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Teaching Practice Lesson Plan


22of November,2013

40 minutes Time Christen SST PowerPoint Lesson unit/page Context of the lesson

Student teacher School Class No of student

Maryam Saeed Bin Darwish HCT Grade 4 22

Indicate the presence of the related tasks in Microsoft PowerPoint. Improve their knowledge on using Microsoft PowerPoint. Practice in Microsoft PowerPoint. Students know where we can find the Microsoft PowerPoint. Students know how to use a Microsoft PowerPoint. Teacher faced a problem on the computer to show the students (Teacher can use own computer
or request from the expert to help them).

Teaching goal Learning objectives (by the end of the lesson students will be able to) Assumptions about prior learning Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Teacher faced problem with some students didnt focusing with her (Teacher can remember for
the students the rules of the class).

Teacher didnt make enough paper copy for students (Teacher will make a copy for students
dont have paper).

Personal focus for this lesson


More confident Monitor the children more closely Eye contact Body language My voice Language\ grammar Moving

Target language
Tools bar Home Formatting Font Paragraph Drawing Editing Size Colors Slides New slides Layout Reset

Teacher language
Explain this picture. What is the name of the tool that we use to move from one slide to another? What is the function of this tool? How to add a new slide? Open Microsoft PowerPoint? Add 6 new slides. Choose design Background for slides. Choose 6 types of animals. Find on internet some pictures and information about it. Slide 1 write a title of Project Animals and

Selection Paste Copy Format Pinter Center Left Right Shading Text highlight color Underline Italic Strikethrough Design Background Transition Animation

your name and class. Insert from clipart picture of Rabbit in slide 2. Insert from clipart picture of cow in slide 3. Other 4 slides writes the name of the animals, information you found it and the picture. Formatting all the text with different color. Change the size of text to 44 Bold underline. Choose transition for all slides. Make some animation for the text and picture. Save your work in Documents file.

Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in sequence)


Resources and teaching aids (list the aids eg. realia, poster, WB, flashcards etc)
Computers. Whiteboard. Worksheets. PowerPoint. Video. Weebly.

Review. Video. Appling Reflect

Consider these grouping strategies: - Individuals

Consider where the children are working: - Seats


Building knowledge

Teacher activity (T will ) Record your Voice. -

Student activity (eg. In groups ss will )

Teacher will writes for students to register in Voki. She will explain the steps of the site. Teacher will writes for students general questions & some pictures to review the lessons of Microsoft PowerPoint. Teacher will request from students to answer the questions by record their voice in Voki. Teacher will put for the worksheet of the practice Teacher will writes for student when they finish the presentation send and explain for all students what they do in the email and also for teacher. .

Students will enter to Building knowledge tap. Will follow the steps of the Voki, then will start to record their voice in Voki.

Transformati on


Students enter to transformation tap to follow the steps of practice. Students will send and write their explanation of presentation for their friends & teacher.



Teacher will write feedback for their work and will send for each student.

Students will accept the feedback and will learn what the right thing will do it next time from the feedback.