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Agenda Date: Tuesday, January 14 th 2014 )ina *hamra +DP %&&rdinat&r, T&pic Time: 01.30 pm 02.15 pm Place: E ! "#$ #! %&n'erence (&&m

DP J-.( E/ T-01(D! 1.T2-(3$1T3- : (E%1P. 1. Updates on application for authorization 2. DP schedules & course offerings 6 6 6 6 6 DP schedule, 7lan4 template +handed &ut durin8 pre9i&us meetin8, DP schedule 5ith c&urse &''erin8s +handed &ut durin8 pre9i&us meetin8, DP schedules: 3 path5ays !tatus &' 3#D-%! as &' January 14 th 2014 Preliminary calendar &' 31 : E1 c&mp&nents




;aren 1nspach +En8lish teacher, %laudette .n8erer +#usiness teacher, $elda Dreyer +Ec&n&mics teacher, %hristin ;in8 +*e&8raphy teacher, 2asan !aleh +Physics teacher, 1'sana 1n<um +Physics teacher, atalie T&7i +#i&l&8y teacher, !hehnilah (ia= +%hemistry teacher, (&shan "isthry +"ath teacher, %indy #&yd +"ath teacher, 6 ahed 1lmahm&ud +>isual arts teacher, (a<a 1l7ayyari +1ra7ic teacher,


Minutes Topic: DP journey to ards authorization: !ecap 1. UPDAT"# $% APP&'(AT'$% )$! AUT*$!'+AT'$% 1 discussi&n a7&ut the DP applicati&n '&r auth&ri=ati&n and re@uired d&cuments t&&4 place. Deadline '&r sendin8 the applicati&n: January 15th 2014. T&m&rr&5 1ll attendees are a5are &' the d&cuments. !&me &' them ha9e already 7een shared. The remainin8 &nes 5ill 7e shared durin8 DP steerin8 c&mmittee meetin8s in preparati&n '&r the 9eri'icati&n 9isit in 1pril. !& 'ar, the date &' the 9eri'icati&n 9isit is 1pril 15th : 1Ath 2014. 2. DP #(*"DU&"# & ($U!#" $))"!'%,# DP schedule template 5as handed &ut. 1mendments in &rder t& meet the DP re@uirements in terms &' num7er &' h&urs '&r !) : 2) 5ere e?plained +&ne additi&nal B0 minute 7l&c4 &n Tuesdays '&r 2) &pti&nC,. Dinal DP schedule appr&9ed 7y E ! "#$ administrat&rs : E ! mana8ement. "ath E &nly su7<ect 5ith t5& c&mpuls&ry separate c&urse &utlines, there'&re t5& teachers '&r the 9eri'icati&n team 9isit and inter9ie5s. Dinal decisi&ns &n schedulin8 are in the hands &' the principals in c&lla7&rati&n 5ith the DP %&&rdinat&r. Dinal DP schedules 5ill 7e 7ased &n studentsF c&urse selecti&n that 5ill ta4e place durin8 the sec&nd term &' this year. DP %&&rdinat&r and %&unsel&rs are 5&r4in8 &n this 5ith the supp&rt &' "#$ admin +principals : campus direct&r,. E?planati&n &' the meanin8 &' a G#usiness path5ayH 'urther t& %indyFs @uesti&n: #usiness path5ay E !chedule '&r DP students 5h& 5&uld li4e t& '&ll&5 a #usiness career. Each DP schedule su7mitted is a pr&p&sal. 1 discussi&n a7&ut c&urse &''erin8s t&&4 place. 1ll su7<ects 5ill 7e &''ered at !) : 2) +e?cludin8 E!! : )an8ua8e a7 initi& that e?ist at !) &nly, e?cept lan8ua8es: 1ra7ic 1 E !) : En8lish # 2) s& 'ar. Duture ad<ustments mi8ht ta4e place acc&rdin8 t& the students demands. 1im: 2a9e a 'irst DP unit &n "ana8e7ac 7y the end &' "arch 2014.

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