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Kerianne Hofsiss Phed 106 Prof Thompson 4/23/12

Behavioral Change Step 2: Research

1. Title: Sleep, Wonder how you can Power Your Health? Sleep on it! Author: No author stated but the website is provided by the department of health in the state of Utah of which the executive director is W. David Patton, Ph.D. Source: Pages: Article is one page all information contained on that page link: 2. Title: How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Help Manage Your Weight Author: Not stated but source is listed as Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Source: link: Pages and date: website all information is on the first page, last date it was revised was july 13, 2012 3. Title: What are the benefits of not eating before bed? Author: Tracy Roizman, a writer and speaker on national preventive healthcare Source: Link: Pages and date: Published May, 10 2011 only one page. 4. Title: 4 Main advatages of eating more vegetables Author: Almosteve, blog name Source: Link: Date and Page: March 12, 2012, One page

Behavioral Change Part 3: Project Plan

My plan for this project is to accomplish the three following goals to help further better my health; eat more fruits and vegetables, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night, to not snack at night/eat healthier snacks in the evening at least two hours before bed. More in depth my exact goals are to start off by eating at least 4 to 5 fruits and vegetables the first week and then gradually reach my ultimate goal of consuming at least one serving of fruits and vegetables daily, two servings of them would be better but harder to accomplish. When it comes to getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night I plan to start by trying to get to bed by 11 each night the first week during weekdays and to bed before two one weekends. Eventually my goal is getting myself to bed by ten every day during the week and by twelve on weekends. Snacking at night my ultimate goal is to not consume anything later than two hours before bed and for that snack to be a fruit or vegetable or healthy option rather than snack on junk food. In order to track my progress for these goals I will keep a journal every day and write what I accomplished that day and what was not accomplished and why it was not accomplished. Each week I will reflect on the accomplishments I made and the ones I failed to meet and reasons for that and how I can improve on meeting the following weeks goals.

Part 4:
Week One: March 24st-March 30th March 24th Sunday: Had an apple around 12pm while at the airport Last snack 11pm: Had a peanut butter sandwich Bedtime: 1:00am Awake: 8:30 March 25th Monday Breakfast: Had fresh grapefruit, Dinner: Salad with carrots and radishes ( 2 servings vegetables) Last snack: 7pm had chobani yogurt mixed with fruit Total: 4 servings of fruit/vegetables Bedtime: 10pm Awake: 7am March 26th- Tuesday Lunchtime: Pink lady apple Last snack: 8pm Cup of frozen grapes Total servings: 2 fruit Bedtime: 9pm Awake: 7 am March 27th -Wednesday No servings of fruit this day Last snack: 10:30pm chocolate cake Bedtime: 12:00am Awake: 8 am March 28th- Thursday Breakfast- Kumquats and kiwi Lunch: Apple along with sandwich Dinner: roasted asparagus Total servings- 3 fruits/vegetables

Last snack: Did not snack before bed last time I ate was at dinner around 6:30pm Bedtime: 10pm Awake :7:30 am March 29th-Friday Dinner- Salad, Pizza with onions and green peppers Last Snack: 9pm Chobani yogurt with apple Total servings: 2 or 3 depending on how much was actually on the pizza Bedtime: 1:00 am Awake: 9am March 30th- Saturday Breakfast: Cantaloupe and grapefruit Dinner: Grilled eggplant Last snack: Kettle corn 7pm Total servings: 3 fruits/vegetables Bedtime: 9:45pm Awake: 8am

Reflection of the week: I feel I did really well this week. The first day was hard because I was traveling and in the airport where it is extremely hard to find fruits and vegetables easily. Also I had a late flight that got delayed so getting to bed at my goal time was just not possible for that day. The rest of the week eating fruit was very easy and accessible being in Florida my grandparents always had fresh fruit cut up and ready in the morning which made it very easy to get in the servings that I had intended. Getting to bed on time was back and forth mostly because my cousins were visiting also so some nights it was easier to get to bed then others and also its a hard adjustment to make after the sleep cycle I am used to in college normally does not allow for 7 to 8 hours of sleep. I did fairly well on snacking too I refrained from eating in the middle of the night; this may have also been because I was not in my own house though. I chose healthier snacks when I did snack later the only day that was really off was the 27th the Wednesday and this is mainly because it was my Uncles birthday and there was a lot of unhealthy choices to choose from rather than fruits and I allowed myself to cheat that one day

Week two: March 31st-April 6th March 31st: Sunday Breakfast: fresh grapefruit Dinner: Vegetable soup Last snack: Chocolate Easter eggs 11pm Total servings: 2 or 3 fruits and vetetables. (not sure servings provided in soup) Bedtime: 12:00am Awake: 9am April 1st: Monday No servings of fruit or vegetables today Last snack: Egg wrap (more of a late dinner) 8pm Bedtime: 12:00 am Awake: 8:00 am April 2nd Tuesday One Apple as a snack around 3pm Last snack: chobani yogurt with cherry Total servings: 1/ 1.5 fruit Bedtime: 2am Awake: 8 am April 3rd- Wednesday Lunch: Pink lady apple Last snack: Cup of frozen raspberries and mango 9pm Total servings: 2 fruits Bedtime: 11pm Awake: 8 am April 4th Thursday No servings of fruit or vegetables today Last Snack: Peanut butter on whole wheat toast 10pm Bedtime: 1:30 am Awake 8:30 am April 5th Friday

Fruit and parfait yogurt for lunch Cup of grapes from Jazzmans around 4 pm Last snack: 11pm chobani yogurt Total servings: 4.5 (two servings of grapes, there is fruit in the chobani yogurt but not a full serving) Bedtime: 3am Awake: 12pm April 6th Saturday An apple as a snack mid day Last snack: 1am protein bar Bedtime: 2:30 am Awake: 11:30 am April 7th Sunday No fruit or vegetables this day Last snack: 7pm protein bar Bedtime: 9:30 pm Awake: 8:00

Reflection of the week: This week was definitely not as good as the first. It started off rough because the first day was Easter so there were a lot of unhealthy food options and I also had a flight back that afternoon at 6 that got delayed even further so again with the airport situation and finding fruits and vegetables and getting to bed at an early time while traveling is impossible. I was able to find the vegetable soup though which was surprising. Then Monday I had to travel back up to school to Oneonta so it was hard to get fruits and vegetables in that day. Then in general just being back to school is an entirely different atmosphere. I had my dad bring me grocery shopping before he left so there would be fruit in my fridge and available because I know I wouldnt be getting any while on campus. Getting to bed on time proved harder than I had expected, living with a roommate, the workload changing day to day and going out on weekends it was extremely hard making sure I got to bed when I wanted. Considering I normally eat no fruits and vegetable during the week while at school I feel I made an improvement there, not compared to the previous week but I was away then. For the upcoming week I definitely need to focus more on getting to bed earlier. Im going to try and set an alarm in my phone to remind me of when my last snack should be and therefore give me a heads up to get my work done and be in bed within two hours from that point

Week 3 April 8th- April 14th April 8th- Monday Breakfast: pink lady apple Last snack: Cup of frozen mangos and blueberries Total servings: 2 fruits Bedtime: 11pm Awake: 8:30 April 9th- Tuesday Had fruit salad mid afternoon Last snack: Apple 8:45 pm Bedtime: 10:30pm Awake: 8:00 April 10th- Wednesday Vegetable Panini at lunchtime Omelette with peppers and onions for dinner Last Snack: 8pm Protein bar Total servings: around 2 or 3 vegetables Bedtime:11:30pm Awake: 8:30 April 11th- Thursday Last snack: Bowl of frozen mangos and blueberries 9pm Total servings: about 1.5 of fruit Bedtime: 12:45 am Awake: 8:00 April 12th- Friday Apple for breakfast Cup of grapes from jazzmans around 3pm Last snack: 10pm toast with peanut butter Total servings fruits and vegetables: about 2 and a half Bedtime: 2:30 am Awake 12pm April 13th-Saturday

Had carrots as a snack with ranch Broccoli and cheese omelette Last snack: 11pm Chobani yogurt Total servings fruits and vegetables: Around 3 Bedtime: 3 am Awake 1:pm April 14th Sunday Last snack: 8pm an apple Bedtime: 11:30 pm Awake: 8:00 am

Reflection of the week: This week I was impressed that I was able to keep up with eating fruits and vegetables most days. Normally when I run out of vegetable and fruit options in my fridge I rarely run out to get more but I made an effort to get to Hannaford that week to make sure that I had apples and frozen fruit available to snack on. Getting to bed worked really well during the week I was able to get to bed at a decent time basically every week night and it really helped me with school work. Getting to class I was able to pay attention a lot better and not need to drink 3 cups of coffee to try and stay awake. I definitely need to improve on my sleeping habits on the weekends. This will take some time but I also need to realize its unrealistic for me to think I will be in bed on weekends the same time I would be during the week. I can sleep in on weekends so this should allow for some leeway on how late I can go to bed and still get the 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Getting on an actual sleep cycle eventually though would be ideal. Overall I feel I did improve since last week, however the first week was by far the best overall. Its a lot harder for me to follow these rules at school when there are so many other factors that make accomplishing these goals harder. At school I do not have a car so going grocery shopping is a once in a while thing and fresh produce is expensive for my budget. Also school work, living with a roommate and other factors influence my ability to get to bed at a decent time as opposed to when I am home.

Behavioral Change Project: Part 5 Assessment

The goal of my project plan was to better my health by change some of my lifestyle behaviors. The three areas I worked on were getting more sleep each night, eating more fruits and vegetables and not snacking late at night. The following behavioral changes provide many health benefits. Through my research I learned a lot about these health benefits. When it comes to sleep, getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night can do a lot for you. Getting the proper sleep each night improves mood and reduces stress. When you are tired your motor skills slow down, you become groggy and unenergetic and it is much harder to get through the day. Lack of sleep has also been associated with stroke and heart attacks (which most commonly occur in the early morning hours), it is linked to worsen cholesterol and blood pressure. Sleep has also shown to reduce inflammation during infection by giving the body to rest and heal itself; it has also shown to improve cognitive function and memory. Eating more fruits and vegetables is also beneficial to your health. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and full of nutrients. They are lowenergy foods that provide extremely beneficial vitamins and minerals. Many dark fruits and vegetables such as, blueberries and sweet potatoes also have tons of anti-oxidants. Snacking late at night has been shown to be not beneficial to your health, especially when those snacks are high in sugar or fat, which is often what people choose late at night. Eating late at night isnt necessarily a bad thing, it what you eat at night. Choosing high fat sugary items will lead to weight gain and possible heart problems. Also eating right before bed has been linked to an increase in acid reflux in some people. My experience in trying to accomplish these goals was really good, I learned a lot about myself. I was able to accomplish a lot more than I thought I would and when I had off days I didnt let those keep me from getting back on track the next day. Although I wish all three

weeks could have been more similar to the first, it helped me learn about how different environments can really influence the lifestyle behaviors you live by. I have to make certain accommodations while at school, which are harder than at home, in order to accomplish the same goals. I learned to change a health behavior keeping a journal is actually a really good idea, it helps you keep track and making myself record and note things made me more likely to remember to do them the next day. If I wrote in my journal one day I had no fruit or vegetables that day it made me make sure that the next day I did not make that same mistake. Also reflecting back each week was key, that way I could see what I did wrong, why I did and what I could do to improve my behavior for the next week. I thought this project was a good use of time and I am going to continue these health behavior changes. It forced me to make changes that I would have otherwise not have done on my own and these changes will ultimately benefit me. Just in these short weeks I have already noticed a benefit from getting more sleep during the week. Just by making myself get to bed earlier I have been able to be more attentive in classes and get more of my work done, faster and more efficiently. The project was definitely a worthwhile experience.

Behavioral Change Project Kerianne Hofsiss Phed 106 Prof Thompson