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Miscellaneous and random science related trivia quiz questions. 1.

What was the first city to be leveled by a plutoniumbased atomic bomb? 2. 3. '. What high-level computer language was named after a French mathematician and philosopher? What Mercury astronaut had a pulse rate of 1 ! at lift-off-"ohn #lenn$ %lan &hepard or #us #rissom? What type of vessel was powered by a handcran(ed propeller when first used in combat in 11 )? What creature proved to be much faster than a horse in a 1+2 race in &ydney$ %ustralia? What radioactive element is e,tracted from carnotite and pitchblende? What organ of a buffalo did -lains .ndians use to ma(e yellow paint? What optical aids was nearsighted model #race 0obin the first to show off in 1+3!? What creature1s fossili2ed leg bone did "ohn 3orner discover red blood cells in$ in 1++3?

22. What animal travels at 2* mph under water but finds it easier to toboggan on its belly on land? 23. What1s the itchy s(in condition tinea pedis better (nown as? 2'. What uncoo(ed meat is a trichina worm most li(ely to ma(e a home in? 2*. 3ow many of every 1! victims infected by the :bola virus will die in two days? 2). What computer company was named after a founder1s memories of spending a summer in an ;regon orchard? 2 . What butterfly-shaped gland is located <ust in front of the windpipe? 2/. What1s short for 6light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation6? 2+. What planet is the brightest ob<ect in the s(y$ after the sun and moon? 3!. What weapon did #erman gunsmith %ugust =otter unload on the world in 1*2!? 31. What type of machine did 1+-year-old French genius 4laise -ascal invent to help his dad do ta,es in 1)'2? 32. What do leu(emia sufferers have too many of?

*. ). . /. +.

1!. What stic(y sweetener was traditionally used as an antiseptic ointment for cuts and burns? 11. What computer was introduced in 1+/' &uper 4owl ads? 12. What male body part did Mademoiselle maga2ine find to be the favorite of most women? 13. What planet is named after the #ree( god who personified the s(y? 1'. What fat substitute got F5% approval for use in snac( foods$ despite reports of diarrhea and cramps? 1*. What plant1s meltdown was dubbed 60ussian 0oulette6 by nuclear power wags? 1). What is a single unit of 7uanta called? 1 . What will fall off of the #reat &phin, in 2!! years due to pollution and erosion$ according to scholar 8hi(aosa 9animoto? 1/. What suntan lotion was developed by 5r. 4en #reen in 1+'' to protect pilots who bailed out over the -acific? 1+. What was Friedrich &erturner the first to e,tract from opium and use as a pain reliever? 2!. What substance nets recyclers the most money? 21. What are you shopping for if you are si2ed up by a 4rannoc( 5evice?

33. What 4en<amin 3olt invention was good news to farmers in 1+!!? 3'. What weather phenomenon is measured by the 4eaufort scale? 3*. What do itchy people call the 6rhus radicans6 they were sorry they came into contact with? 3). What drupaceous fruit were 3awaiian women once forbidden by law to eat? %>&W:0& 1. >agasa(i. 2. -%&8%?. 3. #us #rissom. '. % submarine. *. 9he =angaroo. ). @ranium. . 9he gallbladder. /. 8ontact lenses. +. % tyrannosaurus re,1s. 1!. 3oney. 11. 9he Macintosh. 12. :yes. 13. @ranus. 1'. ;lestra. 1*. 8hernobyl1s. 1). % 7uantum. 1 . .t1s head. 1/. 8oppertone. 1+. Morphine. 2!. %luminum. 21. &hoes. 22. 9he penguin. 23. %thlete1s foot.

2'. 2*. 2). 2 . 2/. 2+. 3!.

-or(. >ine. %pple. 9he 9hyroid. ?aser. Aenus. 9he rifle.

31. 32. 33. 3'. 3*. 3).

%n adding machine. White blood cells$ or leu(ocytes. 9he tractor. Wind. -oison .vy. 9he coconut.

Places, countries, rivers, states, and more - trivia questions and answers. 1. Which northwestern state borders only two other states? 2. What :uropean city decided new names were in order for Foul ?ane$ &tin(ing ?ane and 4ladder &treet? What %frican republic1s name was inspired by its thriving elephant tus( trade? What country is second to &outh %frica in gold production? What southern @.&. state has no telephones in 12 percent of its households.? What river provided water to nurture the 3anging #ardens of 4abylon? What :uropean country boasts the cities of =alamata$ =aterinin and =il(is? What meat will you eat after you point to reinsdyr(a(er on an ;slo menu? Where in Massachusetts is the only island$ county and town in the @.&. that share the same name?

2!. What &an Francisco fi,ture is a favorite <umping-off point for an average of 1' people a year? 21. What1s the acronym for the &outh Western 9ownships near "ohannesburg? 22. What state can you get tourist information on by dialing 1-/!!-4@8=:B:? 23. What country1s holidays include 5iscovery 5ay$ >atal 5ay and Fete >ationale? 2'. What :uropean city is served by =eflavi( %irport? 2*. What bridge did >ew Bor( 8ity1s first subway system travel from 1'*th street to? 2). What1s the southernmost state capital among the '/ contiguous states? 2 . What ;hio city1s thriving hog industry earned it the nic(name 6-or(opolis6 in the 1/3!s? 2/. What -aris landmar( did con man Aictor ?ustig sell to a metal dealer for C*!$!!!? 2+. What country provides 8uba with most of its new cars and computers in e,change for sugar? 3!. What country boasts #reat #len$ #len :agles and #lenfiddich? 31. What two 3ungarian towns on either side of the 5anube merged in 1/ 2? Answers to Trivia Quiz #157 Historical ites and !amous Places 1. Washington. 2. ?ondon. 3. .vory 8oast1s. '. 9he @.&. *. Mississippi. ). 9he :uphrates. . #reece. /. 0eindeer. +. >antuc(et. 1!. 9he #reat 4arrier 0eef. 11. 9he Mississippi 0iver. 12. 9he 8hinese. 13. ?ittle 3aiti. 1'. 4arbados. 1*. ?ima. 1). 8anada. 1 . 8hang. 1/. 8anada. 1+. Mecca. 2!. 9he #olden #ate 4ridge. 21. &oweto. 22. ;hio. 23. 8anada1s. 2'. 0ey(<avi(.

3. '. *. ). . /. +.

1!. What favorite hangout of divers e,tends for 1$2*! miles off %ustralia1s northeast coast? 11. What river system drains water from 31 @.&. states and two 8anadian provinces? 12. What %sian people traditionally believe there to be a toad on the moon$ instead of a man? 13. What 2!!-bloc( section of Miami is considered the best place to dance the merengue or dine on roast goat? 1'. What :nglish-spea(ing 8aribbean island has a &panish name meaning 64earded6? 1*. What -eruvian city was the capital of the &panish empire in the >ew World until the 1+th century? 1). What country supplies three-7uarters of the world1s maple syrup? 1 . What %sian surname is shared by 1!' million people? 1/. What nation in the Western 3emisphere is the world1s largest e,porter of forest products? 1+. What %rab city has a name derived from a word meaning 6sanctuary6?

2*. 2). 2 . 2/.

9he 4roo(lyn 4ridge. %ustin. 8incinnati1s. 9he :iffel 9ower.

2+. "apan. 3!. &cotland. 31. 4uda and -est. 2 . Who was the '1st -resident of the @&%? 2/. Which 9e,an #overnor was traveling with the =ennedys when "F= was shot? 2+. Who was the first %merican to wal( in space?

"as# !un $nterestin% Trivia &or 'ids. Answers at (ottom o& )a%e. 1. Which state is called the 9reasure &tate? 2. 3. '. *. ). . /. +. What is the postal abbreviation for 9e,as? Which "oe was nic(named the Ban(ee 8lipper?

3!. Who was the first man to set foot on the moon? William 3enry #ates ... amassed his fortune from which source? .n -eter -an$ what sort of animal was >ana? 32. Which state is called the -anhandle &tate? .n bas(etball$ where do the &upersonics come from? Which state is called the -ine 9ree &tate? 3'. What is the capital of the state of Airginia? What is the postal abbreviation for -ennsylvania? What is 8alifornia1s state capital? 3*. .n Forrest #ump$ his mom says$ 6?ife is li(e a bo, of 6 what? 3). Why was Mic( 5undee nic(named 8rocodile? 3 . Who became the first @& -resident to resign in office? 3/. Where was the second %tom bomb dropped? 13. Which river starts at ?a(e .tasca Minnesota and flows into the #ulf of Me,ico? 1'. What type of creature was the star of the film "aws? 1*. What was the name of the mansion where :lvis -resley died? 1). .n which country was a 2!!! year old$ life si2e terracotta army discovered? 1 . Which was the *!th state to become part of the @nited &tates of %merica? 1/. Which state is called the #reat ?a(e &tate? 1+. What was the first name of the first man in space? 2!. Where in %merica was the world1s biggest roc( festival staged? 21. What was the world1s biggest passenger ship when it was launched in 1+12? 22. What is the capital of the state of %las(a? 23. .n football$ where do the 0eds(ins come from? 2'. What does the 4 stand for in &8@4% diving? 2*. What color is an ;scar? 2). Which state is called the 4ear &tate? '*. What1s the name of the bird that cartoon cat &ylvester chases in vain? Answers to Daily Trivia Quiz # 96 - Kids Trivia 1. Montana. 2. 9D. 3. 5iMaggio. '. 8omputer &oftware. *. 5og. ). &eattle. . Maine. /. -%. +. &acramento. 1!. 8olumbus. 11. #eorgia. 12. #eorgia. 13. Mississippi. 1'. &har(. 1*. #raceland. 1). 8hina. 3+. Who lost part of his ear to the teeth of Mi(e 9yson in 1++ ? '!. Where was a wall built to divide a city? '1. Which la(e provides 8hicago with 2! miles of la(e shore? '2. What is Minneapolis1s 1twin city1? '3. Which part of Florida is famous for its alligators? ''. Which is the other northern -acific state along with Washington? 33. What was Michael "ac(son1s album follow-up to 9hriller? 31. Which brothers made the first powered plane flight?

1!. What is ;hio1s largest city? 11. Which state lies due east of %labama? 12. What is the largest of the &outhern states?

1 . 1/. 1+. 2!. 21. 22. 23. 2'. 2*. 2). 2 . 2/. 2+. 3!. 31.

3awaii. Michigan. Buri. Woodstoc(. 9itanic. "uneau. Washington. 4reathing. #old. %r(ansas. #eorge 3. 4ush. 8onnolly. :dward White. >eil %rmstrong. Wright.

32. 33. 3'. 3*. 3). 3 . 3/. 3+. '!. '1. '2. '3. ''. '*.

West Airginia. 4ad. 0ichmond. 8hocolates. 3e survived a crocodile attac(. 0ichard >i,on. >agasa(i. :vander 3olyfield. 4erlin. Michigan. &t. -aul. :verglades. ;regon. 9weety -ie.

Movies trivia - !un $nterestin% Movie and !ilm Trivia 1. .n the movie 9roy$ what character was 4rad -itt play? 2. 3. '. *. ). . /. What is the name of the town that the Flintstones live in? What roc( star played the preacher in the film 9ommy? Where does Miss 9eschmacher1s mother live in the movie &uperman? What color did 5aniel have to paint Miagi1s house as part of his training in the movie 9he =arate =id? %ctress Maya 0udolph is the daughter of which famous pop singer? %fter the death of 3umphrey who married "ason. Which actor has portrayed a villain in the films -atriot #ames$ #oldeneye$ >ational 9reasure$ and 5on1t &ay % Word? .n what movie did 0obert Aaughan$ 0ichard 8hamberlain and 0obert Wagner all die?

1/. .n which French town does ?0obbie F"ames Mc%voyG die in %tonement? 1+. .n what movie does actor 0obert 5e >iro play a character called 9ravis 4ic(le? 2!. .n the 1+/) movie %bsolute 4eginners$ what role did 5avid 4owie play? 21. Who is 8ameron going to marry in Ferris 4uellers 5ay ;ff? 22. What was 4luto1s grade point average in the film %nimal 3ouse? 23. What was the second movie that ;livia >ewton "ohn and "ohn 9ravolta starred in together? 2'. What is the name of ;wen Wilson1s brother the movie star? 2*. What was the name of the character that Michael 8aine played in the movie .pcress File? 2). What novel was the basis for the violent 1+ 1 movie &traw 5ogs? 2 . Who won an ;scar for her role in the film 68old Mountain6? 2/. .n the %dventures of 0obin 3ood which absent (ing does :rrol Flynn fight for? 2+. What movie comedy$ a western$ features the song$ 69he 4allad of 0oc( 0idge? 3!. .n the film 8addyshac($ what was the name of "udge &males grandson? 31. .n #rease$ what was 0i22o1s real name? 32. .n 8harlotte1s Web$ what type of creature is 9empleton? 33. What is 9ravis 4ic(le1s occupation as played by 0obert 5e >iro? 3'. What (ind of animal is 3edwig who belongs to 3arry -otter? 3*. .n 8harlie and the 8hocolate Factory what are "ohnny 5epp1s little helpers called?


1!. What was the name of the actress who starred in the original version of the movie 6=ing =ong6 in 1+33? 11. .n &peed$ when the bus slowed to what speed would it blow up? 12. What (ills %le, #uinness at the end of 9he ?ady(illers? 13. .n the movie 6 9he 3oliday6$ what does 8ameron 5ia2 do for a living? 1'. What part have "eremy .rons$ ?indsay ?ohan and 4ette 5avis all played? 1*. .n &tar 9re($ what color is Mr. &poc(1s blood? 1). What actor yells the line 6Made it MaE 9op of the worldE6 in the movie White 3eat? 1 . Who are the ' actresses who have played the March sisters in ?ittle Women F1+'+G?

3). What "ames 4ond flic( had a 0olls 0oyce with the license number %@1? 3 . 0andall 4oggs$ "ames - &ullivan and Mi(e Wa2ows(i were in which 5isney film together? 3/. What is the last name of everybody in the entire town of 0oc( 0idge in the movie 4la2ing &addles? Answers to Trivia Quiz #175 - Movie Trivia 1. %chilles. 2. 4edroc(. 3. :ric 8lapton. '. 3ac(ensac(. *. #reen. ). Minnie 0iperton. . ?auren 4acall. /. &ean 4ean. +. 9he 9owering .nferno. 1!. Fay Wray. 11. *! miles per hour. 12. % railway signal. 13. &he ma(es movie trailers. 1'. 9wins. Human *od# Trivia Quiz Questions 1. What was the first effective antibiotic used in medicine? 2. 3. '. *. ). . /. +. What component is shared by hair$ nails$ and s(in?

1*. #reen. 1). "ames 8agney. 1 . "anet ?eigh$ :li2abeth 9aylor$ "une %llyson$ and Margaret ;14rien. 1/. 5un(ir(. 1+. 9a,i 5river. 2!. Aendice -artners. 21. 9he first girl he lays. 22. !. 23. 9wo of a =ind. 2'. ?u(e Wilson. 2*. 3arry -almer. 2). 9he &iege of 9rencher1s Farm. 2 . 0enee Hellweger. 2/. 0ichard .. 2+. 4la2ing &addles. 3!. &paulding. 31. 4etty. 32. 3e is a rat. 33. 3e is a ta,i driver. 3'. 3edwig. 3*. ;ompa ?oompas. 3). #oldfinger. 3 . Monsters .nc. 3/. "ohnson. 1+. Where is ones pituitary gland located? 2!. Where would one find ones olfactory organs? 21. What organs are involved in renal failure? 22. 9he metacarpus is what part of your body?

What are the two distinct layers of human s(in called? 9he breast bone in a human is also (now as what? What is the scientific name for the belly button? 9he tendon at the top of the human heel is called what? What bone is also called the tibia?

23. What disease does the Wasserman test loo( for? 2'. What is the more common name for the ma,illa bone? 2*. What disease would cause one to put on allopurinol? 2). What is the scientific term for the thigh bone? 2 . What is myeloid tissue also called?

Where is one1s gluteus ma,imus located? Aeins carry blood to what organ? 2/. What were the names of the first recorded pair of &iamese twins? 2+. What is another word meaning masticating? 3!. What part of the body is enlarged in :ncephalitis? 31. When the sun activates your melanocytes what appear on your body? 32. What are the four main blood groups? 33. Found on the human body$ especially the face$ what is another name for lentigines? 3'. Myalgia affects what part of the human body? 3*. #ingivitis is inflammation of what part of the human body? 3). -ulmonic refers to what part of the body?

1!. 3ow many senses to human beings have? 11. .n the human body$ what is the longest bone? 12. Which se, is twice as li(ely to catch leprosy? 13. 9he most insect bitten part of the human body is what part? 1'. 8holecystitis affects what part of the human body? 1*. When snee2ing$ what part of the body is it impossible to (eep open? 1). 3epatitis affects which organ? 1 . 3ow many teeth do humans have? 1/. What is the substance that ma(es up most of the human body?

3 . What is the scientific name for the removal of ones (idney? 3/. What is the common name for swelling and inflammation of the thyroid gland? 3+. Where in the body is the pineal gland located? '!. 9he polle, is what part of the hand? '1. 3ow many chambers are there in the human heart? '2. What are people doing while osculating? '3. What are ones front cutting teeth also (nown as? ''. What non-contagious disease is the most common? '*. What does it mean if one is hirsute? '). .nsulin is produced by what organ in the human body? ' . .f you can1t stop moving your fingers and toes what do you have? '/. .n humans$ what are the two types of blood corpuscles? '+. Which of the * human senses is most closely lin(ed with memory? *!. What bodily function can reach speeds of over 2!! miles per hour? *1. .n a splenectomy what is being removed? *2. What are the four tastes that a human can detect? *3. % polyorchid man has at least three of what? *'. Where is the thic(est part of the human s(in? **. Which finger has the fastest growing nail? *). Which bone is the hardest bone in the human body? * . What is the outermost layer of s(in called? */. What temperature in degrees centigrade is the average human body temperature? *+. What are the four types of teeth? )!. What is the soft area of cartilage in a baby1s head called? )1. What hormone controls the supply of sugar to the muscles? )2. 9he bridge can be found on what part of the body? )3. What is the muscle used for breathing called which separates the chest from the abdomen?

Answers to Trivia Quiz #1+, - Human *od# Answers 1. -enicillin. 2. =eratin. 3. 5ermis and epidermis. '. &ternum. *. @mbilicus. ). %chilles tendon. . 9he shin bone. /. Bour buttoc(s. +. 3eart. 1!. *. 11. Femur. 12. 9he male. 13. Foot. 1'. #all bladder. 1*. :yes. 1). ?iver. 1 . 32. 1/. Water. 1+. .n the brain. 2!. ;n ones face$ the nose. 21. =idneys. 22. Bour hand. 23. &yphillis. 2'. @pper "aw. 2*. #out. 2). Femur. 2 . 4one marrow. 2/. 8hang and :ng. 2+. 8hewing. 3!. 4rain. 31. Frec(les. 32. %$ 4$ %4$ and ;. 33. Frec(les. 3'. Muscles. 3*. #ums. 3). ?ungs. 3 . >ephrectomy. 3/. #oiter. 3+. 4rain. '!. 9humb. '1. '. '2. =issing. '3. .ncisors. ''. 9ooth decay. '*. Bou are hairy. '). -ancreas. ' . %thetosis. '/. 0ed and white. '+. &ense of smell. *!. &nee2e. *1. &pleen. *2. &weet$ &our$ &alt$ 4itter. *3. 9esticles. *'. 9he bac(. **. Middle finger. *). "aw bone. * . :pidermis. */. 3 degrees. *+. .ncisors$ canine$ pre-molars$ and molars. )!. Fontanelle. )1. .nsulin. )2. >ose. )3. 5iaphragm.

-ree' Trivia - Questions and Answers 1. Which god$ in #ree( mythology$ was the twin brother of %rtemis? 2. 3. 1. .n #ree( mythology$ what did .carus do wrong? What is the southernmost country on the 4al(an -eninsula? .n *3! 4.8.$ what #ree( mathematician noticed that the morning star and the evening star were the same star? What mystical word$ whose #ree( letters are e7uivalent to 3)* in numbers$ was used as a superstitious charm? What is #reece also called? #ree( gods sent heroes to the .slands of the 4lessed to en<oy a life after death$ and what was the name for those islands? .n #ree( mythology$ which nymphs were the guardian spirits of the sea? What Mediterranean country does the island of 0hodes belong to? 9he guardian spirits of nature in #ee( mythology were called what? .n the %thens 1++) ;lympic 1!!-meter Freestyle for &ailors$ what country competed alone? What disease is named after the #ee( for 6without appetite6?

1). 9he #ree(s named what ancient %frican country for the 6sunburnt faces6 of its natives? 1 . What fruit did early #ree( ;lympians sometimes wear as medals? 1/. 5imitrios &ynodinos was also (now by what name in the sporting world? 1+. What is poliosis? 2!. .n #ree($ what does the word clima, mean? 21. 9he last letter of the #ree( alphabet is what? 22. We get the word cosmetics form the #ee( word (osmeti(os$ which means what? 23. 9he %stronomical term 6#ala,y6 comes from the #ree( word for what? 2'. 9he 8olossus of 0hodes was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 3ow was it destroyed? 2*. .n %thens$ #reece$ what temple is atop the %cropolis? Answers to Trivia Quiz #1,, - -ree' Trivia 1. %pollo. 2. 3e flew too close to the sun. 3. #reece. '. -ythagoras. *. %bra,as. ). 9he 3ellenic 0epublic. . :lysium. /. >ereid1s. +. #reece. 1!. >ymphs. 11. #reece. 12. %nore,ia. 13. -rotein. 1'. 3ell. 1*. 8orinth$ #reece. 1). Melbourne$ %ustralia. 1 . -ravda. 1/. 9he #ordian =not. 1+. :thiopia. 2!. Figs. 21. "immy 69he #ree(6 &nyder. 22. When your hair turns gray. .t comes from the #ree( word for #ray. 23. ?adder. .n #reece it is spelled =lima,. 2'. ;mega. 2*. &(illed in decorating. 2). Mil(. .n #ree($ gala means 6mil(6. 2 . %n earth7ua(e in 22' 4.8. 2/. 9he -arthenon. '. 1. 2. What is the capital of the state of Mississippi? 4oris =arloff starred as which monster in one of the first horror movies? Which company made the ?ion =ing 85 0;M? Which ocean is off the 8alifornia coast?


3. '.

*. ). . /. +.

1!. What chemical compound is derived from the #ree( word for 6primary6? 11. 3ades is the #ree( word for what? 12. &mall seedless grapes called currants were named for their place of origin. Where was it? 13. 9he largest #ree( population in the world outside of #reece is where? 1'. 9he #ree( 8ommunist -arty provided cash to what former &oviet newspaper to (eep it alive during the +!s? 1*. %ccording to #ree( legend$ %le,ander the #reat cut what?

"as# Trivia &or 'ids and c.ildren. Answers at (ottom o& )a%e. 1. Which state lies to the south of #eorgia? 2. 3. .f it1s noon in 4oston$ what time is it in >ew Bor(? What is the postal abbreviation for >ew 3ampshire?


'. *. ). . /. +.

&an 5iego is in which state? What was the last name of flight pioneers ;rville and Wilbur? .n 1++3 Michael "ordan gave up bas(etball to try which sport? What color are the stars on the @nited &tates of %merica Flag? What is the postal abbreviation for Aermont? Which city is the home of "a22?

33. Which @& state is famous for 5isneyland and the film industry? 3'. What is the postal abbreviation for >evada? 3*. 3ow many brothers were in the original "ac(son family line up? 3). What was :lvis -resley1s middle name? 3 . Who was the e,-peanut farmer who became a @& -resident? 3/. Who declared he had 1 a dream1 where all %mericans would live as e7uals? 3+. .n baseball where do the 4raves come from?

1!. What state is called the &iou, &tate? 11. .n bas(etball where do the &uns come from? 12. Which baseball team are #iants? 13. Which two mid-%tlantic sates have >ew in their names? 1'. What is the capital of %labama? 1*. Which #ulf lies to the south of Florida? 1). Which .sland is the smallest state of the @nion? ''. What is -rince 3arry1s real first name? 1 . Which city has an area called 3aight-%shbury? '*. Fidel 8astro led a communist revolution where? 1/. Who was the youngest @& -resident to die in office? 1+. 9he &ony company originated in which country? 2!. Which 4ill formed Microsoft? 21. Foods will not brown in what type of oven? 22. Which fruit gave its name to a des( top computer in 1+/'? 23. What was the favorite food of the 9eenage Mutant >in<a 9urtles? 2'. Who was the first e,-movie actor to become -resident of the @nited &tates? 2*. .n football$ where do the Ai(ings come from? 2). .n sports$ what is an MA-? 2 . What is the postal abbreviation for %las(a? 2/. What was the name of Michael "ac(son1s famous chimpan2ee companion? 2+. Which state is called the #reen Mountain &tate? 3!. .n baseball where do the 9wins come from? 31. ;ttawa is which country1s capital? 32. 4uc(ingham palace is in which :nglish city? Answers to Daily Trivia Quiz # 95 - Kids Trivia 1. Florida. 2. >oon. 3. >3. '. "ac(son. *. Fran(enstein. ). 5isney. . 9he -acific ocean. /. 8alifornia. +. Wright. 1!. 4aseball. 11. White. 12. A9. 13. >ew ;rleans. 1'. >orth 5a(ota. 1*. -hoeni,. 1). &an Francisco. 1 . >ew Bor( and >ew "ersey. 1/. Montgomery. 1+. Me,ico. 2!. 0hode .sland. 21. &an Francisco. 22. "ohn F. =ennedy. 23. "apan. 2'. #ates. 2*. Microwave. 2). %pple. 2 . -i22a. 2/. 0onald 0eagan. 2+. Minnesota. 3!. Most Aaluable -layer. 31. %=. 32. 4ubbles. 33. Aermont. '!. Whose ancient tomb was discovered in :gypt in 1+22? '1. Who formulated the theory of relativity early in the century? '2. What1s the response to $ 6see you later$ alligator6? '3. What type of animal was 4abe in the film of the same name?

3'. 3*. 3). 3 . 3/. 3+. '!. '1. '+.

Minnesota. 8anada. ?ondon. 8alifornia. >A. Five. %aron. "immy 8arter. 8uba.

'2. '3. ''. '*. '). ' . '/.

Marin ?uther =ing. %tlanta. 9utan(hamen. %lbert :instein. %fter a while$ crocodile. -ig. 3enry.

"ntertainment Trivia Questions - croll down &or answers. 1. What member of the Mon(ees$ a holdout for nearly three decades$ re<oined the other gee2ers for a 1++) album? 2. What Francis Ford 8oppola movie sees Marlon 4rando blatherI 63orror has a face$ and you must ma(e a friend of horror6? What 5avid ?ynch movie did a few filmgoers attend e,pecting to see 4obby Ainton1s life story? What rap star got his name from the observation 6?adies ?ove 8ool "ames6J What Mayberry resident once hi<ac(ed a bull when he1d had too much to drin(? Whose guitar version of 9he &tar-&pangled 4anner was featured in a 1++) %iwa 9A ad? Who was the first feline featured in ?ifestyles of the 0ich and Famous? What 1+)1 movie has %udrey 3epburn noteI 6-ersonally$ . thin( it1s a bit tac(y to wear diamonds before .1m '!6? What &inatra signature tune became :lvis -resley1s best-selling posthumous hit? Who played &id Aicious$ ?ee 3arvey ;swald$ 8ount 5racula and 4eethoven in movies? What video$ the first to cost over C1*!$!!!$ helped Michael "ac(son1s 9hriller soar? Who is the most voluptuous female in 9oontown?

1). What "ames 3ilton effort became the first -oc(et 4oo($ in 1+3+? 1 . What martial artist warbles the theme song for Wal(er$ 9e,as 0anger? 1/. Who was the voice behind Woody$ the cowboy doll in 9oy &tory? 1+. What <a22 musician got his aristocratic nic(name in high school for his neat attire and fastidious manners? 2!. What tal( show hostess gave her guests the fewest opportunities to spea($ according to a 1++) M&@ survey? 21. Where do 6bluebirds fly6$ according to a song from the Wi2ard of ;2? 22. What enduring daytime soap featured =evin =line$ 5on =notts and &usan &arandon? 23. What boo( did :.4. White base on personal e,periences at his farm in Maine? 2'. What three words preceded 6?and that . love6 in a 1+3/ .rving 4erlin tune? 2*. What ;liver &tone movie did the Washington -ost dub 65allas in Wonderland6? 2). What infomercial diet guru penned the monster bestseller 6>ever &ay 5iet6? 2 . Who was the first solo female host of the %cademy %wards 8eremony? 2/. What happy homema(er chirps on 9AI 6.t1s a good thing6? 2+. What screen character i the world1s fastest ice sculptor and topiary artist? 3!. Who died last - 5esi %rna2$ ?ucille 4all$ William Frawley or Aivian Aance? 31. What 4riton had two of the three number one singles issued posthumously in the @.&.? Answers to Daily Trivia Quiz # 97 - Entertainment 1. 2. 3. '. *. ). Mi(e >esmith. %pocalypse >ow. 4lue Aelvet. ?.?. 8ool ". ;tis 8ampbell. "imi 3endri,1s.

3. 1. 2. 3. '. *.

). . /. +.

1!. What was the first %rnold &chwar2enegger movie to win four %cademy %wards? 11. What actor did author %nne 0ice first denounce$ then praise in the role of her beloved ?estat? 12. Who sang 69hings #o 4etter With 8o(e6 in 1+)+ before switching to -epsi in the 1+/!1s? 13. What movie earned 9om 3an(s his third straight ;scar nomination$ in 1++)? 1'. What Mar, 4rother1s name spelled bac(wards is the name of a daytime tal( show host? 1*. What &tephen Foster tune encourages racing enthusiasts to 6bet on de bay6?

. /. +. 1!. 11. 12. 13. 1'. 1*. 1). 1 . 1/. 1+. 2!.

Morris the 8at. 4rea(fast at 9iffany1s. My Way. #ary ;ldman. 4eat .t. "essica 0abbit. 9erminator 2. 9om 8ruise. 0ay 8harles. %pollo 13. 3arpo1s. 8amptown 0aces. ?ost 3ori2on. 8huc( >orris.

21. 22. 23. 2'. 2*. 2). 2 . 2/. 2+. 3!. 31. 32. 33. 3'.

9om 3an(s. 65u(e6 :llington. ;prah Winfrey. &omewhere over the rainbow. &earch for 9omorrow. 8harlotte1s Web. 6#od 4less %merica6. "F=. 0ichard &immons. Whoopi #oldberg. Martha &tewart. :dward &cissorhands. ?ucille 4all. "ohn ?ennon.

-art 1 I 8ategory I &howbi2$ Movies$ Famous ?ines 4a(yang tanongI 1. =ung si &haron 8uneta ay Megastar$ sino ang tinaguriang 5iamond &tar? 2. &i Wowee 5e #u2man ay galing sa si(at na +!s dance group na ito 3. -angalan ni -iolo -ascual sa 9hatKs :ntertainment '. 4ading na apo ni .nday 4adiday *. 9atay ng panganay na ana( ni Mar<orie 4aretto ). %ng dating screen name ni Francine -rieto . Mahaderang ina nina 9ina at 5anita /. Boung male director na ana( ni Aic(y 4elo +. -angalan ng manager ni %ngel ?ocsin 1!. Fictional political character na alter ego ni ?eo Martine2 11. 9itle ng peli(ula ni #loria 5ia2 (ung saan sa trailer ay na(asuot lamang siya ng sando at na(asa(ay sa (abayo? 12. ?ongest running pinoy horror movie series na madalas may entry sa Manila Film Festival 13. 9inaguriang hari ng pinoy stunts dahil sa paglundag nya sa &an "uanico 4ridge 1'. %ng gumanap na L#agayM 1*. %ctress na bida sa L&ha(e$ 0attle$ and 0ollM episode na L@ndinM 1). %rtistang (ilala sa bansag na Limpa(titaM 1 . &a peli(ulang L9atlo &ilang 9atay =oM nung /!s$ siya ang si(at na child star na (asama nina 9ito$ Aic$ N"oey 4a(yang 9anongI &a portion na ito ng isang gag show sumi(at si .s(o &alvador bilang 4rod -ete 2. &a anong sitcom bida sina 3oney #race at 4arbie 5oll? 3. &howbi2 9al( &how (ung saan dating mag(apartner sina 4utch Francisco at 8risty Fermin '. %ng character ni %n<o Bllana na L9i(boyM ay galling sa anong sitcom? *. 9itle ng 9A show ni :ddie .larde na mala LMaalaala Mo =ayaM ). -angalan ng ibon ni #iovanni 8alvo sa =ato( Mga Misis . -angalan ng dance group na pinanggalingan at (ung saan sumi(at si "o<o %le<ar. 0egular sila sa -enthouse ?ive with Martin N -ops /. &a anong 9A show nag umpisa ang career ni :thel 4ooba? +. 8ommercial na may tagline na L?emo( &eguredong 9eypo(M 1!. %nong produ(to nagpasi(at sa tagline na L-ito -ritoM 1.

1/. %rtistang nagpauso ng linyang L9rabaho lang$ walang personalanM 1+. &a peli(ulang ito binig(as ang mga (atagang L%(ala mo lang wala .. pero meronE MeronEEM 2!. 9itle ng peli(ula (ung saan binig(as ni Ailma &antos ang mga linyangI L=ung hindi tayo (i(ilos$ sino ang (i(ilos? =ing hindi ngayon$ (ailan pa?M 4a(yang sagotI 1. Maricel &oriano 2. @M5 O @niversal Motion 5ancers 3. -" -ascual '. ..8. Mendo2a *. =ier ?egaspi ). %nna Marie Falcon . 5aisy 0omualde2 /. Puar( 3enares +. 4ec(y %guila 1!. 8ongressman Manhi(-manaog 11. -ina(amagandang 3ayop sa 4alat ng ?upa 12. &ha(e$ 0attle$ and 0oll 13. 5ante Aarona 1'. #elli 5e 4ellen 1*. Manilyn 0eynes 1). "ean #arcia 1 . >ino Muhlach 1/. 0udy Fernande2 1+. 4ata$ 4ata -aano =a #inawa? 2!. &ister &tella ?. 11. =umpletuhin ang lyrics ng "ingle ng H%% >atureKs 9ouch 9oothpaste I L9anggal ang QQQ mo$ safe pa ang ngipin moEM 12. L.tKs everybodyKs mil(M 13. %ng linyang L#oodbye$ 8arloEM ay binig(as sa commercial na ito 1'. %nong toothpaste ang lasang Lbebel gumM? 1*. &a commercial ng #lobe$ sino ang artista sa li(od ng character ni "uly 1). L.Km gonna (noc( on your door$ ring on your bell$ tap on your window$ tooM 1 . 8ommercial na may tagline na L&a bu(id walang papel$ i(is(is mo sa pilapilM 1/. &a commercial na to sumi(at ang mga linyang LWala ba (ayong mga (amay?M 1+. %ng linyang L%ba 4ert$ alagaan mo naman ang sarili moEM ay galling sa commercial na ito 2!. &aang commercial narinig ang linyang L=ausapin mo yang si =atrina$ sumusobra sa siyaEM 1. 2. 4a(yang &agot %ng 5ating 5oon ;ber da 4a(od

3. '. *. ). . /. +. 1!. 11.

&howbi2 ?ingo -alibhasa ?ala(e >apa(asa(it =uya :ddie =ato(ling 9he 9igers &ing-#aling 5ragon =atol #olden Fiesta 8oo(ing ;il &ingaw

12. 13. 1'. 1*. 1). 1 . 1/. 1+. 2!.

4irch 9ree -urefoods 3otdog -epsodent 4oy2 Pui2on :lectrolu, "oy 9issue 0e,ona 8lusivol #lobe

Trivia Quiz Questions - /alt 0isne#, Movies, 1artoons, 1.aracters and more. 1. 3ow are Fro2one$ &yndrome and 4omb Aoyage connected? 2. 3. '. *. ). . /. +. .n 5isney1s 0atatouilie$ what is the nasty restaurant critic1s name$ voiced by -eter ;1 9ool? 0andall 4oggs$ Mi(e Wa2ows(i$ and "ames &ullivan are characters from which 5isney movie? What was the name of the 5isney cartoon character who sang 6.1ve #ot >o &trings? %n owl named %rchimedes is featured in which 5isney film? .n 5isney1s Fun and Fancy free$ what does 4ongo the bear ride? ;rville the albatross can be found in which of 5isney1s cartoon features? .n the 5isney cartoon feature 0obin 3ood$ what was the name of the sna(e? .n the 5isney film %laddin$ who did the voice for the character of "asmine?

1+. 5isney1s 9he %dventures of .chavod and Mr 9oad was later remade as what? 2!. What (ind of birds sing 6When . &ee an :lephant Fly6 from 5isney1s animated cartoon 5umbo? 21. .1ll Ma(e Man ;ut of Bou was a song in which 1++/ 5isney animation? 22. .n 5umbo$ what is the name of the mouse who befriends 5umbo? 23. .n 4eauty and the 4east$ what is 64eauty1s6 actual name? 2'. What 5isney movie has a married couple called 0oger and %nita 0adcliffe? 2*. .n 9he "ungle 4oo($ what is the name of the sna(e? 2). What does the magician Merlin turn young Wart into in 9he &word and the &tone? 2 . .n "ungle 4oo($ what type of birds sing 69hat1s What Friends %re For6? 2/. .n what cartoon feature would one find 9imothy P Mouse? 2+. 9angled is based on which of the #rimms1 fairy tales? 3!. Walt 5isney1s -luto is what (ind of animal?

1!. .n 1+2/ who registered Mic(ey Mouse as a trademar(? 11. 9he Whale1s name in 5isney1s -inocchio is what? 12. .n 4asil$ 9he great Mouse 5etective$ what (ind of creature is Fidget? 13. What is the hound named in 5isney1s 9he Fo, and 9he 3ound? 1'. What is the connection between the films 4ambi$ -erri and 9he &haggy 5og? 1*. .n 4ambi$ what word is used to describe animals in love? 1). %ccording to Walt$ what 3ollywood movie star was his inspiration for the witch in &now White and the &even 5warfs? 1 . When ?ady and the 9ramp dine together$ what is the romantic song playing? 1/. 9he song @nder the &ea come is featured in which 5isney cartoon?

31. .n 8inderella$ what (ind of animal is ?ucifer? 32. .n Fantasia$ which regular 5isney character appears? 33. What song is featured in 5isney1s 4ambi? 3'. .n their mines$ what do the seven dwarfs dig for? Answers to Trivia Quiz #121 - Answers to 0isne# Quiz Questions 1. 9hey are characters from 5isney1s animated cartoon 9he .ncredibles. 2. %nton :go. 3. Monsters .nc. '. -inocchio. *. 9he &word in the &tone. ). % unicycle. . 9he 0escuers. /. &ir 3iss. +. ?inda ?ar(in. 1!. Walt 5isney. 11. Monstro.

12. 13. 1'. 1*. 1). 1 . 1/. 1+. 2!. 21. 22. 23.

3e is a bat. 8opper. 9hey are all based on boo(s written Feli, &alten. 9witterpated. "oan 8rawford. 4ella >otte. 9he little Mermaid. &leepy 3ollow. 8rows. Mulan. 9imothy. 4elle.

2'. 2*. 2). 2 . 2/. 2+. 3!. 31. 32. 33. 3'.

1!1 5almatians. =aa. %I Fish. Aultures. 5umbo. 0apun2el. 5og. 8at. Mic(ey Mouse. ?ittle %pril &howers. 5iamonds.

Which not-so-di22y blonde won an ;scar for 8actus Flower? %I #oldie 3awn. Who did ?oretta ?ynn choose to play her in 8oal Miner1s 5aughter? %I &issy &pace(. 9itanic won 11 ;scars$ but for how many was it nominated? %I 1'. Who won a 4est &upporting %ctor awarded for 3annah %nd 3er &isters? %I Michael 8aine. .n which film did 8her win an ;scar playing ?oretta 8astorini? %I Moonstruc(. .n which decade of the 2!th century were the ;scars born? %I2!s. Whose 1+/+ ;scar for #lory was the first awarded to a blac( %merican for *! years? %I 5en2el Washington. For which film was "udi 5ench nominated for her first ;scar? %I Mrs. 4rown. What is the name of the daughter of ;scar winner "oel #ray who starred in 5irty 5ancing? %I "ennifer. Which &tevie Wonder song won an ;scar for 9he Woman in 0ed? %I . "ust 8alled 9o &ay . ?ove Bou. Who was up for an ;scar as &ally Field1s daughter in &teel Magnolias? %I "ulia 0oberts. Following his 9rue #rit ;scar$ what did "ohn Wayne1s fellow actors and his horse wear while filming a new movie? %I :ye patches. Which actress was the second in history to win an ;scar Ffor 0oman 3olidayG and a 9ony Ffor ;ndineG in the same year? %I %udrey 3epburn. Which French actor was ;scar-nominated for 8yrano de 4ergerac? %I #erard 5epardieu. Which anniversary did the ;scars celebrate in 1++/? %I !th. Who won an ;scar for the music of 8hariots of Fire? %I Aangelus. Which Fonda won an honorary award in 1+/!? %I 3enry. For which film did 0obert de >iro win his first ;scar? %I 9he #odfather -art ... Which 1++) multi-;scar-winner was based on a Michael ;ndaat<e novel? %I 9he :nglish -atient. Which was the first family to boast three generations of ;scar winners including middle-generation "ohn? %I 3uston.

1+/ was a successful year for Michael 5ouglas but which movie won him an ;scar? %I Wall &treet. Which successful song from 9op #un was a hit for 4erlin? %I 9a(e My 4reath %way. What was the nationality of &ophie in the ;scar-winning &ophie1s 8hoice? %I -olish. Which city is called =apstad in %fri(aans? %I 8ape 9own. Which language apart from :nglish is an official language of 8anada? %I French. ;(inawa is a volcano in which country? %I "apan. .n which country is an %fghani a unit of currency? %I %fghanistan. ?esotho is a southern %frican =ingdom surrounded by which country? %I &outh %frica. Madagascar is off which coast of %frica? %I :ast. %ntigua and 4arbuda lie in which &ea? %I 8aribbean. ;ttawa is which country1s capital? %I 8anada. 9he 8hinese city of 4ei<ing was previously (nown as what? %I -e(ing. %rgentina1s east coast lies on which ocean? %I %tlantic. Which &outh %merican 8anal <oins the %tlantic to the -acific oceans? %I -anama. What is the largest country in &outh %merica? %I 4ra2il. :dinburgh is in which country? %I &cotland. What is the #reat 4arrier 0eef made from? %I 8oral. Which 8hinese landmar( was viewed from space? %I #reat Wall of 8hina. For most of the 2!th century &9. -etersburg has been named after which &oviet 3ero? %I ?enin. Which @& holiday state has the :verglades >ational -ar(? %I Florida. 3ow was the 8ote 51.voire previously (nown? %I .vory 8oast. 4uc(ingham -alace is in which :nglish 8ity. %I ?ondon. 9he 0iver &eine runs through which :uropean capital city? %I -aris. 9he Aictoria Falls are shared between Himbabwe and which other country beginning with the same letter? %I Hambia.

Which @& state is famous for 5isneyland and the film industry? %I 8alifornia. 9he 8hannel 9unnel lin(s :ngland with which :uropean country? %I France. Mat. trivia questions and answers. 1. What mathematical symbol did math whi2 Ferdinand von ?indemann determine to be a transcendental number in 1//2? 2. 3. 1. What do you call an angle more than +! degrees and less than 1/! degrees? What1s the top number of a fraction called? What #ree( math whi2 noticed that the morning star and evening star were one and the same$ in *3! 4.8.? What1s a polygon with four une7ual sides called? What1s a flat image that can be displayed in three dimensions? What number does 6giga6 stand for? What digit did %rab mathematician al-=hwari2mi give to the West around /!! 4J4.? What word describes a number system with a base of two? 3ow many e7ual sides does an icosahedron have? What do mathematicians call a regular polygon with eight sides? What 9-word is defined in geometry as 6a straight line that touches a curve but continues on with crossing it6?

What are the .slas 8anarias in :nglish? %I 8anary .slands. Which %ustralian province has >ew at the beginning of its name? %I &outh Wales. 11. What number is an improper fraction always greater than? 12. What two letters are both symbols for 1$!!!? 13. What1s short for 6binary digit6? 1'. What century did mathematicians first use plus and minus signs? 1*. What number$ a one followed by 1!! 2eros$ was first used by nine-year-old Milton &irotta in 1+'!? 1). What handy mathematical instrument1s days were numbered when the poc(et calculator made the scene in the 1+ !s? Answers to 0ail# Trivia Quiz # 135 - Mat. Trivia Answers 1. -i. 2. ;btuse. 3. 9he numerator. '. -ythagoras. *. % 7uadrilateral. ). % hologram. . ;ne billion. /. Hero. +. 4inary. 1!. 9wenty. 11. %n octagon. 12. 9angent. 13. 9he he,agon. 1'. ;ne. 1*. = and M. 1). 4it. 1 . 9he si,teenth. 1/. #oogol. 1+. 9he &lide rule1s.

2. 3. '. *. ). . /. +.

1!. What geometrical shape forms the hole that fits and allen wrench? !ood trivia questions and answers. 1. What food is the leading source of salmonella poisoning? 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. '. What company first condensed soup in 1/+/? What nutty legume accounts for one si,th of the world1s vegetable oil production? What country saw the cultivation of the first potato$ in 2!! %.5.? What type of lettuce was called 8risphead until the 1+2!s?

*. ). .

What added ingredient (eeps confectioners1 sugar from clumping? What edible comes in crimmini$ morel$ oyster and wood ear varieties? What newly-imported substance caused the first ma<or outbrea( of tooth decay in :urope$ in the1*!!1s? What fat substitute got F5% approval for use in snac( foods$ despite reports of diarrhea and cramps? What ingredient in fresh mil( is eventually devoured by bacteria$ causing the sour taste?


+. What tree gives us prunes? What type of chocolate was first developed for public consumption in Aevey$ &wit2erland in 1/ *?

1!. What uncoo(ed meat is a trichina worm most li(ely to ma(e a home in? 11. What ba(ing ingredient$ sprayed at high pressure$ did the @.&. %ir Force replace its to,ic paint stripper

with? 12. What staple is laced with up to 1) additives including plaster of paris$ to stay fresh? 13. What falling fruit supposedly inspired .saac >ewton to write the laws of gravity? 1'. What method of preserving food did the .ncas first use$ on potatoes? 1*. What deli sandwich topped 5ateline >481s list for total fat content - a 0euben$ 4?9 or tuna salad with mayo? 1). What drupaceous fruit were 3awaiian women once forbidden by law to eat? 1 . What hit the mar(et alongside spinach as the first fro2en veggies? 1/. 3ow many si2es of chic(en eggs does the @&5% recogni2e$ including peewee? 1+. What are de-headed$ de-veined an sorted by si2e in a laitram machine? 2!. What1s the only fish that produces real caviar$ according to the F5%? 21. What type of egg will yield 11 and one-half average-si2e omelettes? 22. What1s the groundnut better (nown as? 23. What crystalline salt is fre7uently used to enhance the flavor to 9A dinners? 2'. What stic(y sweetener was traditionally used as an antiseptic ointment for cuts and burns? 2*. What should your diet be high in to lessen the chance of colon cancer$ according to a 1++! study? 2). What nut do two-thirds of its @. &. producers sell through 4lue 5iamond? Answers to 0ail# Trivia Quiz # 134 - !ood and "atin% Trivia. 1. 8hic(en. 2. 8ampbell1s. 3. 9he peanut. '. &outh %merica. *. .ceberg lettuce. ). 9he plum tree. . Mil( 8hocolate. /. 8orn starch. +. Mushrooms. 1!. &ugar. 11. ;lestra. 12. ?actose. 13. -or(. 1'. 4a(ing soda. 1*. 4read. 1). %n %pple. 1 . Free2e-drying. 1/. 9una salad with mayo. 1+. 9he coconut.

2!. 21. 22. 23. 2'. 2*. 2). 2 . 2/. 2+.

-eas. &i,. &hrimp. &turgeon. %n ;strich egg. 9he peanut. Monosodium glutamate. 3oney. Fiber. 9he %lmond.