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Areas of Law

KEY CONCEPTS - ANSWERS E H $ ) E O ) O H N K L $ ) C E ' L + *

acquittal adopti e relations!ip aut!ors!ip articles of association (ail conditions (eneficial interest (oard &eetin# c!arita(le purpose c!ild &aintenance codicil conflict of laws con e,ancin# cop,ri#!t directors. duties distance sellin# dou(le -eopard, dut, of care ease&ents equal pa, equalit, (efore t!e law N " % * O H * " C ' N L A L % ' A $ A C executor exclusion clause fair co&&ent fair trial fiduciar, relations!ip foster parent freedo& of &o e&ent frustration !ire purc!ase i&&ediate cause intestac, -oint tenants -udicial re iew lease!old li(el loss of a&enit, o&(uds&an patents plannin# inquir, product lia(ilit, E A ' + + % N C * " O ) % K " K $ K + H prosecution quas!in# order reasona(le &an redundanc, reinstate&ent reputation residue ri#!t to cancel ri#!t to life sale of #oods settlor s!are!older slander so erei#nt, specific perfor&ance territorial waters trade&ar/s treaties unfair dis&issal wards!ip

A1 Ad&inistrati e Law )1 Co&pan, Law C1 Consu&er Law "1 Contract Law E1 Cri&inal Law %1 "efa&ation K1 *nternational Law L1 Land Law '1 Ne#li#ence N1 Law of Succession O1 Law of Trusts

+1 E&plo,&ent Law H1 %a&il, Law *1 $1 Hu&an 2i#!ts *ntellectual Propert,