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Learning Experience Planning Sheet

Name: Amanda Rodrigues Age Group: SK/Grade One Date: Tuesday January 21st, 2014

Learning Experience: Hibernation Homes. Programming Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to allow the children to explore what happens to the animals and where they go throughout the winter season. The children will be shown the difference between hibernation, migration and the animals that remain throughout the winter. They will be shown where the different animals go and what they do to prepare for winter through photos, videos, and books. The children will have the opportunity to create their own hibernation cave for an animal of their choice using a variety of materials. Objectives: 1. Describe changes or problems that could result from the loss of some kinds of living things that are part of everyday life. 2. Investigate and compare the physical characteristics of a variety of plants and animals including humans. Setting the Stage Materials: Paper plates Play doh Leaves Twigs Construction paper Role of the Educator Introduction: This activity will be introduced by explaining the difference between hibernation and migration. The children will then watch a video about hibernation as well as see pictures of how different animals hibernate. Once we discuss as a class, we will draw photos and organize our information using a venn diagram. Teaching Strategy #1: Sensory Engagement- This teaching strategy will be used as the children will have firsthand experience with real objects such as twigs and leaves. The children will be able to see and feel the different objects as they use them to create their hibernation habitat. Teaching Strategy #2: Behaviour Reflections- As the children are building their hibernation habitats I will make statements regarding their actions to help them focus on what they are doing. I will ask them things such as why did you decide to build your cave that way? as well as I will

ask them things such as do you think the animal would survive the winter in the cave you made? This will help to increase the childrens self-awareness and understanding. Teaching Strategy #3: Telling, Explaining and Informing- This teaching strategy will be used to provide the children with information such as facts and names of things. The children will be taught facts about hibernation, migration and animals in the winter. Setting Limits: The children must share the materials with one another. They are able to build any type of cave or place of hibernation that they would like. They must tidy up their area when they are done. Write a few sentences about what they have done. Positive Reinforcement Strategies: Great Job! I like the way you decided to make that. Great animal you chose!

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