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Books suggested for Civil Services Exams

1. Soil Science - D.K Das Or Brady 2. Agronomy By Yellamananda Reddy 3. Plant Breeding By B.D. Singh 4. enetics By B.D.Singh

!. Physiology By Pandey " Singha #. $ntrod%ction &o 'ortic%lt%re ( K%mar ). 'and*oo+ O, Agric%lt%re By $-AR .. Agric%lt%ral /conomics and 0arm 1anagement 2. Agric%lt%ral /3tension /d%cation in $ndia Suggested Books for Mains Exams Boo+s 1 to 2 in the 4relims list are %se,%l ,or the mains e3am too Pathology ( Singh /ntomology - 5asantha Ra6 " Da7id &he 'ind% - S%r7ey O, $ndian Agric%lt%re Agric%t%re Statistics - De4t. o, Agri. and coo4. statistics at a glance :::::