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This is to certify that dissertation report entitled STUDY ON CONSUMERS PREFERENCES TO THE BRAND OF VADILAL ICE-CREAM which is submitted by me in partial

fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree BBA from Mangalayatan University, Aligarh comprises only my original work and due acknowledgement has been made in the text to all other material used. The matter embodied in this thesis is original and has not been submitted for the award of any other degree.



This is to certify that Dissertation Report entitled STUDY ON CONSUMERS PREFERENCES TO THE BRAND OF VADILAL ICE-CREAM which is submitted by DEEPALI SAXENA in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree BBA from Mangalayatan University, Aligarh . To the best of my knowledge the work carried out by her under my supervision is a candidates own work.




I am very thankful to all persons who spread their valuable time and helped me a lot in preparation of this dissertation report.There are many people behind making of this dissertation report. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our institutions for giving me this golden opportunity.I am greatly thankful to my Mentor Prof.Ambrish Sharma,for giving me proper guidance and co-operation for making this report more meaningful. Last but not in the least I am thankful to all the persons who directly or indirectly helped me to make this report.

History Of Ice Cream

Ice-cream has a very long history about its origin and manufacturing in the international market. Ice-cream, way back in 1670, a sicilian, named francisco procopia, opened a cafe in paris (france) and began to sell ice's & squashes and this is how the life of ice cream began. Than the innovative changes market was came to existence. They came directly with deep freezers. In early times, the ice cream were practically frozen & drawn off into packages and frozen solid or hardened. But after 1939, suit ice-cream was invented. It was served directly from the freezers without being allowed to harden. In india, the ice-creams become popular and famous of the end of 18'" century. Than the icecream were made at homes from pure cow/buffalo milk's and ice-cream machine had been developed for home use. It is comprised of a wooden bucket with a metal (aluminum) j ar and a chummier and handle. The ice-cream made at aroma. Though not so smooth as what we have got today, but it was delicious and yummy.

Today, the story is totally different. We have large number of mega companies, manufacturing icecreams in astonishing verities of flavors, colour & shapes, maintaining the quality. Today ice-cream industry holds an important segment of industrial activity in food-based industry in the country. It provides nutritious treat to self & guest as the best follower of cold drinks. Nowa-days most of the parties and functions are treated with ice-creams. And in india its consumption is increasing day by day. It has been observed that the growing demand for this product is vast at present. It is an old-aged product but the tastes, manufacturing process and raw materials are coming in change with the changing concepts of food & life styles day-by-day. At present there are number of ice-creams industries in india who give supply of the real taste and best quality product. Kwality walls, vadilal, amul, baskin robbins, cadbury's dollops and some of the branded ice-creams. But in india, vadilal ice-cream is one of the oldest ones. And at kwality walls in the national market with a market share of 25% and in aligarh, the market share is 20% (sources from business world & india today.

Scope Of Ice-Cream Industry In India

The Ice-Cream Industry was % registered Eight years ago with phenaroenal growth rating of 35% per annum. Such rush is due to the general up trend in the economy of l a t e eighties. The consumer goods include Ice-Cream caught a good market when colour advertisements started in a fold. Bui in summer the sales effected due to cold storage problems. But later by avoiding that type of problem, the Ice-Cream considered the consumers demand throughout the whole year like gets marketing mix right, success may not be far off. The wars in creams, for all practical purposes in only halfway through there are some losers, in sight & not clear predict on winners too. Latter in mid-eighties throughout India in the Summer, in the not sun shines, for al l maw factors of soft drinks, it was the point where the Ice-Cream manufactures over track them by Satisfying the consumers with tasty & flavored Ice-Creams filled with cream

and sweet aromas to give lite refreshments to consumers by maintaining the high class quality.

Ice-Cream Industry In Aligarh

Aligarh. Which is pre-dominantly an agricultural state with the reputation of being the "rice-bowl" is recently developing small scale industry & medium scale industry. There are some foods producing industries like bakery, Ice-Cream etc. There are a number of IceCream factories but only two or three are developed Ice-Cream factories. Till 1989, Aligarh state remained as a Importer of better quality Ice-Creams of some branded companies from other states. In India, there are a number of Ice-Cream factories like Kwality walls;Amul, Baskin Robbins, Dinshaws , Cadbury's Dollops etc. And they are generally higher from other local Ice-Creams in quality and in price too. People of Aligarh are still in flavor of local Ice-Creams but the educated are now-a-days bothering for quality. At present there are only two or three developed plants are imported from west Bengal, Gujarat. Mumbai and other slates.The Government of Aligarh is too allowing the public to open this type of industry by Taking loans and advances.

Flow Diagram Of Ice-Cream Manufacturer Process

Selection of ingredientsmilk, butter , S.M.P, cream, sugar syrup, fruits, nuts, etc.

Figuring the mix

Pasteurizing the mix at 12 C for 30 minutes

Homogenizing the mix at 4C to -5C

Hardening the storage of ice-cream at -23C to-29C

For different types of tastes, flavors, colour needs to use the colour essence and other raw materials like fruits, nuts etc on the time of freezing mix.

History Of Vadilal
Today, the name Vadilal conjures images of lip-smacking ice cream in a whole gamut of flavours. Vadilal spells quality, availability, variety and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. It has, however, been a long journey for the group, which traces its origins way back to 1907, when a certain unassuming gentleman, by the name of Vadilal Gandhi, the great-grand father of Virendra R Gandhi, Rajesh R Gandhi and Devanshu L Gandhi, started a soda fountain. He passed on the business to his son, Ranchod Lal, who ran a one-man show, and, with a hand cranked machine, started a small retail outlet in 1926. Eventually, Ranchod Lal's sons, Ramchandra and Lakshman, inherited the business and they were instrumental in giving a new direction to the company. The duo imparted a new vision to the venture and infused a spirit of calculated risk-taking into the company. As a result, by the 1970s, the Vadilal Company had already evolved into a modern corporate entity. "In 1972-73, the company had 8-10 outlets in Ahmedabad. Gradually, we moved from the city to other parts of Gujarat. By 1985, the company moved towards neighbouring states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. But the expansion was undertaken very methodically and we spent five to six years in spreading our business and then consolidating it" says Shri Ramchandrabhai Gandhi (Chairman).

To become an Indian MNC in frozen foods To provide products and services at an affordable price without compromising the quality, says Shri Ramchandrabhai Gandhi

Personnel Hygiene Policy

Every person employed in Food Handling Area is Medically Examined by an Authorized Medical Practitioner at least once in a year to ensure that he / she is medically fit and free from any communicable disease. All employees should inform the Management immediately in the event of their suffering from Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Typhoid, Boils, Cuts, Ulcers, etc. No Worker suspected of suffering from any communicable disease is permitted to work inside Food Handling Areas. Employees shall keep their fingernails short and clean and wash their hands with soap solution and water before commencing work and after each short absence, especially after using sanitary conveniences. No worker shall allow his /her naked hands or any part of his/her body or clothing to come in contact with the product and any food ingredient. No worker shall be allowed without Head cover/ Aprons/ Specified dress/ Masks/ Gloves (as applicable) inside Food Handling Areas. No worker shall be allowed to eat, spit, clean nose, using tobacco in any form including smoking/ chewing within the processing, packing and storage area.

Quality And Food Safety Policy

We at vadilal industries limited firmly believe in providing quality and safe food products. We shall achieve these goals by continual improvements and updating process, system & skills of our employees. We aim to be the leader in the ice cream industry by recognizing and adopting the changing needs of our customers and win their confidence. We shall ad here the statutory and regulatory requirements. We shall establish effective internal & external communication.

We shall adopt quality and food safety standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005 & BRC global food standard.

Events Of Vadilal
Largest Ice Cream Sundae

On Nov. 10th, 2001 Vadilal broke its own record by making "The Largest Ice Cream Sundae". This ice cream sundae was made using 4950 litres of ice cream, 125 kgs. of dry fruits, 255 kgs of Fresh fruits and 390 litres of sauces. The length of the sundae was 20 feet and height was 9 feet, 180 man took 60 minutes to create this record breaking (registered in Limca Books of records) ice cream sundae. More than 50,000 people enjoyed. Snow- Storm Ice-Cream Festival (25th December, 2001 to 31 December, 2001) A week long ice cream festival was held simultaneously in 11 Vadilal Happinezz Parlours of Gujarat. This festival was one of its kind. 71 flavors of Ice Cream, 51 Ice Cream Sundaes, Frozen Yogurts, Sorbets, Ice Mithai ice creams like Rasgulla, Gulabjamun & other artisan ice creams were available at one stop. Over hundred thousand people attended this festival.

Objective Of The Company

"Vadilal" industries ltd. Makes Ice-Creams since it has some nutritional value it is suited to every group (ago) of people. Its main a i m is to supply the best quality of products to their consumers. IT tries and is maintaining the best quality in its products. The company is looking forward for the future where Ice-Cream is literally on the verge of creating an explosion in the Ice-Cream consumption pattern both new mount watering produces. All with real creams, because that's what makes real creams.

Products Of Vadilal



Small cup

Product of vadilal Party packs Cone


Family pack

Vadilal Industries is provide the below mentioned products to their customers with a good qualities.


Vanilla Ripe strawberry 2-in-1 Chocolate chips Tuti fruity Real mango Rainbow Fruit bonanza Kaju darkish Butter scotch Kewra Jafrani badam pista Fun 2000-car.cho Rajbhog(ice mithai) Dairy fresh Alphoniiso mango Wild strawberry Figs-n-honey Fresh fruits delights Mango Pineapples

Small Cups
Vanilla Ripe strawberry Frozen desserts Kool gulab


Pineapple delights Chocolate drips Yummy butter scotch Chashmeshahi Prime kesar pista

Almond koolfie cone Family Pack

Plain Favorite Vanilla Ripe Strawberry 2-In-1 Chocolate Ecstasies Chocolate chips Dairy fresh Alphonso mango

Fruit Fantasies Real mango Fresh Strawberry

Nutty Delights Kaju Draksh

Butter Scotch Real Kesar Pista Jafrani Badam Pista

Frozen Dsserts Snowy Yummy Kesar Pista Yummy Mango Munch

Dandy Candies
Pencil Mango Juicy Juicee Orange Kaju Candy

Litchee Dolly Orange Dolly Raspberry Dolly Mango Dolly One-up Chocobar Nutty Chocobar Chocolate Chocobar Soft Spot (Chocolate) Fantastic

Frozen Dessert
Bargain Best Chocobar Mango Tango Dolly Fun Bhari Raspberry

Party Pack

Plain Favorites Vanilla Ripe Strawberry 2-in-1 Sweet Heart

Dairy Fresh
Alphonso Mango Wild Strawberry Figs-n-Honey

FRUIT FANTASIES Tuti Fruity Real Mango Fresh Strawberry Fruit Bonanza Pina Chink

Utty Delights Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Chashmeshahi Cashew Break Kewra Real Kesar Pista Jafrani Badam Pista Rajbhog

Frozen Desserts
Snowy Cherry Merry Kaju Lite Scotch Lite Yummy Kesar Pista Yummy Mango Munch

Koolfie Corner
Kesar Pista Koolfie Chowpati Koolfie Kewra Koolfie Pista Kesar Roll Cut Kewra Roll Cut

Vadilal Specials
Heart Throb Mini Sandwich Sajan Sajani (Roll Cut) Quick Sundae Easy Sundae August - 15 Cassatta Slice Cassatta (Cut)

Sajan Sajani (Roll) Vanilla Magic Strawberry Magic Mango Magic

New Launches
Recently the group has launced fresh fruit ice-cream with ripples under the fantasy range viz. Fresh orange fantasy, Fresh mango fantasy, Fresh strawberry fantasy, and Black current fantasy.These new Koolfie , Mava Koolfie and Pista Koolfie ,these koolfis priced at rs. 10/-is a big hit in the market place. Two new Sundaes Chocolate Sundae & Strawberry Sundae atrs. 10/- each have been introduced.

New Promotional Schemes

The response to this offer was enormous. Pack Free on purchase One Litre Kaju Draksh Pack. The response to this offer was enormous. 1+1 party pack scheme chocolate sauce with vanilla Chocolate sauce with vanilla: the consumer scheme of 50g chocolate sauce free on purchase of one litre party pack of super vanilla became a trend setter scheme in the market. Yet another bumper offer was the schemes of one litre vanilla party pack free on purchase one litre kaju draksh pack. The Vadilal group give importance on outdoor advertisement like posters, Hoarding boards, Glow sign boards to make the consumer aware of Vadilal Ice-Cream and maximum possible exposure to the advertisers brands. The recent promotional schemes have a tremendous response from the consumers. The consumers have been writing letters with. Requests for the extension of the scheme period. The growth in sales during the scheme period was ten times over the normal sales. The 4 Ps are very clearly demarcated the target markets segment. establish exclusively, sell only through personalize outlets weave an image, distinct personality of brands, crave at niche, occupy a specific slot within the branded ice- cream segment introducing new & good quality frequently to bring back repeatedly.

Marketing Mix Of Vadilal Ice-Creams

The marketer's task is to build a marketing program or plan to achieve the company's desired objectives. The marketing program consists of numerous decisions on the mix of marketing tools to use. The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools; the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market for influencing the trade channels as well as the final consumers. "Vadilal" groups strictly follows the 8P's of marketing tools, out of which 4P's i.e. product, price, place & promotion are very important in the achieving the target market etc.

Features : The product for the study is Vadilal ice-Cream. As from the name itself, it can be said that it is a non-durable & perishable product, because it cannot stay for a long period off lime. The other features of the product are that it is consumable food product goods wi t h variety of flavours, good taste & quality and has nice packaging. Image : Vadilal group positioned their product in such a way that they are being perceived and preferred by the consumer to fit a distinctive niche in the market a niche occupied by no other product. They further try to different, ate their products posses attributes that will fulfill the consumer needs belter than competing brands. This attribute of the products creates brand image. In case of Vadilal Ice-Cream, can give the following attributes. Flavor/tastes: vadilal has the largest range of ice-creams in the country with a variety of 90 plus flavours to make them reach their maximum utility. Aroma/Sweet Smell: All the Ice-Creams of Vadilal has good sweet smell or aroma in it. This can be realized through the responses of consumers. Colours : Vadilal Ice-Cream has variety of over 20 natural colours. It doesn't contain additives, preservatives, any synthetic colours or flavours. All are pure, natural goodness of the milk, fruits and nuts.

Price All Vadilal Ice-Cream are available at cheaper and affordable price that Fits all consumers pockets i.e. from high class to low class consumer. Vadilal has priced its products on the principle of real value for money

Quality : At Vadilal commitment to quality is an Attitude It works aiming with a straight-forward mission: " To Provide Quality Products and services at an Affordable Price". At Vadilal special care & Great pains are taken in maintaining class quality. Nutritious Value: All Vadilal Ice-Cream are of high Nutritious values, easy to digest and gives lite refreshment with energy when peoples get tired of work or busy life. It is totally a milk based food product. Brand Name: Today. "Vadilal" is a name familiar in practically every Indian household. It's a well-known umbrella brand, covering a diverse range of products & activities, which have one thing in common: a vibrant present & a bright future. In Indian marke:. The brand name "Vadilal is synonymous with Ice-Cream and commands an excellent equity. Profile : Vadilal has the maximum range of Ice-Cream products in India. It has the largest range of Ice-Cream products than any other competitors, i.e. over 200 SKU'S. It has preference for tastes as per budgets. There are rich creamy Ice-Creams for the connoisseurs and low fat frozen desserts for the health cautious. There are plain favorite, fresh fruit ecstasies; romantic ripples, nutty delights, fresh fruit fantasies and etc with guaranteed to spark consumers to taste buds. Under each type there are many qualities and Vadilal has priced its products cheaper on the principle of real value for money.

Vadilal has priced i t s products on the principle of "real value for money". Vadilal's pricing is at par with brand like Amul and cheaper than Kwality walls, Baskin Robbins, Dinshaws and others. The company has simple yet straight-forward mission: "To Provide Quality Products and Services at an Affordable Price". The Vadilal Ice-Cream prices are tagged in such a manner that it could be able to meet the consumer of all levels i.e. form high class society to low class society, and of all pockets. The large scale of operation economies the manufacturing cost, the benefit of which is passed on to the consumers by providing them with a quality product at an affordable price. This is a commitment at Vadilal. To make all the Ice-Cream product available in the market, for smooth running in the market and to increase its. growth share in the market and to increase its, growth share in the market, the 'Vadilal' Group has owned some credit policy for the retailers and distributors and also gives them some sorts of discounts and profit percentage of make the product heavily demanded in the market.

"Vadilal" Group, Head Quarter is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the most industrialized state in India. It s Ice-Cream division has 3 sophisticated plants at Ahmedabad, Pundhara and Bareilly. The plants at pundhra & Bareilly are ISO 9002 certified plants.Vadilal Ice-Cream division branches are located in all the states of India except some parts in southern region.Vadilal has one of the largest cold chain networks in India, comprising of 12C & F agents, 250 distributors and 15,000 retailers. The whole network is kept alive by a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Refrigeration equipments and retail freezers are sourced from world leaders in the technology so as to deliver the quality products to the retailers through distributors quickly and as soon as to possible to quench the thirst of consumers towards the demand Ice-Cream products. This is a commitment at


The promotional strategy of Vadilal brand of Ice-Cream mainly depends on some various promotional plans or schemes, on media advertisement and on out door advertisements. But its effective promotional schemes hit the target market directly, which promotes the consumer to make decision with regards to buy that brand. The Vadilal group has introduced some new schemes / launches recently to increase his brand equity.

Ice-Cream Consumer's buying behavior

Before knowing consumer brand preference we have t know the buying behaviour and decision making process of consumers.Consumers are the life blood of the company because for them the company achieves success in the market as well as in the corporate world. Term "consumer generally refers to any one engaging in or all the activities like evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing goods and services." CATEGORY DESCRIPTION ROLE

A The Individual who determines that some B


need or Initiation want is not being met and A person to who by some international authorizes purchase, to rectify the situation. Influencer worlds or Influencer action influence the purchase decision, the actual purchase & The individual who actually make the the use of the product & services. purchase Buyer transaction. The person most directly involved in the consumption or use of the dispose.


Buyer User

Consumer buying behavior is the process of decision-making activities that the customer does at the time of evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods & services. The field of consumer buying behavior. Studies how individuals, groups, and organizations, select, prefers, by use and dispose of goods, services, ideas.

Problem Identification
There is cut throat competition in the present Ice- Cream market more than 8 branded level players are there in the market. The list grows ever more impressive. The problem is the consumer preference, choice will change or not, measurement of brand loyalty is a difficult task. Various types of consumers are loyal towards different brands of IceCream. Thus the main problem in this study is to measure and calculate the number of consumers preferring for "Vadilal" Ice -Cream brand in Aligarh market. They can also have other problems like that of promotion and transportation. They can also have to face the competition from Amul.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE OBJECTIVES The main objective of my study is to know the consumers preferences to ""Vadilal" brand of Ice-Cream in the market. Through this study, I will be able to find out:-

To know the Consumer's Brand preference. To know the satisfaction level of consumer's. To find out the consumers accepting the Vadilal Ice -Creams in Aligarh market. To know the opinion of the retailers on the sale of Ice -Cream in Aligarh. To know the market share of Vadilal Ice-Cream.

To know the buying behavior of the Ice -cream Consumers.

To get the clues and strategy for the future market.

To Know Which Brand Of Ice Cream Does You Prefer The Most. To Know Brand Awareness Of Vadilal . To Know The Factors Effecting While Buying The Ice Cream. To Know The Complaints Regarding The Ice Cream. To Know The Suggestion For Improvement.

HYPOTHESIS Consumers prefer Vadilal but not more than Amul. Children like different flavors. Local ice-cream brands affecting the sales of vadilal and amul ice-cream is also very affected the sale of the Vadilal ice-cream. People are price sensitive.


Conclusive research- descriptive research design is appropriate for our survey Methodology is the Method used while doing some research works. Research is one type of investigation undertaken in order to get additional information or to discover new facts. My research work includes survey of consumer's attitude and preference towards "Vadilal'" brand of Ice - Cream. Research design is a blue print or preliminary plant or sketch of the work to be done in respect of the specified kind of research undertaken. The plan or sketch consists of a rather detailed statement. The type & sources of date are relevant to the particular research. The techniques to be adopted for collecting the needed data and the method of the analysis of the collected data on the lives on which the collected data are to be analyzed. Research design will vary with the kind of research proposal to be carried on. The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures.

Sampling is an essential element of the survey. It is the process or method of drawing or selecting a sample from a particular population. Population in context of the sampling means all the people or objects that are under investigation or observation. A sample is a smaller representation a larger whole. It serves, as a representative of the whole sample design is a technique of drawing a sample. Non - probability sampling is adopted here, in this research work. This sampling method involves non - probability sampling; I have chosen convenience sampling when population elements are selected for inclusion in the sample base on the case of access. It can be called as convenience sampling.


My survey programs includes consumers of different age groups(5-50). Income groups, & professional groups. The size of sample taken in 300. The sub -groups identified are of adequate size for accomplishing random sampling.

DATA COLLECTION Sources Of Data Collection

After formulating the problem an accurate observation undertaken according to some round plan. The data needed for the study can be available from two sources i.e. Primary & Secondary Data.


Primary Data:

My primary' sources of data are the response from different type of consumers & retailers.



Sources :

I collected some data & information from secondary sources like Internet, Company profiles & reports, Business magazines & newspapers.


The Research methodology, 1 have adopted the following tools and techniques to get the required data and needed information. Survey method -- . Survey methods we use personal interview

i. ii.

Mall intercept In home

Type of Population -- Infinite Population. Target population -- Customer & Retailers. Type of Non - probability sampling -- convenience Sampling. Type of data collected primary & secondary data Method of Collecting primary Data -- Questionnaire. Type of Questionnaire -- Structured Questionnaire. Type of Questions -- Closed. Type of tools used for Data Findings -- pie- chart diagrams.

Sampling frame Ramghat road, pushpanjli, pragti nagar, center point etc. ORGANISATION OF THE STUDY
I want to include many important points in my dissertation report..

Chapter-1 In this chapter, I have introduced my secondary and primary research.I will
identify those problems which are related to preferences of consumers towards to the brand vadilal ice-cream.. This can be helpful for another. There is to set the objective of the study and also put the hypothesis.

Chapter-2 In this chapter, I have introduced the frame work of my research work. Chapter-3 In this chapter, I introduce the analysis of data with swot analysis, and I
introduce interpretation of data.

Chapter-4 Here, I have to analyze many study and find many findings related to
preferences of consumers to the brand vadilal.

Chapter-5 In this chapter I have summarized my study. I have to analyze the need of
this project in future I have to analyze the need of this project in future. This can be helpful for another.

The present study Inspite of best efforts suffers from the following: The time factor in any research is very important. The time allowed for the study was very short. Because of lack of time, I could not go deep into the problem. This study is to depend barely on the data supplied by the present organization. Even sincere efforts were made to overcome these conditions through Crosscheck when ever possible to present a balanced report. Monetary factor is a major constraint to the research. Erroneous Information, inconsistent and inadequate answers found to be main

drawbacks in formulating an effective response pattern. the organization M/s AES vadilal did not show all the necessary documents required by me as they had their confidentiality.

Conceptual framework of the work

As the things present in the world that may be tangible or intangible, like wise the consumer's decision - making aspects towards his / her buying process is also go in the path of fluctuations. It is complex to get through it. A number of factors like low price, quality brand name, purchasing power, promotion, culture, society where the consumer lives in, are responsible for the change in the buying behavior of the customers. Also the perceived quality to a particular brand leads to a major influence on the consumers. Hence an anal\ sis of the extent of this impact on consumers helps to known the consumer decision making process for preferring a brand that may provide some valuable information, while determining consumer's acceptance of "Vadilal" brand of Ice - Cream. To know about consumer's preferences towards "Vadilal" brand, I have done a survey. As different Consumers have different views, so its very difficult to get their ideas in pen &

paper. For this, I followed the questionnaire methods as well as personal interviews to sought reliable information from Consumers & Retailers. Stress was as laid on structured answers. Data's were also collected from, the company literatures, manuals and reports significance of the survey lies in its ability to finding out reasons for brand preferences and demands of "Vadilal" Ice- Cream. Recent research studies has clearly embarked that consumer awareness of a particular brand have started playing a very crucial role in purchase deviation for all consumer producer. These developments of consumer market create into success. Considering the age groups of consumer specifically, the market and the choice. The choice criteria of them show very much peculiarity with respect to selection of Ice-Cream. There is a growing need of markets of soft goods to know the influencing pattern far different age groups to reach them, which worked in competition among marketers to get the competition edge. Their concept has been taken as the scope of the present research study.


Achievements of the individual organization shows how difficult it is to perform in this competitive market overcoming certain problems introducing and fulfilling the needs and preferences of customers to lead the market. Thus the evaluation of three factors like performance, achievements and problems of a business establishment can be referred to as analysis. so the idea or approach in analysis is to find the problem involved ,identifying the alternatives and finally choosing the best alternative. by analyzing the figure from establishment and studying the market it can be known whether the demand for ice-cream is on the raise or declining. The graph as shown in the annexure shows the sales of the ice-cream for the last five years from which we can easily find out the

performances of establishment and their growth status. From the figure it is found that demand for ice-cream is increasing year after year.


The manufacturings planners have been successful in studying the needs of customers which has earned them goodwill in the market. What I came to know after the survey is that due to lack of brand awareness only customers are consuming more local ice-cream like celesty as compared to vadilal. But in rest of the fields vadilal is leading the market. From retailers survey I got a good response for vadilal brand. The survey was carried out in Aligarh market to find out the brand preference of consumers towards vadilal ice-cream. Consumers were from different age, sex, income groups and occupation. Preferences were carried out and gathered.informations was obtained through open survey, mall intercept, personal interviews, emails and analysis was done basing upon the questionnaire.

1) SWOT ANALYSIS Swot analysis is one of the important medium of analyzing. Its obvious that an

organization with more strength, less weakness, wide opportunities and fewer threats will

be certainly ahead of its competitors.

Strength: Vadilal the brand name is itself the strongest point which is difficult to eradicate. It enjoys comparison with the competitors i.e.kwality walls as there are no other large scale competitions except some local brands in Aligarh. Effective distribution system and commitment towards better quality and services as compared to other local and national brands is also the strength. The organization has its own transportation and sends products to the required distributors immediately without any failure giving the best response. The network is kept alive by a large fleet or refrigerated vehicles. Refrigeration equipments and retail freezer are sourced from world leaders in technology so as to deliver quality products to the consumers. The three ISO certified plants located at Ahmedabad, pundhra and Bareilly are established in such a way that they are in consonance with the market expansion strategies of the division who have a production capacity of 1lakh lit/day. Vadilal has 25%of the Indian ice-cream as its shares. but that is no surprise considering that the group has the largest range of ice-cream in the country considering flavours,packs and forms with a product matrix of over 200 SKUs comprising cones,cups,candies,sticks,,novelties family, party and bulk packs. Vadilal introduced the concept of FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH under which the company develops and markets one new flavor every month for its customer delight. Vadilal because of pricing at par with brand like AMUL and cheaper than Quality walls, Baskin robbins, Dinshaws etc and maintain highly satisfactory quality products is gaining market share.

Weakness It is not focusing much upon low end customers Though vadilal ice-cream is available at affordable price and suitable to every standard people of every means but low class customers are less aware of it and they are still going for the local ones. Though vadilal is able to win consumers loyalty, it is not able to win retailers loyalty as compared to others except some credit facility. There is less media advertisements in Aligarh .many consumers are least aware of this branded product and message given by the glow signboard i.e. vadilal the ice-cream experts There is virtually no direct contact between the retailers and company which shows a communication gap.

Opportunities It has got a great chance to penetrate to the rural areas as it has not been intensively exploited by all other competitors in terms of market share Due to new economic policies and liberalization more multinational companies are expected to enter into the Indian market .these MNCs will have to start everything from a stretch starting from consumer awareness. Vadilal in this prospective has an upper hand and can utilize its time more on market penetration and development. Threats Local companies like celesty, Amrit have their manufacturing concerns in Orissa. So when there will be a demand for their

product, they immediately replace the orders. but at vadilal it took little time to place the orders Lack of advertisements and signboards All the vadilal ice-cream products are full of demand in the market. but when some special products are out of stock in the market, then it is difficult in the part of retailers and distributors to meet the consumers demand. Seeing the unavailability of the products for some days, the consumers prefer other brands.

Data Interpretation
Question 1:- W h i c h b r a n d o f i c e c r e a m d o y o u p r e f e r t h e m o s t ?




Amul Creambell Other Total

28 3 3 50

56% 6% 6%


Amul 6% 6% 56%

Creame bell 32%


Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart it is clear that 56% people prefer Amul,32% people preferred vadilal,6% people prefer cream bell and 6% people prefer other brand. So in market Amul is a big competitor of vadilal.

QUESTION2:-Which flavor do you prefer the most of Vadilal ice cream?

Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Other

16 17 12 5

32% 17% 12% 10%

Chocolate Vanilla 10% 24% 32% 34% Strawberry Other

Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart it is clear that vanilla is the most preferred flavor with 34% followed by chocolate 24% strawberry 10% and other 10%

Question 3 ) : - How it taste?

Excellent Good Poor

29 21 0

58% 42% 0%

Excellent Good 0% 42% 58% Poor

Interpretation:From above table and pie chart we can say that 58% of people said that ice cream taste are excellent and 42%of people said that good.

Q u e s t i o n 4 ) : - When do you usually go for eating an ice-cream?

When you want occasionally

34 16

68% 32%

When you want occasionally

32% 68%

Interpretation:From the above table and pie-chart we can say that 68% consume ice-cream when they want and 32% consume ice cream in occasionally.

Q u e s t i o n 5 ) : - Which factors do you take in consideration while buying the ice-cream?

Taste Brand Flavor Price Advertising Packaging

15 16 16 3 0 0

30% 32% 32% 6% 0% 0%

Taste 33% Brand 3% 33% Flavor 31% Price

Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart we can say that some factors affect the buying behavior of consumers like as 33% people follow brand,31 follow%taste,33% follow flavor and 3% follow price. these factors play vital role in purchasing behavior of consumer.

Q u e s t i o n 6 ) : - How much amount you spend on ice cream every month?(individually)

More than 100 Less than 100

30 20

60% 40%

More than 100 Less than 100

40% 60%

Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart we can say that 60% people spend there money more than 100 in ice cream while 40% people spend there money less than 100 in ice cream.

Question 7 ) : - With whom usually go out for ice cream?

Family Friends Alone

33 14 3

66% 28% 6%

Family Friends 6% 28% 66% Alone

Interpretation From the above graph it can be seen that consumer are influence more by family (66%) followed by friends (28%) and alone (6 %). It means g e n e r a l l y p e o p l e l i k e d t o s h a r e t h e i r f e e l i n g s w i t h t h e i r v e r y c l o s e person. Influenced by this reason vadilal offers more family packs and party packs for his consumers.

Question 8 ) : - The purchasing decision of your ice cream is?

Planned Suddened

27 21

54% 42%

Planned Sudened

44% 56%

Interpretation From the above table and graph we can say that 44% of people are take sudden decision to purchase an ice cream and remaining only 56% of people made planning before purchasing ice cream.It means ice cream tastes are rich and delicious. Its a original taste. So people do not control themselves without eating an ice cream and theygo suddenly to eating a ice cream.

Question 9 ) : - From where did you come to know about the new flavor of vadilal ice cream? Transit media Print media 11 39 22% 78%

Transit Media Print Media 22% 78%

Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart we can say that 78% of people are seeing through transit media while 22% people are seeing advertising of vadilal through print media.T h i s m a y h e l p t h e m i n increasing their sales and also its cost effectiveness. So, company should give more attractive advertisement in newspaper, magazines etc. and in television.

Question 10) Do you agree that Vadilal brand need publicity or advertising to run or to stand in a market?

Yes No

36 14

72% 28%

Yes 16% No


Interpretation:From the above table and graph we can say that 84% of people said that ice cream brand need publicity or advertisement to company for run or to stand in an ice cream market.other remain 16% of people said no.its means there is extremely need for publicity or advertising to company for run or to stand in market.

Question 11) Would you like to change your flavor?

Yes No

14 34

28% 68%

Yes No

68% 71%

INTERPRETION:From the above table and pie chart we can say that 40%people like to change their flavor. while others remaining 60% of people like to stick with their flavors. It means company should try to make more and more rich and delicious different flavors which are available in market.

Question 12) Would you like to switch over to any other brand?

Yes No

17 33

34% 66%

Yes No

34% 66%


From the above table we can say that 34% of people switch over their brand to any other brand while 66% people dont switch over their brand.

Question1 3 ) What are your suggestions to the company that gives discounts?

To increase sales To increase more potential buyer competition No suggestion

14 12 7 17

28% 24% 14% 34%

To increase sales To increase more potential buyer competition No suggestion





Interpretation:From the above table and pie chart we can say that according to 34% people they dont gave any suggestion,28%people said that company should give to increase sales 24%people said that company should increase more poteintial buyer and 14% people said that company needed comption in the market.Competition and increased more potential buyers.

Question 14):- Is your chosen brand available everywhere?

Yes No

39 11

78% 22%

Yes 22% No


The performance of Vadilal is good in the market but not more than Amul. 32% of respondents choose vadilal as their favorite brand,56% of respondents choose Amul as

their favorite brand and rest of them, 6% of respondents choose cream bell as their favorite brand, (6%) choose other brands.

It has been found from the survey that customers expect some products of vadilal specially like 32% of people chocolate flavor of vadilal 17% people like vanilla flavor of vadilal and 12% people like strawberry flavor of vadilal.The other product have a demand below the company should reposition its existing product line for enhancing sale. In my survey i found that 30% respondents choose vadilal for taste. In research according to 58% people vadilal excellent in taste while according to some people vadilal good in taste. In my survey I found 68% of respondents purchase ice-cream when we want to purchase ice cream while 32% of respondents purchase ice-cream occasionally. In my my research work I found that 30 % people like vadilal in taste,32% people like vadilal in brand and 32% people like vadilal in flavor these factors affect the purchasing behavior of consumers. In consumer survey I found that 60% people spent there money more than 100 in icecream while 40% people spent there money less than 100. In survey i found some people enjoy ice-cream with there family members and some people enjoy ice crme with there friend. according to research 68% people enjoy icecream with there family and 6% people enjoy ice cream in alone. According to 54% people they planned about purchasing of ice cream while according to 42% people they dont planned about purchasing of ice cream, they purchase ice-creame according to there need. In that survey I found that price does effect their purchasing of ice-cream. In Aligarh region the awareness of new brand/flavor come through words of mouth.

Consumer like vadilal ice-cream but Amul is a big competitor of If vadilal want success in the market than that its implement in there policies and launced new flavors in market.

vadilal does not having better delivery system in comparison to Amul but it is having better delivery system in comparison to mother dairy system. amul is giving high margin to the retailers in comparison to vadilal. According to survey in Aligarh region, the offers and schemes effect the purchasing very much. In Aligarh region the awareness of new brand/flavor come through words of mouth. Vadilal should improve his promotional tools and should create attraction between the consumers and there products. The quality of packaging of vadilal product is not better than Amul. If vadilal Make plastic package for family packs and Increase in flavors and more new flavor should be lunched. Than consumers easily familiar with vadilal.


If vadilal Increase production and make proper delivery because sometimes desired flavors are not available. In market Amul is a big competitor of vadilal. If vadilal has to add new flavor with change in time so it easily make consumer loyalty toward there products. Something new should be offered to attract the market.

If the company should also give equal importance to quality at considerable price targeting students primarily. They have to given some of beneficial schemes to their customers frequently. If it provide special economic packs should be offered to customers who are taking in bulk for parties to increase the brand loyalty.

Vadilal is a brand name and it is very popular but from the survey I found that there is need to more frequent advertisement particularly through , through advertisement are not consider directly in buying, but it is essential to promote the sales. If the company should restructure its distribution channel as some of the customers dont get the preferred flavor on time from the retail shops and Resort to aggressive marketing campaign.

If vadilal provide lunch vadilal softly and improve candy and cone range. Vadilal should have to give advertisement more frequently.They should introduce more schemes to attract customers.

The company must try to follow the mass penetration strategy penetrating to the rural areas where the regional players are leading the market. The company must go for promotional activities to create awareness and increase sales in inaccessible areas and market respectively.

If the company must try to give more offers to the retailers and to the customers to attract them. If the company should mainly focus on pricing while considering middle class people as aligarh mainly constitutes of middle class people.


Personal details:Name-

AgeGenderEducationProfessionMarital status1 ) Which brand of ice cream do you prefer the most? Vadilal Cream bell Amul Other

2)Which flavor do you prefer the most of vadilal ice-cream? Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Other

3 ) How it taste? Excellent Good Poor

4 ) When do you usually go for eating an ice-cream? When you want occasionally

5 ) Which factors do you take in consideration while buying the ice-cream? Taste Flavour Advertising Brand Price Packaging

6 ) How much amount you spend on ice cream every month?(individually) Less than 100 More than 100

7 ) With whom usually you go out for ice cream? Family Friends Alone

8 ) The purchasing decision of your ice cream is? Planned Saddened

9 ) From where did you come to know about the new flavor of vadilal ice cream? Transit Media (Railways, Buses) Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines etc.)

10) Do you agree that Vadilal brand need publicity or advertising to run or to stand in a market? Yes No

11) Would you like to change your flavour? Yes No

12) Would you like to switch over to any other brand?




What are your suggestions to the company that gives discounts? competition No suggestion

To increase sales To increase more potential buyer

14) Is your chosen brand available everywhere? Yes No

C.R. Kothari(research methodology)

Websites www.Vadilal.Com Baskin Customer on Different Ice-Cream Parlors