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All you great number of enemies of the Holy Death of my Master Jesus Christ on t he Cross of Calvary, the prince

of darkness and iniquity, the father of all liar s. I stand on the death of my Master Jesus Christ and offer His pains, Wounds, and the Precious Blood from His left Hand to the Eternal Father for your downfa ll, your destruction and your scourging. Amen. Precious Blood of my Master Jesus Christ - reign in me and in the lives of all men. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ - Thy Kingdom come. Amen. We offer You all the agonies, tortures, pains, and the Precious Blood of Your So n Jesus Christ for the defeat of all the enemies of the Holy Cross of Salvation, the Antichrist and the Red Dragon who are fighting against the truth now and in the end of the age. Condition of your soul : i repent for all the sins tht cause wound to my soul...Precious Blood cleanse my soul. i forgive and i repent for being offended at....Lord let the glory and li ght Of Jesus flood my soul ..heal all wounds Lord command light to shine upon the darkness in my soul.

Ravish My Soul Lord my God, Lift my soul from this darkness into Your Light. Envelop my soul into Your Sacred Heart; Feed my soul with Your Word; anoint my soul with Your Holy Name; make my soul ready to hear Your discourse. Breathe Your sweet fragrance on my soul reviving it. Ravish my soul to delight Your Soul. Father, embellish me Your child, by distilling Your pure myrrh upon me. You have taken me to Your Celestial Hall,where all the Elect are seated. You have shown me around to Your angels, ah, what more does my soul ask? Your Spirit has given me life and You who are the Living Bread have restored my life. You have offered me to drink Your Blood, to be able to share for eternity with Y ou, Your Kingdom and live forever and ever. Glory be to the Highest! Glory be to the Holy of Holies Praised be our Lord, Blessed be our Lord, for His Mercy and His Love reaches from age to age and forever will. Amen. Crown My Soul with Holiness Lord of the Heavens, sanctify my soul, Your dwelling place so that You, my King, will be glorified. Crown my soul with holiness so that in Your Divinity I may become

heiress of Your Kingdom and Your Glory. I promise to lay down my life for my brothers and my sisters, and become part of Your Salvation Plan. Creator, I am yours; Jesus Christ, I am yours; Holy Spirit, I am yours. Amen.