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Amazing People

YOUR TASK: Choose one person from this list and answer this question…
“What amazing things did this person accomplish?”

Famous Musicians
Duke Ellington Famous Artists
Charlie Parker Romare Bearden
Thelonius Monk Vincent Van Gogh
Ella Fitzgerald Berthe Morisot
Marion Anderson Georgia O’Keefe
Scott Joplin Jackson Pollack
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Katsuhika Hokusai
Ludwig Van Beethoven Claude Monet
Dizzy Gilespie Frida Kahlo
Johan Sebastian Bach Diego Rivera
Woody Guthrie Mary Cassatt
Peter Tchaikovsky Pablo Picasso
Johannes Brahms Jacob Lawrence
Emily Carr
Dorothea Lange
Frank Lloyd Wright

At your Exhibition, you will present a scrapbook about this person. This
scrapbook must contain ALL of the following pages (in this order):

1. Attractive cover which includes the person’s name

2. Table of Contents

3. Birth Certificate mounted on another piece of paper, filled out, and decorated. Should state the person’s name,
their date and place of birth, and parents’ names.

4. Magazine Article about the things that make this person “Amazing.”

5. Timeline which shows 10 important events from this person’s life and the year in which each occurred.

6. A photo-essay: a collection of photos that show the highlights of the person’s life. All photos must have captions.

7. Death Certificate mounted on another piece of paper, filled out and decorated.

8. A one or two-sentence Epitaph in memory or celebration of the famous person.

9. Commemorative Stamp drawn and colored representing the person. The person's name, (Jesse Owens) should be
clearly visible. Stamp should be at least 5 X 7 inches.

10,11, & 12. Draw, color, and label at least three important pieces of Memorabilia from the person's life (1 per
page), i.e., Jesse Owen's track jersey, or the Olympic medals he won.


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