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Alteration in Health Maintenance

Published on Saturday March 10th , 2007

Alteration in Health Maintenance

(_)Actual (_) Potential

Related To:
[Check those that apply]

(_) Loss of independence (_) Changing support systems (_) Change in finances (_) Lack of knowledge (_) Poor learning skills (illiteracy) (_) Crisis situation (_) Inadequate health practice (_) Substance abuses:_______ __________________________

(_) Lack of accessibility to health care services (_) Health beliefs (_) Religious beliefs (_) Cultural/folk beliefs (_) Alterations in self image (_) Age related conditions (_) Other:_____________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

As evidenced by:
[Check those that apply]

(_) Reports or demonstrates an unhealthy practice or life style. (_) Reckless driving of vehicle. Major: (_) Substance abuse. (Must be present) (_) Overeating. (_) Reports or demonstrates frequent alterations in health. eg: _________________________________________________

Date & Sign.

Plan and Outcome

[Check those that apply]

Target Date:

Nursing Interventions
[Check those that apply]

Date Achieved:

The patient will: (_) Incorporate principles of health promotion into lifestyle: (_) Other:

(_) Assess for factors that contribute to the promotion and maintenance of health or that result in alterations in health. (_)Provide pertinent information concerning screening for: breast cancer, BP, other:______________________ (_) Explore health promotion behaviors that patient is willing to incorporate into lifestyle. (_) Initiate health teaching and referrals as indicated: review daily health practices dental care food intake fluid intake exercise use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs knowledge of safety practices, fire prevention, water safety, automobile safety, bicycle safety, and poison control other:

(_) Other:________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________