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Client : Reliance Industries Ltd. Project :Metallocene Project at NMD Nagathane Inspection Call Received on : 28.09.2013 Vendors Name: Vaas Industries Pvt. Ltd.,

TV Job No.: 8109314970-225 Clients P.O. No.: MXB/7457363 Dt. 31/05/2013 Place of Inspection: Perungudi, Chennai

Inspection Date : 20.09.2013

Stage of Inspection / Tests : A: Material B: Interim C : Final Po. Sr. No. Item Description

D : Re- Inspection Results

Item Code: 2001552130 450NB (Fig 752M ) Bi Directional Knife Gate Valve with Bevel Gear. 1 Valve Sl. No.:A159579 & A159580 As recorded Below Body Heat Nos.A4661, A4643, A4644, A 4569 ( Body Nos. C18650, C18343, C18760 & C18342) QTY-2Nos. DETAILS OF INSPECTION CARRIED OUT 1. Witnessed PMI for Stainless Steel components Found in order and reports attested for Records.

2. Reviewed Raw Material Test Certificate of Body and Gate Nitrogen Content not reported in Material
Test Cetificate for Gate and IGC done as per ASTM A 262 Practice E, But Micro Structure Photo graph not Taken. 3. Reviewed Lab test report for Bolts ( SA 193 Gr. B7) Mechanical properties & Hardness not carried out.

4. Reviewed Lab Test report of Nuts (SA 194 Gr. 2H)- Hardness Valves do not meet the Specification
requirements and Proof Load test not Carried out.

1.Inspection Carried out in accordance with Specification EPCMD-1-ENGG-DEP-PP-004 ( Addendum-2) for PTA-5,6 Dahej produced by Vaas Industries but the order is for Metallocene project at NMD Nagathane, Acceptance to the above Inspection is Subject to confirmation for correctness of Specification. 2. Sl. No 2,3,4 in Details of Inspection above to be sorted out . Documents Reference : Approved QAP & Rev. No. Approved drawing & Rev. No. P.O. Spec. & Rev. No. Name Signature Date : 01161/MXB/7457363/A09/0001 Rev. 1 ( Vendor QAP No. KVG/1130188/0 Rev.1 Approved in Code 1 by RIL : 01161-MXB-7457363-B02-001 Rev. 0A (VAAS-04-B0820 Rev. A) Approved in Code 1 by RIL. : EPCMD-1-ENGG-DEP-PP-004 ( Addendum-2) for PTA-5,6 Dahej.

: P.Venkatamahalakshmaiah : :30.09. 2013

This issue of inspection report does not relieve the supplier / manufacturer from its responsibility to the client to supply the item(s) concerned in full compliance with requirements of its order specification.