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Fill in the Blanks(15 mks)

1. The left and right hemisphere is divided by the _________________________________.
2.______________________________ connects the brain and spinal chord.
3.The basic cell of nervous system are called as______________________________.

nerves transfer meesage from brain to sensory

5.__________________ area is responsible for speech production

6. __________________________ acts as a relay centre of the brain
7. Hypothalamus and ______________________ are part of the limbic system.
8. A collection of cell bodies in the brain is called as ____________________ matter.
9._____________________________ lobe is essential for executive functions.
10.___________________________ are
physical shock.

cushion like structures that prevent brain from

11. _____________________________ is essential for auditory perception

12.______________________ system regulates emotions.
_________________________ are part of the peripheral nervous system.
15. Basic functions like


breathing, heart rate and blood pressure are controlled