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Job Description: Management Trainee PMO/PMT

Role Definition: To manage the program and ensure the integration and implementation of the program elements are as per agreed schedule/budget and quality as to achieve the strategic intent of the program. Soft Skills: Positive Attitude Team Work Work under Deadlines Multitasking ood !ommunication "kills #igh $esponsiveness "elf%Motivated Takes &'nership Roles and Responsibilities of Management Trainee: Manage scope( schedule( cost and effort for the entire pro)ect/program $esponsible for all pro)ect deliveries for a client "trongly o'n *+ from delivery perspective, provide long term engagement options $esponsible for customer acceptance of solution Directly o'n customer satisfaction from delivery perspective $esponsible for risk management and any issue resolution in the pro)ect/program -ring best practices in the pro)ect/program delivery and customer handling $esponsible for staffing key positions and mentoring the key personnel from performance and career perspective &ptimi.e goal matri/ achievement in the group directly by setting up appropriate structure and revie' mechanisms in line 'ith forecast and )oint planning 'ith the customer ood understanding of 0T 0nfrastructure