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Antheu fqr Chrisfue$ ffIANOt EB E E c#m B B-A G# A A# B tn the space af the be-gin-ning \Fas the living Word of light


BsusB E Ef E A C c# m A # Bsu sB G# BsusB E EF# G # AB E Whenthis Word was clearly spoken All that cameto be wasright

E c # mE B E A F# B All seation had a language Wordsto my what must be said Ab F# cifm Bsus B E A Bsus B E E"--B All day long the Heavens whispered Signingwords in scar--letred c# mE B E A F #B Still somefailed to understand it So God spokeHis final Word Ab c#m X'# Bsus B E A Bsus B E E----B E On a silent night in Judah's Hills a baby's cry washemd


C CBb A B "Glory!" sangthe angelchorus "Glory!" echoed backthe night A dm G CsusC E Bb Csus C F' F- GA Bb C F C#BA
Love has come to walk iil&ong us Christ the Lord is born this night


Gem cDc CA I ) D D-C B C# All creation singHis praises earttr praise and heaven His narne Dsusl) G C Ilsus I) G Eem A D# C# B
All who live comejoin the chorus Find the wordsHis love proclaim G l)sus D G G A B CD Find*the-words--His-love-----proclaim.