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"ield#$ased Internship Plannin% &or'sheet

7ame# :enni!er Lau2hlin Cohort# All Io)a Cohort .&1.

*ue# 7ovem"er 1; o! 1st %emester in 1ro2ram < as chan2es are made= %tudent uploads plan to %/% upon approval !rom >aculty >ield %upervisor=

ISSL #1 Visionary Leadership Standar d


Visionary Leadership/Experience Area (Condensed Criteria) ses data !or Esta"lishment o! Achievement Goals

E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours Elementary# $ hours %econdary# $ hours

DESCRIPTI ! 'or( )ith %chool Improvement Advisory Committee to determine *istrict Goals "ased on student achievement Analy+e and access district assessments and ma(e recommendation !or ,-1. 'rite our 5itle III Corrective Action 1lan to improve our En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e (E%L) pro2ram

Estimated Completion Date /ay .&10

Elementary# 1& hours %econdary# 1& hours


/ay .&10

ses "est practice in 1ro2ram Improvement

Elementary# . hours %econdary# . hours

End o! 7ovem"er .&1.

Elementary# 1 hour per )ee( -03 %econdary# 1 hour per )ee( 4 03


Colla"orative meetin2s !or Administration and teachers6

/ay .&10

Articulates/1romotes Hi2h Expectations !or 5eachin2/Learnin2

Elementary# 1 hour per )ee( 4 03 %econdary# 1 hour per )ee( - 03

/eet )ith teachers concernin2 Implementation o! En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e (E%L)6 %pecial Ed6 Colla"oration6 %heltered Instruction 8"servation 1rotocol (%I81)

/ay .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

Early Childhood# 1 hour per )ee( 4 03 %pecial Ed# 1 hour per )ee( - 03


Ali2ns educational pro2rams )/ *istrict Vision and Goals

Elementary# .; hours %econdary# .; hours

Io)a Core 'or( )ith ,-. and ;-1. teachers on En2lish Lan2ua2e Arts and Io)a Core 'or( )ith teachers ;-1. /ath

/ay .&10


1rovides Leadership !or /a?or Initiatives and Chan2e E!!orts

Early . hours in administration colla"oration a )ee( !or 03 hours Early . hours per )ee( 1ro!essional *evelopment !or @. hours , En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e 03 hours , 03 hours Io)a Core

1ro!essional *evelopment -Colla"oration6 En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e and Io)a Core

/ay .&10


Communicates e!!ectively )ith various sta(eholders on pro2ress

Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary# 0 hours a month (total o! 3& hours)

1resentations at "oard meetin2s6 presentations at 'ildcat >irst meetin2s6 presentations to sta!! durin2 in-service and/or sta!! meetin2s

/ay .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

ISSL #( Instr)ctional Leadership

Standard (

Instructional Leadership (Condensed Criteria) 1rovides leadership !or Assessin2/*evelopin2/Improvin2 Climate and Culture


E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours Elementary (-3th# .& hours 1 hour per )ee( )ith Admin= 03 total Early ; hours

DESCRIPTI ! Assist )ith our %chool In 7eed o! Assistance Committee (%I7A) 'or( )ith %upt= 1 hour per )ee( 7otes o! encoura2ement 'or(in2 )ith %ta!! settin2 2oals !or colla"oration Auildin2 2oals-each semester

Estimated Completion Date 7ovem"er .&1.

/ay .&10 /ay .&10


%ystematically/>airly 9eco2ni+in2/Cele"ratin2 %ta!!/%tudent Accomplishment


Encoura2es desi2n o! more e!!ective learnin2 experiences !or students

,-Bth# . hours o! )ee(ly meetin2s !or 03 )ee(s (@. hours) Early 1 hour a )ee( (03 total hours) Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education# . hours a month :an-/ay 4 1& hours

Implementin2 the Io)a Core in speci!ic classrooms and the desi2nin2 o! lessons )ith teachers to accomplish this implementation Colla"oration !orms6 1ro!essional *evelopment !eed"ac( Loo(in2 at summative tests to evaluate Core instruction

/ay .&10


/onitors/Evaluates E!!ective Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment

/ay .&10


Evaluates %ta!! and 1rovides on2oin2 coachin2 !or improvement

Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1 hour per )ee( 4 03 total hours

'al(-throu2hs concernin2 Io)a Core Implementation and %heltered Instruction 8"servation 1rotocol (%I81)

/ay .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.


Ensures pro!essional development that enhances teachin2/learnin2 ses research/theory to develop/revise pro!essional 2ro)th plan 1romotes colla"oration )ith all sta(eholders

Early 1 hour per )ee( !or 03 total hours 1 hour a month !or 1& total hours Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education B hours !or special education B hours Community Clu" B Hours (1/. o! 'ild Cat >irst meetin2s) $ hours

1ro!essional *evelopment plannin2 at Administration meetin2s and loo(in2 at data A%C* ?ournals )or( on plan )ith supt= Attend and actively participate in our Colla"oration team )or( on >ridayCs durin2 in-service 1resent and "e an active participant in our 'ildcat >irst community 2roup 1resent at our Community Clu" meetin2s Help implement 1ro!essional *evelopment )ith 'ildcat >irst6 8ct= .$ Attend and actively participate in our Community Clu" and 'ildcat !irst (community sta(eholders meetin2s) Attend !amily ni2hts at school (Aac( to school "ash6 >all >estival6 Educator 5our6 etc=) /y personal 1ro!essional *evelopment 1lan6 lo2 o! conversations )ith sta!!6 %urveyCs o! sta!!6 cele"rations shared )ith sta!! (candy poem to hi2hli2ht these)6 %chool Improvement Advisory Committee (%IAC)6 Coachin2 teachers on instructional practices/curriculum6 )or(in2 )ith "uildin2 leadership teams6 "ullyin2/harassment pro2rams-

/ay .&10


/ay .&10 /ay .&10


8cto"er .$6 .&1.


Accessi"le and approacha"le to all sta(eholders

B hours Community Clu" B hours 'ildcat !irst

/ay .&10


Visi"le and en2a2ed in the community

Elementary# B hours

/ay .&10


Articulates and rein!orces desired school culture6 sho)in2 evidence

Early childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1& hours

:une .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

attendin2 trainin2 and helpin2 loo( at )here at )ith this6 assistin2 ne) Io)a %a!e and %upportive %chools Grant Coordinator6 A2endaCs !or meetin2s

ISSL #* Standar d*

r%ani+ational Leadership DESCRIPTI ! Estimated Completion Date *ecem"er .&1.

r%ani+ational Leadership (Condensed Criteria) Complies )ith state and !ederal mandates and local "oard policies

E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# ;& hours Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1 hour a month 4 1. hours total %econdary# ; hours

8r2ani+in2 and lead !acilitator in *epartment o! Education %ite and EDuity Visit Co-leadin2 7e) 5eacher//entorin2 1ro2ram


9ecruitment6 selection6 induction6 and retention o! sta!! !or Duality instruction

/ay .&10


Addresses current and potential issues in a timely manner


E!!ectively/e!!iciently mana2es !iscal and physical resources

Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1 hour a )ee( 4 03 total hours Elementary6 %econdary6 En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e# 1 hour a )ee( 4 03 hours Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education6 En2lish as a %econd

Created :o" description and part o! intervie) committee !or Io)a %a!e and %upportive %chools 2rant coordinator position 1ro!essional *evelopment !eed"ac( !orms

7ovem"er .&1.

/ay .&10

/ana2in2 Curriculum6 5itle III6 5itle VI "ud2ets

:une .&10


1rotects instructional time

Assist settin2 up master schedule and support teacher schedules to allo) students to "e in core classes

:une .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

Lan2ua2e# 0 hours !or master schedule )or( 1 hour a )ee( !or learnin2 opportunities (03 hours)

as needed and pulled and or supported as the students need= Learnin2 8pportunities !or teachers durin2 common plannin2 times6 "e!ore or a!ter school= Aoard )rite-ups6 minutes !rom colla"oration meetin2s6 a2enda and minutes !rom Auildin2 Leadership 5eam meetin2s6 Eou5u"e videoCs posted on )e"site !or topics includin2 "ut limited to# Io)a Core6 Assessments6 Curriculum and Instructional practices :uly .&10

ses e!!ective communication )/internal and external audiences a"out school operations

Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education# 1 hour a )ee( (03 hours)

Standard ,


ISSL #, Colla-orati.e Leadership Colla-orati.e Leadership E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp DESCRIPTI ! (Condensed Criteria) Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours En2a2es !amilies and community6 and Early Childhood# 3 1articipate and assist durin2 !amily promotes shared responsi"ility !or student hours events/ni2hts !or students and their learnin2 and education= !amilies to come to school and "e involved at the school )ith their child= Home visits )ith teachers to Early Childhood students and their !amilies= %econdary# 1 hour a month !or each meetin2 (.& hours) Attend monthly 'ildcat >irst Community meetin2s and report to them concernin2 educational topics/happenin2s at school= Attend Community Clu" and report to them the happenin2s o! the school Attend and "e a participant at annual or revie) IE1 meetin2s

Estimated Completion Date

:uly .&10

%pecial Education# 0 hours

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.


1romotes/supports structure !or !amily/community involvement >acilitates connections o! students/!amilies to health/social services that support a !ocus on learnin2 Colla"oratively esta"lishes a culture that )elcomes and honors !amilies and community and see(s )ays to en2a2e them in student learnin2

Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education# $ hours Elementary# 1 hour

Aac( to %chool Aash plannin2 )ith 'ildcat >irst Group and assistin2 coordination o! the evenin2 Auc(et >illin2 Assem"ly to promote non-"ullyin2 "ehavior and assistin2 students in identi!yin2 )hat a healthy !riend relationship loo(s li(e /eetin2s !or !amilies to attend )hile at the !amily !un ni2hts that !ocus on topics such as# 5itle I pro2rammin26 En2lish as a %econd Lan2ua2e pro2rammin26 Io)a Assessments and Io)a Core %tandards

%eptem"er .&1.


7ovem"er .&1.


Elementary# 3 hours

%eptem"er .&10

ISSL #/ Ethical Leadership Standard /


Ethical Leadership (Condensed Criteria) *emonstrates ethical and pro!essional "ehavior

E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1& hours

DESCRIPTI ! EDuity district-)ide pro2ram results6 updatin2 material6 attendin2 meetin2s !or supervision o! Ethics in our district6 settin2 up intervie) Duestions to "e !air and consistent !or all applications6 calendar/school )or( days6 record o! solicitation o! !eed"ac( (colla"oration6 5itle I and E%L meetin2s) Coachin2 opportunities "ased on 'al(-throu2h data and colla"oration time )ith teams o! teacher to discuss instructional strate2ies 1ositive emails/notes concernin2 a coachin2 o"servation= Cele"ratin2 instructional happenin2s durin2

Estimated Completion Date :une .&10


*emonstrates values6 "elie!s6 and attitudes that )ill inspire others to hi2her levels o! per!ormance >osters and maintains carin26 pro!essional relationships )ith sta!!

Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education# 1 hour a )ee( (03 hours) Early Childhood-1.th6 %pecial Education# 0& minutes a )ee( (1B

:une .&10


:uly .&10

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.


!acility meetin2s that have "een o"served Ensurin2 documents that are sent out to !amilies concernin2 student assessment results6 opportunities !or extra support or a!ter school tutorin2 are translated and/or appropriate sta!! connections are made to contact the !amilies Evaluatin2 current Assessment practices )ith our Auildin2 Leadership 5eams and or2ani+in2 all o! our inputs into a )ay that allo)s us to see )hat needs to happen and )hich assessments to use )ith our students :uly .&10

*emonstrates appreciation !or and sensitivity to diversity in the school community

, 2rade# 1& hours


*emonstrates respect !or diver2ent opinions

Early Childhood6 Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1& hours

:uly .&10

ISSL #0 Political Leadership

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

Standar d0

Political Leadership (Condensed Criteria) Colla"orates )ith service providers/decision-ma(ers to improve teachin2 and learnin2

E.C. /Elem/Sec/Sp Ed (Indicate Grade Level) Approximate Hours Elementary and %econdary# $ hours a month ($& total hours !or 1& months)

DESCRIPTI ! 8r2ani+e6 participate and attend Io)a Core Implementation trainin2s )ith our 2eneral education teachers at the ( 2rade level at the AEA6 to ensure implementation plan o! the Io)a Core in our classrooms=

Estimated Completion Date :uly .&10 )ith the trainin2s )e are currently involved in= Ho)ever6 )e )ill continue into the next year6 "ut the AEA schedule is undetermined at this time )hat that )ill loo( li(e=

'ee(ly administration meetin2s# 1 hour (03 total)

Administrative team meetin2s

:une .&10 schedule is set6 )ill continue into next year6 "ut at this time schedule is not planned out "eyond :une

Elementary and %econdary# Curriculum *irectors 7et)or( /eetin2s# 0 hours a month (B months 4 .$ hours)

Curriculum *irectors 7et)or( meetin2s at the AEA

/ay .&10

Advocates !or the )el!are o! all mem"ers o! the learnin2 community

Elementary and %econdary# $& hours (; days)

Attendance at Con!erences !or En2lish Lan2ua2e Learners6 A%C* con!erence

April .&10

%pecial Education# . hours


%pecial education meetin2s )ith district sta!! and AEA consultants 7e) 5eacher//entor presentations !or %heltered Instruction 8"servation 1rotocol (%I81) that is implemented in our district and ensurin2 ne) sta!! is (no)led2ea"le on these strate2ies= 1resentations on the B 5eachin2 %tandards /ay .&10

*esi2ns and implements appropriate strate2ies to reach desired 2oals

Elementary6 %econdary6 %pecial Education# 1 hour a month (1& months 4 1& hours)

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

Pro%ram#Re1)ired Internship E2periences Pro%ram# Re1)ired E2perience ")ll#Day Principal Shado7in% !on#pro8it/Social E2perience Location 3school4 a%ency4 -)siness4 5 contact people6 Cedar Rapids Prairie Description Estimated Completion Date February 2013

Elementary Principal

Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City

!or"in# wit$ director and assistin# %amilies in w$at t$ey need w$ile t$ey stay $ere& !or" wit$ a #roup o% my %riends to donate and ma"e a meal %or t$e %amilies stayin# t$ere durin# Ronald McDonald's desi#nated time slots

(u#ust 2013

Change in plan: Kids Against Hunger (First Church United)

February 2013 Working on the assembly line to package meals for e treme po!erty areas in the U" and around the #orld$ ( salesman )uotin# businesses %or t$eir li#$t %i*tures and ot$er electric needs December 2012

$)siness Internship E2perience

3E Electric

9evised# 1&-1-.&1.

"ield#$ased Internship Plan "orm

*ue# *ecem"er o! 1st semester6 copies to mentor6 student6 >aculty >ield %upervisor6 Educational Leadership *epartment

7ame o! %tudent# :enni!er Lau2hlin C8H895# All Io)a Cohort .&1.

7ame/5itle o! /entor# *r= /arlene :ohnson6 %uperintendent 7ame o! Auildin2 < %chool *istrict# Colum"us Community %chool *istrict /entorFs %chool Address# 1.1& Colton %treet6 Colum"us :unction6 IA ;.@0B /entorFs %chool E-mail Address# marlene=?ohnsonGcolum"uscsd=or2 /entorFs %chool 1hone 7um"er# 01H-@.B-.H11

%tudentCs %i2nature

:enni!er Lau2hlin 1rinted 7ame o! %tudent *r= /arlene :ohnson 1rinted 7ame o! /entor

/entorCs %i2nature

7I >aculty >ield %upervisorCs %i2nature %upervisor

1rinted 7ame o!

7I >aculty >ield


9evised# 1&-1-.&1.