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Republic of the Philippines Department of Justice PAROLE AND PROBATION ADMINISTRATION RE ION !

SAN "ARLOS "IT# PAROLE AND PROBATION O$$I"E %all of Justice& Bliss& Pa'al& San "arlos "it(& Pan'asinan


ROIC BENITA L. MARAMAG Parole and Probation Administration Regional Offi e No. ! "an Fernando Cit#$ La %nion CPPO &ERC%LE" N. TAN'OC "an Carlos Cit# PPO &all of ()sti e$ "an Carlos Cit# O tober *$ +,!.ANTI/RE' TAPE ACT0 1 RA No. 23*4 LECT%RETTE



: :

Incorporate) in the T" Session is the Lecturette on the Anti*Re) Tape Act+ RA No, -./0, Attache) here1ith is the Report of the acti2it( un)erta3en b( this office, REMAR5": For t6e Regional 'ire tor7s information and re ord.

HERCULES N. TANDOC C6ief Probation and Parole Offi er


A Lecturette

The San "arlos "it( Parole an) Probation Office hea)e) b( "PPO %ercules N, Tan)oc con)ucte) the monthl( Therapeutic "ommunit( Session on October 4& 56!7 at the Office of the Senior "iti8ens Affairs& San "arlos "it(, Alon' 1ith the man)ator( T"LP Session+Acti2ities& the S""PPO incorporate) a lecturette on the Anti*Re) Tape Act of 5669, :PA Domin'o %onra)o& retire) DIL emplo(ee spearhea)e) the lecture alon' 1ith the Staff of the S""PPO Office,

The lecture 1as atten)e) b( our recepti2e an) cooperati2e clients from San "arlos "it( an) ;rbi8ton)o respecti2el( 1ith the primar( 'oal of information )issemination on the sai) act as 1ell as inculcatin' that our A'enc(& the Parole an) Probation A)ministration is one 1ith the 'o2ernment 1ith the aim of impro2e) efficienc( in 'o2ernment ser2ice to the public b( re)ucin' bureaucratic re) tape& pre2entin' 'raft an) corruption& an) the penalties pro2i)e) thereof,

Pre8ared b#:

RHONDALIA G. POQUIZ Probation and Parole Offi er I


HERCULES N. TANDOC C6ief Probation and Parole Offi er