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Grace Bellamy 1824 West Park St. New York, NY 10249 Home: (212 !!!"901 #$$%ce: (212 !!!

"1090 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& #B'()*+,( Position as an actuarial analyst for insurance company. S-../0Y #1 /B+2+*+(S - In-depth knowledge of multivariate calculus; linear algebra; probability; statistics; and insurance rate-making or reserving. - Ability to perform rate-making or reserving analysis; explain actuarial analysis to customers - Effective oral and written communication - Exceptional scores on !A exams (.P2#Y.(N* H+S*#0Y Actuarial Analyst, "##$ to Present Jenson Consulting, Chicago, IL Extracted and manipulated data to perform %uarterly actuarial pricing of various insurance producted. &orked with underwriting claims and I' departments to monitor strategy initiatives and communicate reporting re%uirements while exploring systems solutions

Actuarial Analyst, "##( to "##$ Etna Insurace, Bloomington, IN )eveloped and provided timely* cost-effective actionable information to support the actuarial functions of product development* pricing* reserving* financial reporting and source of gain+loss. Prepared and tested rate implementation to ensure the profitability and financial integrity of the company,s business.

Statistician, "##" to "##( University of California, San Diego, CA Performed statistical analyses re%uired for two extramurally funded pro-ects concerning mentally ill offenders and consumers of community mental health and drug treatment services. )uties included statistical analyses* coding and derivation of variables* and preparation of reports and presentations (3-)/*+#N B.A., Economics Statistics, "##. /niversity of 'exas* Austin* 'exas