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COMPAS Teaching Artists' Newsletter .

October, 2013

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State Fair artwork by William W., Highland Catholic School, St. Paul, Gr. 2

COMPAS Teaching Artists' News

Powering imaginations, learning and life with the arts!

October 21, 2013 Student Anthology Reading

The Student Anthology Reading will be held on Saturday, December 14 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. As always, the event will be located at the Landmark Center. Everyone is welcome and we're sure the young authors would appreciate your support! Please RSVP to Donations Needed!
Next May, COMPAS is hosting a fundraising event on the University Showboat at Harriet Island.

COMPAS Business Meeting in Review

"This was one great get-together. Bravo!" - The New York Times

We are looking for creative donation for the silent auction. They can be either physical or experiential. If you have an item or an idea, please cont Dawne Brown White at Thank you!

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1/23/2014 1:26 PM

COMPAS Teaching Artists' Newsletter . October, 2013

"...informative, yet entertaining. A certain not-to-be-missed annual event." The Bloomsbury Review

_____________________ This year's business meeting was short and sweet, but not without great discussion and information. As part of the activities, we provided time for artists to offer input on questions posed by staff about what is going well, and what we could be doing better.

Suggestions included:
Have educators/funders meet artists Creating a Facebook group for COMPAS artists (refer to information on the right about joining this group!) Hosting an artist blog day and link to each other Stop the 30-day pay cycle, return to 2-weeks Don't reject work, even if it's outside COMPAS parameters check with artists Involve artists in fundraising Find more work for the artists Use 40th anniversary to promote the artists Publicize COMPAS residencies in local/neighborhood newspaper Thank you to everyone for your input; we are working to implement your ideas. To receive the complete list of suggestions, send a message to

Oil and acrylic, Josh P., Trinity School, Eagan, Gr. 12

You asked for it...

Core Principles
Last year, we introduced the "Core Principles" for Teaching Artists. These included the 4 Elements - helping students/participants Experience the art form, Create something, Understand the work and Connect with it. The principles align with national and state standards for learning approaches which are Creating, Presenting, Responding and Connecting. We are not asking that COMPAS Teaching Artists work to meet the standards, but that you have the knowledge and awareness of how your work aligns with what educators are also trying to do. This relates to the need for written lesson plans in charting your work, and making use of the Core Principles as a framework for your planning and preparation. COMPAS is being increasingly pressed by funders and schools to prove the value of the work that our artists do. The Core Principles are one way we can show what our Artists do in the classroom. Right now, we are continuing to think about what the Core Principles will look like in action at COMPAS and will keep you apprised as we figure things out.

Two things have evolved over the past f months. We have made an effort to dedicate more staff time to social media We regularly post COMPAS Artist news our FaceBook page. Got something to share? Send it to

Based on artist feedback from the busin meeting, we created a COMPAS Artists Group Page on FaceBook. If you would like to join, plea send a message to Betsy.

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1/23/2014 1:26 PM

COMPAS Teaching Artists' Newsletter . October, 2013

Mixed media, Kristina W., Grandview Middle School, Mound, Gr. 7

From the Director

COMPAS' new Executive Director, Dawne Brown White, spoke to artists about the past and future. "It's an honor and a privilege to be selected as the sixth Executive Director of this organization. It may be an overused expression, but I know of no other way to say it - I stand on the shoulders of giants. Each of my successors were amazing individuals and it's going to be a challenge to follow in their footsteps. Last year was an eventful year in COMPAS' history to say the very least. As many of you may have noticed, we had tremendous financial challenges caused by a convergence of unfortunate circumstances. Yet, we have survived. And I believe this is due to the dedication of our staff who are all here today, our board of directors and you our artists who give of yourself so willingly when you work in schools, hospitals, senior residences and other community settings with children, youth and older adults. You bring the joy of conceiving and dreaming ... of participation and diligence ... of collaborating and assessing. If ever there was a gift, it's the opportunity to create original art with trained and professional artists." Dawnes' speech included 8 goals: 1. Continue to get our financial house in order. If these first three months are any indication, we are headed in the right direction. 2. We will be building on our successful ArtsWork and ArtScope program and looking for ways to provide this work employment program during the school year. 3. Improve the way we 'look and feel' in the community, as well as increase our public relations and marketing efforts. 4. We are going to continue to reach back into our history and reconnect with former board members, artists, staff, and youth who attended our programs. 5. Explore ways that the public and youth not affiliated with a school or institution can access our art only make sense that we look for other venues for robust programs. 6. Focus on gathering data on the effectiveness of our programs and our impact in the community. This data enables us to write reports and talk with funders in their language. 7. Based on a program assessment from 2012, consider two key recommendations...that we serve the entire state of Minnesota and that we align our programming in terms of community needs and shape them accordingly. 8. Increase our connection with you, COMPAS artists, through optional gatherings including informal get-togethers, and additional training and mentor programs based on your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Evaluations and Paperwork

FYI...Some of you may have noticed tha we are transitioning to on-line evaluation for artists and schools/sites. At the same time, we're updating our paperwork to streamline our processes. This is all par the adjustment needed to keep up with t digital age.

We've been trying to reach out to you as changes move into place, but if you hav questions or need clarification, please contact us.

COMPAS Artist Website All paperwork can be found on the COMPAS Teaching Artist's website. The secret password is "compas".

Jewelry, Erin B., Afton-Lakeland Elementary Sch Lakeland, Gr. 6

It's not all about the cows

This August marked the 4th year that COMPAS has awarded ribbons to stude whose visual artwork was exhibited in th Education Building at the Minnesota Sta Fair.

We are the only organization that offers awards to student fine artists at the Fair, and it's a tough choice. The images included in this newsletter are the four

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1/23/2014 1:26 PM

COMPAS Teaching Artists' Newsletter . October, 2013

pieces we selected, representing studen grades 1-12.


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