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Degler 1 Ben Degler Lynch- Dumaine Team American Dream 9/10/12 Big Businesses Nationalize America Americas economy

was nationalized by railroads and big businesses at the turn of the century when the railroads made transportation throughout the country faster, drastically expanding the rate at which businesses could work. When the railroads were fully connected in 1869, it made it possible for a trip across the country to take a week opposed to taking months on end. With this kind of immense speed at which people and ideas could move from place to place, and not much of these new areas being inhabited, big businesses could take over the newfound space. The companies that were not quite able to thrive prior to this point such as Rockefeller oil and steel companies were now given a huge opportunity of being a ble to send out their products much faster via the trains or the ships. John D. Rockefeller was one of the first and finest of these men. He formed the Standard Oil Company in 1868 in Cleveland, where 5% of the nations total oil was refined. He quickly was able to strike deals with railroads, which now could travel all over the country, to get transportation of his oil for a much-reduced price than the norm. This made it much easier to transport mass amounts of his product. In the 1880s Rockefeller refined 90% of the nations oil! This crazy rate of expansion and distribution was all made possible by large companies agreeing to work together for mutual gains. Once mass production was occurring the mass consumerism followed and Americas national economy skyrocketed.