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Human fingerprints are rich in details called minutiae, which can be used as identification marks for fingerprint verification. The goal of this project is to develop a system for fingerprint verification through matching minutiae. Although fingerprint matching based on minutia

features is a well researched problem in the field of automatic fingerprint recognition, it is still an unsolved problem presenting many research challenges. Generally, a fingerprint based biometrics system is considered as highly secure, and is equivalent to a long password system. However, with the decreasing number of features on a small fingerprint and non-exact matching nature, the security strength of a partial fingerprint recognition reduces. The relation between the acquired fingerprint size and security strength plays a key role in designing a fingerprint recognition system and is needed to be studied. In this proposed system entitled UC Non- Teaching Employees Biometric Attendance Monitoring System, not only focuses on system security but also in giving convenient services for HR and Payroll Department like retrieving reports specifically absences, tardiness, attendance and overtimes reports. This proposed system is better than the existing system is it because automated system is faster than manual. The HR and Payroll can retrieve data and reports from the system quickly. They don't need to be bother in calculating totals hows rendered by an employee because the system will do it for them.