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Which Species to Save

A: List the major ideas, concepts or key points- point by point

Like battlefield medics, conservationists are being forced to explicitly apply triage to

determine which creatures to save and which to let go. Researchers analyzed the declining of bird and mammals species that could serve as cornerstones for organization work, while the ones that dont they dont do anything. Conservation groups can no longer afford to try to protect as many animals and plants as they have in the past, They have created new systems of triangle to explicitly determine the species that are going to survived or die. Function-first forms of triangle favor species that contributes in the wold. Evolution-first seek for genetic diversity that can help species able to survive and adapt in fast changing environment. Politicians and regulator favor helping the economy rather than helping the planet. Sooner or later a vulnerable species will be too hard to save. Giving protecting not simply individual animals but also the relations among them. Researchers say that triage approaches should select among ecosystems instead of species. Sooner or later, though, a vulnerable species or habitat will require measures too expensive for any government.

B: Summarize the AUTHORs main point or idea- at LEAST 1-2 paragraphs Which species we should save, which are the ones the need to live or die. Because of the budget cut, the government does not protect the animals or environment as before. They are aware of the decline of the animals in some places but they only care about those ones that have a greater impact, contribution to the planet. They care about the economy than whatever happens to the world. The environmental community was always unwilling to talk about triage. That involves sorting patients for treatment in difficult situations where time, expertise or supplies, or all three, are scarce, thats a decision making system. Sooner or later, though, a vulnerable species or habitat will require measures too expensive for any government or group to shoulder. As climate change pressure on biodiversity continue, likely to require heroic measures for survival. For changes to be made it would be require even more expensive and at least promising rescue efforts to save the specie.

C: Write a reaction paragraph to the article stating your own thoughts on the topic, using specific citations from the article to support your views. My reaction and thoughts about this articles were the same as the old/ other ones. They had the same emotion for me. It was frustrated, and irritated to know the we are choosing money instead of the things that gives us that. That give us what we want, and need. Humans are choosing to kill those animals because they think they are not as important. But they dont really know

whats the matter. Because of the budget we cant do anything. But we can do more things went it comes to nonsense stuff that we dont really need. Everything humans do is irrational. We know that every animals helps the planet but we still choose to protect those ones that gives us more.

So what? The safe of the economic is better than the safe of the planet. The budget is making impossible for us to save, and the realized whats more important. What if? If all those species that provides us with food and other stuff that we need are gone will be

Says who?Michelle Nijhuis, who writes about science and the environment.

What does it remains you of? An earth without humans. Because we are the ones that are killing the planet, that ones that only care about us. Even when we know the solution or at least some that we can do to help, we only care about ourselves.