint.
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Injectoplast is a member of the Rs. 8.0 billion Lohia Group (, a leading engineering and machine building business house of India. The group has a leadership position worldwide in its field of packaging machinery and engineering solutions. I take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support & extend you my personal assurance that in your association with Injectoplast, you will find your supplier of choice, committed to engineering and innovative solutions, with a passion for excellence.

Arun Kumar Shah Managing Director

Chapter 3 Products Product Category

CATEGORY PARTS & SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY Thermoplastic Molding, Welding ,Testing & Assay Press Blow Molding & Injection Molding Gas Injection Molding ,Insert Molding, Assy. & Surface Decoration Thermoplastic , 2K Injection Molding, Welding & Assy. 2K Injection Molding & ETC Plastic Pedal & Clutch Pedal , Housing, Brush Box, Brake Booster Chassis Parts Over molding, Thermo set Injection Molding Engine & Beauty Covers (with NVH); Power train & Engine Oil Tubes, CHC, Baffles, Battery Parts / Modules Consoles etc. Driveline & Steering CVJ Boots, Bellows & Dust Seals Parts Grab , Strap, Floor & Assist Handles, Grab / Assist Handles Ash Tray, Cup Holders, Air Vents, & Interior Trims Control Panels Radiator End Tanks ,Case Air intake, HVAC & ECM Parts Ducts and Modules Assy. , Door Flapper

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3.1Power train & Engine Parts / Modules

3.2 Driveline & Steering Parts

3.3 Grab / Assist Handles & Interior Trims

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3.4 HVAC & ECM Parts and Module

3.5 ETC Plastic Pedal & Chassis Parts

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Chapter 4 Machinery Used 4.1 Woven Fabric Machinery

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We have proven capability and long experience to offer from concept to commissioning to support services for supply of Plant & Machinery for production of PP/HDPE plastic woven fabric used for flexible packaging and many other applications viz tarpaulins, sacks, carpet backing etc. The constant innovations in our products have created advantages for our customers all over the world in more than 60 countries. Lohia Group is committed to expand its capabilities by offering updated, reliable and cost competitive solutions in the field of machinery for plastic processing.

4.1.1 Woven Fabric

Fabrics are composed of two sets of yarns. One set of yarns, the warp, runs along the length of the fabric. The other set of yarns, the fill or weft, is perpendicular to the warp. Woven fabrics are held together by weaving the warp and the fill yarns over and under each other. The woven plastic fabric is produced using HDPE or PP in wide range of specifications depending upon the end use application. LOHIA CORP LIMITED provides standard and customized equipments to produce woven fabrics by circular looms used in storing products such as cereals to chemicals, flour to animal feeds, and cement to vegetables.

4.1.2 Process Steps

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4.2 Lorex

1. Extruder

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The extruder with the help of Hi-Q computer optimized screw ensures optimum melt homogenization and conveys the melt to the T-die. Universal screws are the best choice for special applications with extremely low / high denier of tapes whereas Barrier screws are recommended for tape deniers used for normal sack applications. 2. Automatic Screen Changer

Automatic screen changer with belt filter can be used in place of manual screen changer to minimize stoppages of tape stretching line for want of screen / filter change. Movement of this belt filter is timer controlled and rate of travel of the same is user adjustable. 3. T-Die

The specially constructed die has integrated flexible lips with opening range of 0.0 to 1.0 mm. The die has archeologically optimized flow channels, with adequate heating zone and temperature controls. 4. Hot Air Oven

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The hot air oven with independent blowers for upper and lower level tunnels, with common heating and velocity control mechanism ensures uniform temperature profiles and velocities over the entire heated surface, which is essential for uniform tape quality.


Model Extruder Screw diameter (mm) 75 75 90 90 90 105 105 E75B E75H E90U E90B E90H E105U E105B

Maximum melt capacity PP (kg/hr) HDPE (kg/hr) Model Extruder Screw diameter (mm)105 Maximum melt capacity PP (kg/hr) HDPE (kg/hr) 400 540 460 600 500 750 900 120 120 120 135 150 260 210 275 260 350 300 400 350 450 -


4.2.2 Downstream Equipment

Working width (mm) Holding Unit Stretching & Annealing unit 800/1000/1400/2000 2/3 gadgets per stand 5/6 gadgets per stand

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4.2.2 Downstream Equipment

Max. line speed (m/m) Standard models up to 350 meters/minute High-speed models up to 425 meters/minute

4.2.3 Optional Equipment

Centralized Computer Control Film Thickness Measuring System Melt Metering Pump* Auto Gauging Die Fibrillating Unit

4.3 Duotec

Backed by over 28 years of experience and reliability, Lohia Duotec is a revolution in technology for processing PP tapes. This is the most innovative technology in Raffia production process, after the Blown film technology migrated to the flat film production. In this technology the flat tapes are subject to a double stage draw.


Extruder Model Screw diameter (mm) Max. Melt Capacity PP (kg/hr) HDPE (kg/hr)

E90B 90

E105B 105

E120B 120

E135B 135

350 -

450 -

600 -

750 Page | 18

4.3.2 Downstream Equipment

Working width (mm) Holding Unit Intermediate Stretching unit Stretching & Annealing unit Max. line speed (m/m) 600 1000/1400 3 gadgets per stand 3 gadgets per stand 6 gadgets per stand 600 500/600 500/600 500/600 1000/1400 1400

All Machines are having semi - automatic / automatic screen changer, six station cutter and 6 meter oven as standard. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice; due to continuous development. These details are indicative and not binding. Extreme values indicated are not achievable simultaneously. The pictures may show optional equipment that is not a part of the standard supply. For details, refer to quotation. The configuration of machines can be customized for specific applications.

4.3.3 Optional Equipment

Centralized Computer Control Film Thickness Measuring System Melt Metering Pump* Auto Gauging Die Fibrillating Unit

4.4 Autoroto
A new benchmark in tape winding technology Lohia Autoroto is the latest in the series of tape winders for producing quality bobbins of polyolefin flat / fibrillated tapes. This technology enables automatic changeover of bobbins and is especially designed to meet the ever increasing demand of efficient and cost effective tape winding. With over 25 years of experience, constant product innovation and development in tape winders, the Lohia Autoroto benefits the producers in the following ways:

Lowers operational costs Improves extrusion and loom efficiency Provides better quality of woven fabric Winding speeds of 600 m/min.

Salient features:

Automatic changeover from full to empty bobbin, including yarn transfer. Equal length of tape in all bobbins. The length / build up time are user adjustable.
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The winders can be divided into one to four groups for producing different length, diameter of bobbins (e.g. warp, weft). Electronic gearing between cam and spindle which lowers tension variation in unwinding.


Model Bobbin changeover Winding ratio AUTOROTO 200C AUTOROTO 20OF/ 250F/300F

.....................................At preset Length............................... ..............................Electronically programmable.........................

Speed control of cam & spindle ..........................3 - Phase Frequency Inverter............................ Tape width range # * Denier range # Length of traverse Bobbin Core Dimensions Inner diameter** Outer diameter** Length** ....................................1.8 - 6.0 mm.................................... 500 - 2500 200mm 500 3000 200 / 250 / 300mm

35 mm 40 mm 218 mm

90 / 82.5 mm 96 / 88.5 mm 230 / 280 / 330 mm

Winding speed # Max. bobbin diameter

Capacity ..................................260 - 600 m/min.................................. 200 mm Machine Dimensions 5 High, 3 Across 320 mm

Frame configuration

3 High, 3 Across

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Frame size (L X W X H)

Machine Dimensions 2.1m X 0.98m X 2.0 m

2.2m X 1.2m X 1.8 m

4.5 Circular Looms

We offer complete range of circular looms to cover full range of PP/HDPE woven fabric requirement up to 2.5 meters (Double Lay Flat) or 5.0 meters (Split Open) for a wide range of applications. These circular looms from LOHIA CORP LIMITED are the combination of latest technology together with other advantages of lower energy consumption /lower maintenance etc. thus making these circular looms the best choice for customers requiring flexibility for the varied demands of the global market. Circular looms with electronic control system have been developed to make available high performance machines for producing fabric of PP/HDPE tapes with almost zero defect fabric. Warp tapes are pulled or unwound from creel stands thus weaving fabric at lowest possible warp tension. Magnetic sensor and Color sensor used in the weaving machine helps in producing quality fabric. Circular loom machine controller system is used for setting various machine parameters as well as for indicating useful production data. Detailed information for shift wise as well as cumulative production, machine efficiency, and actual running time with warp/weft breakage and weft end incidents can be obtained by the machine evaluation system.

4.6 Nova 6
Circular looms of LOHIA CORP LIMITED have been developed to make high performance weaving machines for producing tubular/flat woven fabric of PP/HDPE tapes with minimum defects (which can also be considered as zero defect fabric). Nova 6 is the latest machine in the series of looms developed by the house of Lohia. With an accumulated experience in design and manufacturing technologies, the earlier known barriers of speed have been comfortably overcome. Speed of 1100 picks per minute has been achieved without any compromise on the quality and productivity. The looms are designed to even weave light fabrics at high production rates. The tension of warp tapes is regulated via load cell type positive in-feed system, supplied as standard with the machine which produces fabric of improved quality. Speed of inlet rollers is regulated during weaving as per set tension. The surface winder for fabric also has a load cell assisted drive to ensure uniform winding tension of the fabric throughout the build.

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Machine Controller

Positive In feed with Load Cell

Fabric Winder with Load Cell

Micro-processor based controller system is used for setting various machine parameters as well as for indicating useful production data. Detailed information shift wise as well as cumulative, for production, machine efficiency, actual running time with warp/weft breakage and weft end incidents, can be obtained by the machine evaluation system. Features

1100 picks/minute Low energy consumption Low maintenance cost Good space utilization


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Double flat

Working Width 48 to 70 cm 30 to 48 cm & 70 to 85 cm 6

Capacity Weft insertion rate 1100 per minute* Weft density No. of tapes 20-60 per 10 cm 576

Special version possible No. of Shuttles

Warp bobbin Internal diameter 35 mm** Length of core 218 mm**

Weft bobbin Internal diameter 35 mm** Length of core 218 mm**

Max. bobbin diameter 160 mm** Length of traverse 200 mm

Max. bobbin diameter115 mm Length of traverse 200 mm

Creel capacity Bobbins per machine 576

Fabric winder Max. roll diameter 1500 mm Machine dimensions 9.53 x 2.79 x 2.96 m # 2.20 m

Length x Width x Height Centre to centre

4.6.2 Optional Equipment

Movable creel stands Creel for 200 mm dais bobbins Gusseting device Fabric slitting device (Thermal/Ultrasonic) o Central/Double sided Fabric unfolding device Additional fabric surface winder (standard and wide width) Loom data monitoring system

Chapter 5
Tape Stretching Lines Tape Stretching Lines from LOHIA CORP LIMITED have been developed to produce PP/HDPE tapes for many applications such as Woven/Knitted Bags, Flexible Intermediate Bulk
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Containers (FIBC), Carpet Backing, Tarpaulins, Wrapping Fabrics, Jumbo Bags and many more High Speed Tape Stretching Lines incorporate state-of-the-art technology. The tape extrusion lines are designed to meet the highest performance and quality requirement with maximum efficiency and flexibility while using minimum raw material and energy. The design incorporates the experience gained over 28 years in production and processing of tape extrusion and takes into account the current market needs. The consistently applied modular construction principle permits tailored adaptation or subsequent expansion to meet any desired requirement.

Chapter 6
6.1 Quality
At Injectoplast, we understand your expectations regarding quality & consistency. As an industry leader, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to quality by maintaining our supplies Below 10 PPM to all our customers for the last seven years in a row. Injectoplast is currently certified to ISO/ TS 16949:2009 quality management system in order to maintain pace with the ever demanding and continuously changing quality system standards, as well as to meet the Global customers expectations. Injectoplast is awarded A grade in the quality capability assessment carried out by the No.1 car manufacturer in Europe M/s Volkswagen (VW) in the year 2010. Injectoplast is recognized with prestigious Ford Q1 Award in the Year 2007, which is based on the global Malcolm Bald ridge Award for Excellence in Quality, Cost, Delivery and Servicing the Customers. Injectoplast is also certified with SQ Mark of HYNUDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD. in the year 2009 for its outstanding performance in the Quality Management System Evaluation. This is a very stringent evaluation drive from HMI for its supplier base.

6.2 Company Dedication Towards:

Quality products On Time Delivery Cost effectiveness Product Engineering & Program Management

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6.3 Is reflected in our Quality Policy which reads as follows:

Page | 25

6.4 The exclusive features of our quality system are:

Effective control plans and procedures are formulated for incoming material. Systematic sampling, inhouse testing and inspection facilities further strengthen these controls Constant monitoring and analysis of the process is done using Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques like X/R charts for dimensional controls and p-charts for attribute characteristics. We at Injectoplast assess our process capability by maintaining Cpk of 1.67 min. for all significant characteristics Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) is used for potential defect prevention. Visual aid techniques are used for work instruction and educating the workforce 8D technique, 5 Why analysis, ISHIKAWA diagrams, Drill Deep Worksheets etc. are used for problem solving by implementing appropriate corrective & preventive actions Proper & well defined reaction plan for non-conforming products is followed Customer PPM is maintained below 10 collectively Our operating team contributes the maximum towards maintaining quality. In-house training of all the employees is an ongoing process at Injectoplast Pass Through Characteristics (PTC) are identified for critical parts and Poka-Yoke is implemented for all such parameters for prevention as well as detection

We monitor our In-house & Customer PPM on a regular basis. Dedicated Cross Functional Teams (CFT) are working hard continuously for PPM monitoring and control. Our overall Customer PPM is maintained Below 10 PPM for the last seven years. We are supplying our products to several customers with 0 PPM track record. Some customers have also rated us as their Preferred Long Term Supplier and with some customers, our Overall Ranking is No. 1 for the last many years.

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QA Lab

QA Lab


Brabender Moisture Balance

M.F.I. Tester

Page | 27

Flammability Chamber

Specific Gravity Balance


Profile Projector

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Millipore Tester

Vision Magnifier




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Gloss meter

Colour Matching Cabinet

Chapter 8 Environment

8.1 Environment Friendly Approach

Injectoplast is certified to ISO 14001:2004 environment management system. The scope of this certification, awarded by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), encompasses the company's Environmental Management System (EMS) at the plant sites involved in the manufacturing of precision engineering plastic components and assembled systems for automobile and other technical application. The company's Environmental Policy has provided the framework for its Environmental Management System (EMS) which is stated as follows:-

8.2 Environmental Policy

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Injectoplast believes that this certification will further drive common solutions, consistency and continual improvement, resulting in a more efficient and effective EMS.

Chapter 9 Applications
Lohia Corp Limited offers complete range of machines required for Raffia and Textile Industry to produce bags/fabrics, yarns of unmatched quality.

9.1 Woven Plastic Fabric

PP/HDPE woven sacks offer strong, dependable and economical packaging option for a wide range of industrial & commercial products, goods and commodities. It is light-weight and best suited for packing corrugated or wooden boxes, cloth bales, machinery and many other finished goods for 100% external safety.

9.2 PP Multifilament Yarn

PP high tenacity yarns available in denier range from 600 4800 can be used for captive consumption and niche applications such as: Stitching / Sewing Yarns Webbings

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9.3 PP/HDPE Woven Bags

LOHIA CORP LIMITED has long experience of supplying complete line for these bags of various specifications suiting to individual market requirements.




PP woven bag is a superior packaging material than plastic bag as these are stronger, durable and can be reused. It may also be used as secondary packaging of smaller 1kg bags.

Page | 31

PP woven sack laminated with Reverse - printed BOPP film in multi colures is an elegant and fashionable packaging solution for costlier items.

PP Grow bags are the most economical way to grow plants and vegetables in greenhouses, patios, outhouses, terraces etc. These bags are made from Heavy Duty Black fabrics which enable water to pass through them and allow the sand to breathe. These bags are UV stabilized and lasts longer than traditional materials. These bags also come with handles making it easier to carry plants and trees around.

Clear woven Bags & Sheets also known as natural woven Bags & Sheets, are transparent and widely used for displaying the packed material.

Natural Woven Bags


Natural Woven Laminated Sheet

These high quality durable bags are used for courier, express, and mail services. Three type of bags are used as followingI. Normal woven bag
Page | 32

II. With Ropes inserted at top & bottom III. With Eyelets Brand shown belongs to their respective brand owners.

9.4 Wrapping Fabric

Wrapping fabrics made by low denier PP tapes are widely used in wrapping of textile products, paper rolls, steel coils, tires, machinery and many others. The definition of low denier tapes has been changed by Our Tapelines by virtue of their stable process and now, 380 denier tapes are being used by our customers, which is the lightest wrapping PP woven fabric in the world.

9.5 Agro-Textile
Agro-textile is one of the significant segments of technical textiles products. Agro-textiles comprise fishnets, shed fabrics, mulch mats and woven crop covers. These are ideally used for ground cover, Garden Centers, Walkways, Rock Gardens and Shrubbery Areas to avoid grass or weeds to grow.

9.6 FIBC
A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is used for storing and transporting sand, fertilizers, cement, granules of plastics or any other dry products. Since it cannot be manually handled therefore loading is done on either pallets or by lifting it in loops. Bags are made with either one loop or four lifting loops. Emptying is made easy by a special opening in the bottom or by simply cutting it open.
Page | 33

It is often termed as Big Bags or Jumbo Bags or Bulk Sacks

9.7 GeoTextile
GeoTextile, Permeable woven fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have ability of Erosion control, Soil stabilization, Filtration, Drainage, Separation, Reinforcement etc. These are currently being used in many civil engineering application including road, airfield, railroads, embankments, retaining structure, reservoir, canals, dams etc.

9.8 Leno Bag

Leno bags are idea for packaging of perishable products like potatoes, onions, garlic, coconuts, fruits & vegetables and flowers. The aeration provided by these bags helps storage of packed vegetables in open and deep freezer units due to its excellent ventilation. It also resists fungus or insects thus preserving the life of the packed content. It is strong, light-weight and can withstand long hours of transportation without any wastage or spillage.

Page | 34

9.9 Tarpaulin
Tarpaulins are manufactured in varied colors, sizes and thickness. Tarpaulins are used to meet applications across architectural work, modern tents manufacturing. It is also used in covering vehicles, outdoor market stalls to provide protection from wind, rain, sunlight etc., as they are strong, safe and resistant to climatic extremes.

9.10 Carpet Backing

High tenacity and low shrinkage tapes are ideally suited for the carpet backing.

9.11 Lumber Cloth

LUMBER CLOTHS are wider width fabrics to cover huge logs of wood. It can either be one side or both side laminated and it is printed in roll form.

Page | 35

9.12 Rope

Wide fibrillated tapes of heavy denier are produced having higher stretch ratios for rope production. These PP fibrillated tapes are produced by relatively simple process at lower cost to be used for making ropes.

Chapter 10 Customers 10.1 Prominent Customers

The flawlessness of our products has won us a prestigious position both in the domestic and the international market.

Volkswagen Locations :South Africa, Mexico, Brazil , Russia, Germany, India Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly, Engine Modules Skoda Auto Locations: India Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly

General Motors Locations : USA, Canada, Korea, Thailand, India, Australia Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly , Engine Modules Ford Motor Company Locations: Chennai (India), USA, Venezuela, Australia, Turkey, Europe Products dealt with: Interior Hard Trim & HVAC Modules.

Audi Ag Locations: Germany Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly

Page | 36

Jaguar Land rover Location : U.K. Products dealt with: Interior Parts & Assembly GKN Driveline (India) Limited Locations: India, USA, China, Spain, Germany, Poland, Japan, Slovenia, Italy, Thailand Products dealt with: CVJ Boots and Boot Adaptors

Sona Steering Systems Ltd Location: Gurgaon, (India ) Products dealt with: Steering Column Parts and Bellows

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Lohia Corp Limited Locations: Kanpur (India) Products dealt with: Machine Parts

Chapter 11

Suppliers 11.1 Our Principle Raw Material Suppliers

In order to ensure the consistent quality product, we procure raw materials directly from manufacturers globally.

BASF AG, Germany

PBT, PA6, PA 66 & POM Ultradur, Ultramid,Ultraform

Bessel Polyphones


Bayer A.G., Germany

ABS, Desmopan, P.U. Cast System

Chevron Philips Chemical , Singapore


Page | 38

DSM Engineering Plastic, Netherlands

PA 46, PBT, PET, TPE, Arnite, Arnitel, Akulon Sarlink, Stanyl

Page | 39

Injectoplast is a family of committed and talented pool of members who are striving to exceed in every area of its operation. The fast growth of the company is driven by this team of the talented & motivated work force and we at Injectoplast always strive to increase our family of likeminded people. We always look forward and welcome the people who have confidence in their capabilities and determination to deliver and contribute in our never ending growth journey. Career opportunities exist in Injectoplast at various levels & in various functions such as: Production and Manufacturing Quality Assurance & Systems Industrial Marketing Tool Manufacturing Purchasing / Logistics Engineering Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) Product Development and Project Management Finance & Accounting Information Technology (IT) HR & Administration Interested persons may post / email / fax / courier their resume in Personal Data Form, indicating their area of interest for consideration by us. We are looking for people with appropriate educational backgrounds and experience in companies with a similar product line, with a record of achievements and career growth. The company offers an excellent work environment and prospects for career growth.

Contact to the company

Injectoplast Private Limited Lohia Industrial Complex Chaubepur ,485 / B, Amiliha, ( G.T. Road), Kanpur (U.P) - 209203 Phone : + 91 - (512) 3045100 Fax : +91 - (512) 3045464 / 3045299 E-Mail :

Registered Office

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Injectoplast Private Limited, D - 3 / A, Panki Industrial Estate, Kanpur - 208022, India. Phone : + 91 - (512) 3045100 Fax : +91 - (512) 3045464 / 3045299 E-Mail : .


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