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BLACKWING 2x BW - Bora the Spear 3x BW - Shura the Blue Flame 2x BW - Sirroco the Dawn 3x BW - Blizzard the Far North

2x BW - Kalut the Moon Shadow 1x BW - Elphin the Raven 1x Black Whirlwind 1x Cards for Black Feather 1x Allure of Darkness 3x Icarus Attack 3x BW - Armed Wing 1x BW - Silverwind the Ascendent EVOL 3x Evolsar Cerato 3x Evoltile Westlo 3x Evoltile Najasho 3x Evolsar Vulcano 2x Evolsar Diplo 3x Evolsar Elias 3x Evo-Force 2x Evolzar Laggia 1x Evolzar Dollka SYNCHRO Black Winged dRagon Jurrac Meteor Watthydra X-Saber Urbellum Gaia Knight, TFoE Turbo Cannon Road Warrior AoJ Light Gazer Dark Strike Fighter Naturia Leodrake FUSION E-Hero Gaia Flame Swordsman Naturia Exterio Ojama Knight SECRET Machine Lord Ur Pain Painter ULTRA Caius the Shadow Monarch Dark Flare Dragon Gold Sarcophagus Light Pulsar Dragon Metal Reflect Slime Raigeki Rose, Warrior of Revenge

SUPER Archlord Kristya Beast King Barbaros Blue-Blooded Oni Dark Simorgh Eclipse Wyvern E-Hero Ocean E-Hero Bladedge Genex Ally Crusher Hand of the Six Samurai Kunai With Chain Magician Valkrya Nimble Sunfish Penguin Soldier Power Frame Tanngrisnir of The Nordic Beast Stygian Street Patrol Solemn Warning Symphonic Warrior Basses RARE Blackwing Gale The Whirlwind Debris Dragon GK Descendent Hand Destruction Hope for Escape One for One Pyramid Turtle T.G Striker The Tricky COMMON Bad Reaction to Simochi Breaker the Magical Warrior Black Whirlwind Book of Moon Bottomless Trap Hole Call of The Haunted Card Trader Ceasefire Chaos Zone Chaos Sorcerer Charge of the Light Brigade Compulsory Evacuation Device Creature Swap Cyber Dragon Dark Armed Dragon Dark Core Dark Hole D.D.R Different Dimension Reincarnation Dust Tornado Enemy Controller Elder of the Six Sam Foolish Burial Foolish Return Genex Controller GK Spy GK Steele Heart of Clear Water

Hammer Shot Imperial Iron Wall Instant Fusion Jain, Lightsworn Paladin Junk Synchron Karma Cut Limit Reverse Lyla, Lightsworn Sorcerer Machine Duplication Magical Stone Excavation Mind Control Monster Reborn Mystic Tomato Mystical Space Typhoon Nobleman of Croosout Pot of Avarice Prohibition Reasoning Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Rescue Cat Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter Six Samurai United Secret Barrel Shrink Summoner Monk Spore Soul Release Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane Swords of Revealing Light Threatening Roar Trade-In Vice Dragon Waboku