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Learning goal at the end of the lesson the students are able to explain what the concept of the frontier is. Vocabulary: 1. Trail 2. Frontier 3. Consequences 4. Motivation 5. Expansion 6. Independent 7. Farm 8. Nation 9. State

Activity Teacher providing input Instruction: Recap Colombus beginning of America What is the Frontier? Why did people think Manifest Destiny was so important? What was the motivation? Who were involved? What were the consequences? Why is it so important to American history?

Show beginning to end Activity Students processing the info Students use this/these website to find out more about the different trails during the westward expansion. They choose one of the trails and try to find as much information about it as they can. In groups of 4 they have one piece of paper where they write the information they found. Activity Students output Students present their work to other group mates. After the students are done, the posters will stay in class which can help the students preparing for the test. if there is not enough time this can happen at the beginning of the next lesson. Feedback Ask if students can explain the concept Frontier.



Learning goal at the end of the lesson the students are able to explain the different effects the frontier had on the lives of the people. Next to that they are able to explain what the different reading strategies are and are able to use them. Vocabulary: 1. Westwards 2. Continent 3. Mule 4. Indians Activity Teacher providing input Recap motivation & consequences what did you learn the other lesson? Way of thinking Different sides what happened with the people who already lived in America? Indians who were they? Trail of tears! Now have different rights 5. Native 6. Explain 7. Tribe

How to read? use reading strategies to make it easier Predict Structure Redundancy Grammar Past tense

Activity Students processing the info --> Students get a card with the subject. After they received their subject they go to the websites and search for info. They read the info about their subject. Activity Students output The goal of this activity is to work in groups of four and to tell the other students what they learned about their subject. This exercise is a variation on Corners 1. classroom. 2. 3. choice. 4. The teacher gives you 4 choices which link to one of the corners in the The students get some time to think en write down their choice. The students walk to the corner they chose and tells other students about his What follows depends on the goal of the activity.

Next to that the students get a piece of paper with a text on it. They will be able to show what they just learned and to practice it while reading the text. This exercise will be checked with Check in Couples. Today we will use 'check in couples'. Here is a reminder:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5 Feedback

Students sit in couples. Students get their answers. Student A gives an answer, student B compares. Student B gives an answer, student A compares. Repeat step 4 and 5 till all the exercises are done.

Let some students explain what the effects were of the Frontier and how they have to make a presentation



Learning goal at the end of the lesson students are able to explain what the motivation was for the Civil War and the differences between the North and the South Vocabulary: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Slavery Civil Motivation Constitition Important Activity Teacher providing input Start of a new period time line Motivations Economic reasons/ slavery / state rights Differences between North & South Union (Abraham Lincoln) Confederate (Robert E. Lee) Emancipation Proclamation Amendment to the constitution Ended slavery/ citizenship/ right to vote 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. President Communication Murder Cotton Rights

Activity Students processing the info This website contains many songs that were played during the Civil War. It explains which songs were played by which side but also some general aspects of the Civil War itself. The students will pick a song a search for information about it.

Activity Students output Every students picks a song from the website. Than they will write on a paper what their song is about. In RONDPRAAT they will follow the exercise. 1. 2 3. 4. 5. The teacher gives an exercise where different answers are correct. The teacher gives some time to think. The teacher says who can start. One by one every students gets the possibility to tell his idea/ conclusion. When one of the students doesn't know what to say, another student will start.

Later on the student can join again once he knows more. Feedback Write North and South on the board and let students come up with differences between the two



Learning goals at the end of the lesson the students are able to explain what slavery was. Next to that they are able to make a presentation. Vocabulary: 1. 2. 3. 4. Feelings Thoughts Plantation States Activity Teacher providing input Recap motivation & differences what did you learn the other lesson? Slavery important part of the Civil War Thoughts of people students answer the questions with their computer/phone/ tablet etc. 5. Escape 6. Join 7. Vote

How not to give a presentation? What is a presentation? What is important?

Give a presentation where students need to pay attention to aspects that are incorrect what should I have done differently? Activity Students processing the info If you make your own presentation, what are the aspects you should think about? TEAM WORDWEB

1. The teacher gives the subject, one students writes the subject on the paper and divides the rest of it in four equal quarters. 2. All team members write something in their quarter about the subject. 3. While writing the students can help each other by writing something more in the quarter of other students at their table. 4. When somebody doesn't know what to write, the others will go on. Discuss answers in class

Activity Students output Now students make their own presentation in groups of 4 about slavery where they show their understanding about the subject and about how to make a presentation. Feedback Aks the students what the different reading strategies are and let them explain what they mean. Next to that make a wordweb (with the word slavery in the middle) on the board and ask if students can add something to the board.