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Ascension Initiations and their effect on the body By Master Qan Dek, St Germain Ashram, Shamballa ™~: “Follow the middle way and there you will find enlightenment. Be universal love--radiating towards no one object or person in particular but, like the sun, shining on everything in its path.” Table of Contents I. Ascension Initiations I What are the effects of decension of Spirit on the body? TI. Gates in Spirit and Gates in Matter to complete the process I. Ascension Initiations There are eight bodies to integrate on our journey to the Father, The Source of All That Is. They are the Cosmic Physical, Cosmic Astral (or emotional), Cosmic Mental (or dense soul), Cosmic Causal (or middle soul), Cosmic Buddhic (or subtle soul), Cosmic Atmic (or dense spirit), Cosmic Monadic (or middle spirit), and Cosmic Logoic (or subtle spirit). There are nine initiations that exist at each level. The initiations correspond with the nine chakras. . Foot chakra (dense physical body: dense physical sub plane) . Base/root chakra (middle physical body: physical sub plane) . Sex/sacral chakra (emotional body: astral sub plane) . Navel/hara chakra (mental body/dense soul: mental sub plane) Solar Plexus chakra (middle soul: causal sub plane) Heart chakra (subtle soul: buddhic sub plane) . Throat chakra (dense spirit: atmic sub plane) . Brow/third eye chakra (middle spirit: monadic sub plane) . Crown chakra (subtle spirit: logoic sub plane) ~CREIAHAwYKS When one completes the ascension process within the Cosmic Physical Body of nine chakras, one then starts the cycle over again for the Cosmic Astral Body. This is what is meant by freedom from the wheel of rebirth. One is free from rebirth on the physical plane. Ascension process can also only occur when the Karma of the individual is cleansed through physical action on the physical plane of existence. If one does not complete the ascension process and the physical body dies, the soul waits for a new physical body to complete the ascension process (but they start at the level where they left). If the Karma from all past lives of the individual was 51% balanced, then they are free from the wheel of rebirth. If it was less than 51% balanced, they must incamate again on the physical plane.