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Prehistoric Art (30,000 b.c.2500 b.c.

This is the oldest manifestation of art. The most famous examples of hich are the ca!e paintin"s of #ascaux and the Altamira ca!e paintin"s. The paintin"s depict ild animals common in that particular time period.

a. Paleolithic Art

b. $esolithic

c. %eolithic

&"'ptian Art (3(00 b.c.30 b.c.) Art in ancient &"'pt is hea!' ith di!ine s'mbolism and the art st'le is )uite distincti!e due to the ri"orous pattern adhered to b' the artists durin" that era.

*ree+ and ,ellenistic Art (-50 b.c.3( b.c.)

.oman Art (500 b.c. a.d. /01)

2'3antine Art (a.d. /01a.d.(/53) 4ambrai $adonna

.enaissance ((/00(550)
$atteo di *io!anni $adonna and 4hild ith An"els 5andro 2oticelli $adonna of the $a"nificat

$annerism ((520(5-0) Parmi"ianino 6 $adonna dal collo lun"o Pia33a %a!ona

2aro)ue ((100(050) 2ernini Apollo and 7aphne

.ococo ()

%eoclassical ((050(-50)

.omanticism ((0-0(-50)

.ealism ((-/-(800)

9mpressionism ((-15(--5)

Post69mpressionism ((--5(8(0)

:au!ism and &xpressionism ((800(835)

4ubism, :uturism, 5upremati!ism, 4onstructi!ism, 7e 5ti;l ((805(820)

7ada and 5urrealism((8(0(850)

Abstract &xpressionism ((8/0s(850s) and Pop Art ((810s)

Postmodernism and 7econstructi!ism ((800 Present )