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Class Rules for Mr.

Barrs 3rd Grade Class

These are the rules we will follow this year to learn, play, and have fun.

Classroom Rules

Respect and be kind to others. Listen carefully to directions, and obey them. Do not touch others. Work quietly. Work and play safely. Raise your hand before you ask a question. Listen quietly while others are speaking. Do not bring toys or gum to class.

Hall Rules

Obey all our school rules. Respect our schools property. Be quiet in lines, hallways, and restrooms. Walk only, no running. Stay in line, and stay on the right side of the hall. Always have a hall pass.

Lunchtime Rules

Stand in line and wait your turn to be served. Dont play with or throw your food. Clean your table before you leave. Walk only, no running. Dont take food out of the cafeteria.

Our Promises

We will get along with each other and with our teachers. We will be friendly to everyone. We will be kind to each other: No putdowns, making fun of, or singling out anyone. We will take turns and share. We will respect others property.

Our Agreement
I have read the class rules and agree to follow them.

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