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History of Fashion Design

The history of fashion design can be traced back to the beginning of the19th century when the designs were the product of the dresses worn in the royal courts. Eventually, Charles Frederick Worth, the first fashion designer, set up his first fashion house in aris. !is designs greatly influenced the people and they labeled the" as the designs of the #!ouse $f Worth.# %s a result, a designer beca"e synony"ous with a particular brand.

%nother i"portant designer who "ade a significant contribution to the evolution of the fashion was aul oi &et. !e blended the classical style consisting of aesthetic dressing with aris fashion. $ther i"portant designers of this age were atou, 'ionnet, Fortuny, (anvin and Chanel.

Throughout the )*th century, aris re"ained the world+s fashion hub, with countries such as the ,- and .ritain openly aping the French designs. The post World War era saw the e"ergence of other countries as the centers of fashion and aris ceased to be the sole influential factor. The rising .ritish fashion industry brought a new range of street fashion focusing "ainly on the young consu"ers.

(ater, %"erican designers such as Calvin /lein %nd &alph (auren ca"e to the fore with their sportswear and "ade it a style state"ent. Today, fashion designs can be categori0ed into two "ain categories. The haute couture is designed for individual custo"ers. The other category is the ready1to1wear collection. While the for"er is based on certain the"es and is "ore for creating a style state"ent, the latter is "eant for the "asses.

The "id19*s saw the e"ergence of a new breed of designers who redefined traditional concepts. They looked at fashion fro" a new angle, creating their own new concepts.

Thus, the world of fashion design has witnessed a steady evolution over the years and has been the by1product of the sincere efforts of "any of the top designers.