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Industrialization has led to the development of various machines.

Many of the industries have power press, hand press, lathe, drilling, polishing, milling etc. Though these machines have saved a lot of human efforts and time, but on the other hand they also affect workers in a negative significant way. Mechanization leads to the increased noise levels which harms human health and deteriorate their performance. Fatigue, nervousness and sleeplessness are generally recorded by workers exposed to noise [1]. Noise level of 85dbA considered to be safe for 40 hr a week, but more than that lead to physiological changes and hearing loss [2, 3, and 4]. Hearing loss is one of the major and common disorders which take place due to damage of hair like cells in inner ear because of excessive noise for a long period [5]. Initially hearing loss occurs at high and then low frequencies [6]. Lack of data is available for the effect of noise exposure over industrial worker performance therefore there is a strong need of this study. In this paper noise level of various lock industries at Aligarh were measured and it was tried to find that whether these noise levels have any effect over the human performance.


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