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[Tantra] Quest Lv1 Lv86

[Tantra] Quest Lv1 Lv86

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TANTRA QUEST LEVEL 1 – LEVEL 86 Level 1 1. Talk to Vartan and he'll ask you to bring him 3 Small Horn.

Kill some Vasabhums outside Mandara Town and return with the needed items. Reward/s: 10 Dahara Amrita, 200 Rupee, Chori Gloves 2. Talk to Apvas and he'll tell you to raise your level. Go out of town and kill some monsters until you level up, then return to Apvas. Reward/s: 50 Prana, Chori Boots, 10 Dahara Amrita 3. Talk to Buvan, he'll give you Buvan's Small Kalkan. Go talk to Kirika and have her repair the shield (cost 100 Rupee). Then return to Buvan. Reward/s: Headband, 10 Dahara Amrita 4. Talk to Kirika, she'll ask you to bring 3 Low-quality Horn to Vananta. Reward/s: 100 prana, 10 Dahara Amrita 5. Go back to Kirika to complete the quest. Reward/s: 500 Rupee, Chori Pants 6. Talk to Apvas, he'll send you to kill 10 Mlecchas with party. You don't actually need party for this. Just talk to him, go kill the needed Mlecchas, and return to him. Reward/s: 200 Prana, 500 Rupee, 10 Dahara Amrita, Chori Armor Level 8 1. Talk to Anjani. Then talk to Vartan. Then talk to Buvan. He'll ask you to find his missing items by killing Mlecchas Caura. Kill them until you get the requested item. Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Tribe item ("of the Ground" weapon) 2.Talk to Vartan, he'll ask you to bring him 5 High Horns. Kill some Vrcadara to get them, and return to Vartan. Then he'll ask you to bring him 5 Medicines High Horn from Saraa Vrca. Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Vartan's Strong Sword 3. Talk to Apvas to complete the quest. 4. Apvas will tell you to deliver messages to Badru in Sporvada and Kananta in Convention Temple. Reward/s: 2000 Prana, 20 Dahara Amrita

5. Talk to Buvan, he'll ask you to find Ruined item of Buvan by killing Mlecchas Karmana. Reward/s: 1 Illa, Leather Sack, 3000 Rupee 6. Bring Leather Sack from Mlecchas Karmana quest and find a boy in Tomb of Avatara. Then bring him to Apvas. Reward/s: 3000 Prana, 1 Illa Level 10 Talk to Apvas and choose change class. Reward/s: Class Weapon - Satvan gets Satvan's Hand Axe. - Duvanta gets Duvanta's Dagger. - Nirvana gets Nirvana's Glove. - Mantrika gets Mantrika's Staff. Level 15 1. According to your tribe, you'll talk to different people and get different quests. Naga/Kimnara : talk to Apvas and he'll ask 10 Big Fangs from Aprah Varaha Raja Ashura/Rakshasa: talk to Buvan Yaksa/Gandarva : talk to Ashuri Deva/Garuda : talk to Kirika Reward/s: 5000 Prana, 5000 Rupee, Acchada Armor of Protection 2. Talk to Apvas, he'll ask you to kill 10 Boa. Then he'll ask you to collect 10 Mara's Blood from Serbinda. Reward/s: 7000 Prana, 7000 Rupee, 2 Anahata 3. Talk to Karan, he'll ask you to bring him 10 Mara's Black Blood from Serbinda Satvan. Reward/s: 2 chakra upgrade items, 10000 Rupee, 8000 Prana Level 20 1. Talk to Amar in Shambala Ruin. He'll order you to kill 30 Ulkamukha. After that, he'll order you to kill 15 Ulkamukha Caura. Reward/s: 30000 Rupee, 20000 Prana, 20 Panaka

2. Talk Amar, and he'll ask you to deliver his message to his brother Apvas in Mandara. Go to Apvas, then he will tell you to pick Apvas' Blanket for his brother in Kirika. Then go back to Amar. Reward/s: Chavi God of Force, 20000 Prana, 50000 Rupee 3. Talk to Mahomet in Shambala Ruin. He'll ask you to deliver his message to Anjali in Mandara. Reward/s: 10197 Prana 4. Then head back to Shambala and talk to Mahomet. Reward/s: 20000 Prana, 30000 Rupee, Bracelet God of Force Level 25 Talk to Amar the Brave, and he'll ask you to kill 30 Heruka in the Town of Ruins area. Reward/s : 30000 Rupee, 20000 Prana, 1 Azis Level 30 Bring Vartan's Strong Sword to Bivban. He'll then ask you to find Ancient Sword, so go kill some Ananga until you get the needed item. Return to Bivban. He'll give you a message and you must go to Vartan in Mandara. Return to Bivban again. Reward/s: 1 azis, 20 Spara Panaka, 100000 Rupee, 100000 Prana Level 35 1. Talk to Saranu in A'Nu Town. She'll ask you to deliver her clothing to Kirika, but first she'll ask you to collect 10 Tough Leather from Kaulitara. Give them to Saranu, then bring her Sharanu's Leather Cloth and Sharanu's Message to Kirika. Kirika will give you Kirika's Message and an imperfect Kirika's Rucaka. Then head back to Saranu. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee, Saranu's tribe headbands - Naga/Kimnara gets Zipra of Saranu - Ashura/Rakshasa gets Ziromani of Saranu - Yaksa/Gandarva gets Lothana of Saranu - Deva/Garuda gets Darbi of Saranu 2. Bring the imperfect Kirika's Rucaka to Nara. He'll ask you to bring him 10 Sorcery Book from Pizac Aggana/Aggana Tara

and 10000 Rupee. Reward: 50000 Rupee, Revived Kirika's Rucaka 3. Talk to Bivban. He'll ask you to get a Phalaka from Saranu, so talk to Saranu. She'll ask you to bring 5 Azna Stone Heart from Azna Heruka. Go collect them and return to her. She'll give you Unfinished Phalaka of Life. Reward/s: 50000 Prana 4. Bring the shield to Bivban. He'll ask you to deliver it to Karan in Mandara Town. Karan will ask 10 bottles of Panaka to do his part. Reward/s: 50000 Prana 5. Bring the shield back to Bivban. Now he'll ask you to bring him 1 Jewel of Life and 10 Tough Leather to finalize the shield. Reward/s: Phalaka of Life, 50000 Prana Level 40 1. Talk to Saranu in A'Nu Town. She'll give you Saranu's Prediction and ask you to find person who can read it. Go to Mandara and show the item to Karan the potion seller. He'll give you Karan's Historical Book. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 30000 Rupee 2. Go back to A'Nu and give the book to Saranu. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 30000 Rupee 3. Talk to Nara. He'll ask you to get Voucher of King from Zarku in Shambala Dungeon. Kill Zarku until you get the item, then return to Nara. He'll give you the unfinished Ring of Hero. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee 4. Talk to Bivban. He'll ask you to bring him Spirit Stone from Zarku Rudhira to perform his part of the Ring of Hero. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee 5. Talk to Saranu. She'll ask you to get Tears of the Dead (Lion's Tear) from Ghorayogi in Shambala Dungeon. Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee 6. Talk to Amar in Shambala Town. He'll order you to find Light Dragon's Scale from Nagamudra in Shambala Dungeon. Reward/s: Ring of the Brave

CHANGE JOB QUEST Upgrading into the 2nd class needs you to run some quests from Zangzu in Jina Town. You'll be given three quests; Test of Wisdom, Test of Justice, and depends on which type your character will be, the third Test will be different. Satya, Karya, Vidya, and Samabat will get Test of Preserverance. Banar, Druka, Nakayuda, and Abikara will get Test of Destruction. Test of Wisdom Talk to Zongkui in Jina Town, he'll ask you to talk to Moriya in A'Nu Town. Go to A'Nu Town and talk to Moriya, and she'll give you 20 questions that you must answer. The answers are as follows: 1. Vartan 2. 10 3. Indra 4. Nagamudra Hima 5. 5050 6. Apvas 7. Exile Region 8. 1432 9. Ananga Dhevata 10. Amrita 11. 44% 12. Shambala 13. Perang 8 raja 14. 15 jenis 15. Haimayuga 16. Vananta 17. 6 jenis 18. Istana 8 raja 19. Chaturanga 20. 1/126 If you give wrong answer, she'll order you to kill 20 Ananga before

you can take another shot. After completing the questions, go back to Zongkui and he'll give you Paper Piece as a proof that you've completed Ordeal of Wisdom. Test of Justice: Talk to Huang Dao Pao in Jina Town, he'll ask you to get rid of the greedy creature in Duel Arena in Mandara Region. Form a party and go inside Duel Arena and kill the Libertine. IMPORTANT!! You have to kill Libertine AS PARTY, otherwise you will never get the needed item. After you get the item, return to Huang Dao Pao and he will give you Friend's Name Cloth as proof that you've completed Test of Justice. Test of Preserverance: Talk to Ouyez, he'll ask you to collect four items: Moon Oxhorn from Bull, Strap Leather from White Tiger, Bow String Tendon from Lizard Boss, and Glue Cell from Mangriang. Kill those monsters until you get the needed items, then head back to Ouyez. He'll then ask you to go to Saranu in A'Nu Town. Talk to her, and she'll ask you to collect 15 Hard Fabrics. Give her the fabrics, she will give you the String, then return to Ouyez and he will give you Blood Cloth as proof that you've completed Test of Preserverance. Test of Destruction: Talk to Iddung Dashu, he'll tell you to see Amar in Shambala Ruin. Amar will challenge you to proof your strength by killing members of opposing Gods. Go to Kruma and find Scout from the other two Gods (example, if you're Vidha then find Sethi Scout and Batara Scout). Scouts are located in Fortress area (you can find all Scouts in your own Fortress). Kill them and get their symbols. Return to Amar, then to Iddung Dashu and he'll give you an item as proof that you have completed Test of Destruction. After completing all the Test , go back to Zangzu, and he'll change you into the 2nd class.

Level 45 1. Talk to Elder Zangzu and accept the (Reserved) quest. 2. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu. 3. Hunt 30 mouse 4. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu. Reward/s:50k pranas, 60 Utara Panaka 5. Hunt mouse boss until you get an Operation Order. 6. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu. Reward/s: 100k rupiahs, 200k pranas 7. Talk to Elder Zangzu. Confirmed Operation Order. 8. Talk to Armor Salesman Wangddaopo. 9. Hunt mouse boss until you get a (Reserved) Box Item. 10. Talk to Elder Zangzu. Level 47 12 Cari 20 Poison Sting dari Mangriang dan 20 Sorcery Books dari Pizzac Aggana 13. Kalo item udah lengkap, Bawa ke Huang Do Po, lalu mendapatkan (50k Rupee, 200.000 Prana) 14. Lalu hunt Mangriang , cari 30 Poison Sting dan 30 Sorcery Book dari Pizac Aggana 15. Jika item sudah lengkap lapor lagi ke Huang Dao Po. Dan mendapatkan (75.000 Rupee dan 300k Prana) 16. Selanjutnya, Bicara pada Bava di Shambala (deket Portal To Jina) 17. Lalu bicara pada Penjual Armor di Jina , Huang Dao Po 18. Bicara pada Penjual Item Lu Bu Wei 19. Lalu bunuh 20 Jina Laborman dah kumpulkan 20 Cranium ( Jina Laborman BIasa, bukan yg Boss) 20. Jika 20 Cranium sudah didapatkan, Bicara lagi pada Penjual Item Lu Bu Wei 21. Lalu Bicara Pada Bava di Shambala dan mendapatkan (200.000 Prana) 22. Lalu Hunt Ape sampe mendapatkan Quest Item, kalo ga salah namanya Eye Sonkoe deh.. (Ape Biasa, Bukan yang Boss..)

23. Bicara Pada Bava 24. Bicara Pada Nara di Anu Town. (Mendapatkan 100.000 Prana dan Yong Ja Bracelet [Spirit 10, Heart 5, Tp Maksimum +100]) Level 49 Minimal 25. Bicara Pada Lu Bu Wei 26. Bicara kepada Ouyez 27. Bunuh 10 Jina Laborman (Yang Biasa, Bukan yg Boss) 28. Lapor kepada Ouyez dan mendapatkan (50.000 Rupee, 200.000 Prana) 29. Lalu bunuh 15 Jina Laborman Boss, Jika sudah lapor lagi ke OuyeZ 30. Bicara Pada Ouyez dah mendapatkan (75.000 Rupee dan 300.000 Prana) 31. Bicara pada Bava di Shambala 32. Bunuh Tiger sampe Mendapat "Kepala Harimau Quest Item" (Ada yg bilang Tiger merah, ada juga putih, so coba sndiri ya) 33. Bicara kepada Ouyez dan mendapatkan 200.000 Prana dan Military Earring. Level 51 Minimal 34. Bicara kepada Bava di Shambala 35. Bicara pada Zangzu di Jina 36. Bicara pada Lu Bu Wei 37. Kumpulkan 15 Head Decoration dari Lady Ghost 38. Kumpulkan 20 Jaw Bone dari Jina Laborman Boss 39. Jika semua item sudah didapat bawa ke Lu Bu Wei, dan mendapatkan (100.000 Rupee, 300.000 Prana,dan Item Quest "Keberanian" 40. Bicara kepada Saranu di Anu 41. Bicara pada Zangzu 42. Bicara kepada Zongkui di Jina Storage dan mendapatkan ( 20 Amulet of Anuvava, Surapa )

Level 53 43. Bicara pada Zongkui Jina Storage 44. Bicara kepada Bava di Shambala 45. Bicara kepada Seniman Bivban di Anu 46. Kumpulkan 20 Oxhorn dari Cow 47. Jika item sudah dikumpulkan bawa ke Seniman Bivban di Anu dan mendapatkan (50.000 Rupee, 200.000 Prana) 48. Laku kumpulkan lagi 20 Big Ox Horn dari Bull 49. Jika sudah dikumpulkan lapor lagi ke Seniman Bivban dan mendapatkan (75.000 Rupee, dan 240.000 Prana) 50. Bicara kepada npc di gerbang Jina Iddung Dashu 51. Bunuh 25-30 Monk Ghost 52. Bicara ke Iddung Dashu 53. Bicara ke Li Bu Wei di Jina 54. Kumpulkan 10 hand Stained Red Blood dari Monk Ghost di Jina 55. Kumpulkan 20 Sorcery Books dari Pizac Aggana 56. Bawa ke 2 item tersebut ke Li Bu Wei dan mendapatkan (300.000 Prana) 57. Bicara kepada Saranu di kota Anu 58. Bunuh Lady Ghost sampe Informasi Quest Kedip². (Khusus ini harus bunuh Lady Ghost yang ada di Pamir, Kalo di jina ga akan bisa) 59. Bicara lagi kepada Saranu di kota Anu 60. Setelah itu bicara ke Iddung Dashu di Jina, dan mendapatkan (300.000 Prana, Nerve Earring) Kalo udah lapor ke iddung Dashu tapi tidak mendapatkan Earring Nerve itu, coba relogin atau Pindah map ke pamir atau Shambala. Dan Cek inventori kamu..

Quest Exile Level 55 Awal : Bicara ke NPC Penjaga Gudang(borer) di Exile (koor. 499 863) Bahan yang harus disiapkan : - Bawa 66 Mara's Cursed Horn (didapatkan dari Monster Balastha Tundela di Pamir) - Bawa 40 Bat's Wing dan 20 Sleek Bat's Wing (didapatkan dari Bat dan Bat Boss di Pamir) NPC yang terlibat : -Penjaga Gudang borer(Exile : 499 863) -Bivban (Pembuat senjata di Anu) (A'Nu : 163 485) -Zangzu (Pendeta Job2) (Jina : 337 653) -Lu Bu Wei (penjual Ass di Jinna) (Jina : 337 865) -lu bu wei (Exile : 612 874) -NPC di Utara ujung Exile (petuah Jiang Ziya?) (Exile : 539 662) - Klik 2 kali , Tahap pertama mengambil Horn dari inventori kamu, Klik ke dua mengambil Wing dari inventori kamu. Reward : 500.000 Rupee, 2.600.000 Prana, Dvanta Soul Stone Level 57 Awal : Menyelesaikan Quest Level 55 Bicara ke NPC Penjaga Gudang borer di Exile (koor. 499 863) Bahan yang harus disiapkan : 100.000 Rupee NPC yang terlibat : - Ussong (Exile : 410 815) - Lu shun (Exile : 675 799) - NPC di Utara ujung Exile (petuah Jiang Ziya ?) (Exile : 539 662) - Iddung Dasshu Depan Gerbang mouse mau ke tiger) (Jina : 473 813) - Zangzu (Pendeta Job2) (Jina : 337 653) - NPC di Utara ujung Exile (petuah Jiang Ziya?) (Exile : 539 662)

Reward : 900.000 Prana Level 59 Awal : Menyelesaikan Quest Level 57 Bicara ke NPC diujung utara Exile( Petuah Jiang Ziya) (koordinat : 539 662) Bahan yang harus disiapkan : Tidak ada NPC yang terlibat : - NPC diujung utara Exile( Petuah Jiang Ziya) (koordinat : 539 662) bunuh monster (harus ber-urutan) ; (tiap jenisnya 10 buah) Vasabhum, Vasabhum Caura, Mlecchas, Vasabhum Kulapra, Mlecchas Caura, Mlecchas Karmana, Vrca, Vrcadhara, Vahara, Boa, Vahara Raja, Saravrca, Avara Vahara Raja, Serbinda, Ulkamukha, Serbinda Satvan, Ulkamukha Caura, Ulkamukha Satvan, Visacurmi, Ugra Ulkamuka, Ugra Ulkamuka Caura, Heruka, Ugra Ulkamuka Satvan, Azna Heruka,

Ananga, Ananga Dvanta, Pizac Aggana, Aggana Tara, Kaulitara, Mouse, Mouse Boss, Merman, Mangriang, Cow, Laborman, Bull, Ape, Tiger, Lizard, Laborman Boss, White Tiger, Lizard Boss, Ape Boss, Monk Ghost, Jina Lady Ghost, Pamir Lady Ghost, Balastha Drbhika, Balastha Tundela, Bat, Bat Boss, Bull Boss, OldFox. Reward : 10.000.000 Prana Level 61 Awal : Menyelesaikan Quest Level 59 Bicara ke NPC Sunalang Exile (koordinat : 621 817) Bahan yang harus disiapkan : Terdiri dari 2 Tahap : - Bawa 30 Red Rose dari Monster Flower di Exile - Bawa 30 Red Rose dari Monster Flower di Exile

- 20 Branch dari Monster Tree di Exile. NPC yang terlibat : - Sunalang (Exile, 621 817) - penjaga gudang borer (Exile : 499 863) - penjaga gudang borer (Exile : 499 863) - Zongkui (Jina : 227 695) - penjaga gudang borer (Exile : 499 863) - penjaga gudang borer (Exile : 499 863) - Zongkui (Jina : 227 695) - penjaga gudang borer (Exile : 499 863) Reward : 1.500.000 Rupee, 3.400.000 Prana, Buket, Surat, Kotak Bunga, dan Level 63 Awal : Menyelesaikan Quest Level 63 Bicara ke NPC Shunong (koordinat : 448 814) Bahan yang harus disiapkan : - 40 smell ghost arms, - 10 Kepala Hell Soldier NPC yang terlibat : - Shunnongs (Exile 621 817) >> Reward : 1.500.000 Rupee, 1.800.000 Prana, 100 Utara Amrita, 100 Utara Panaka, Karna of Brave, Karna of Life, Strong Kambu Level 65 - The Grave Diggers 1. Talk to North Guard Haidungddashu 2. Collect 1 Peta Usang 3. Bring Peta Usang back to North Guard Haidungddashu Reward: 1M Pranas 4. Go to Rui Shan 5. Collect 40 Serbuk Mesiu 6. Go back to Rui Shan Reward: 1M Pranas 7. Go to Wangdappo 8. Collect 20 Peta Kain Katun

9. Go to Ryupuwei Reward: 1M Pranas 10. Go back to Wangdappo Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Medicine 11. Go back to Rui Shan Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Map 12. Go back to Haidungddashu Reward: 4.6M Pranas, Money Item Level 67 - Doll Maker 1. Talk to Ryupuwei 2. Collect 10 Kepala Thoyong, 10 Topi Baja Hwangbyoung, 10 Angu Thoyong, 10 Hyung Gap Hwang Byoung, 10 Kaki Thoyong, 10 Sin Gap Hwang Byoung 3. Go back to Ryupuwei 4. Go to Priest Vananta Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Head of Tongon 5. Go to Kirika Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Helm of Hwangbyon 6. Go to Monk (Anu Store Keeper) Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Eye of Tongon 7. Go to Saranu Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Breast Plate of Tongon 8. Go to Haiddengsu Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Item of Tongon 9. Go to Ryupuwei 10. Collect 10 Azna Stone Hearts, 10 Utara Amrita, 10 Utara Panaka 11. Go back to Ryupuwei 12. Go to Craftsman Chin (1st Room Emperors Tomb) 13. Kill Ressurected Tongon before it disappears 14. Talk again to Craftsman Chin Receive Bottle of Hu Li 15. Go to Ryupuwei

Reward: 6M Pranas, Emperors Amulet (Allows you to summon Tongon inside Emperors Tomb, last 2 minutes) Level 69 - The Altar of the Dead 1. Go to Zangzu 2. Collect 10 Pedang Jenderal, 10 Istana, 10 Panji Panji Pasukan Bukdusong 3 Go back to Zangzu Reward: 4M Pranas 5. Go to Priest Vananta Reward: 4M Pranas 6. Go to Pots and donate 1M Rupiahs 7. Return to Zangzu in Jina 8. Collect 10 Gems of Spirit, 10 Ancient Sorcery Books, 10 Charm of the Hero, 10 Stone Heart, 1M Rupiah, 5 Azis and a Surapa 9. Turn items in to Zangzu (must have 1m Rups in inventory) Reward: 8M Pranas, Rare Accessory Level 71 - The never ending fun of learning 1. Go to Zonkui 2. Kill 4 monsters in library to collect their books. (PARTY BONUS PRANAS) 3. Return to Zonkui 4. Go to Zangzu, who turns the books into a charm 5. Go to Chin in ET to trade the charm for your item. Reward: 8M Pranas, 1 Prajati, Charm for Item/Item Level 73 - The respose of the dead 1. Go to Zangzu 2. Collect Topi Perunggu, Baju Perunggu and Papan Nama Pasukan Hwang from the 3 Che mobs in ET 3. Return to Zangzu 4. Go to New Elder Zangu in ET 5. Use the sword the elder gives you to kill the Resurrected Emperor

6. Talk to Elder again 7. Go to Chin to trade your Charm for your Item Reward: 20M Pranas, Belt of Great Bear, Charm for Tribe Item/Tribe Item Level 75 Quest – A Strange Eastern Country -Go to Biryu Administrator Yasuda to start the quest - Get 20 perjanjian pekerja tambang & 20 perjanjian petani -Go to Yasuda of Biryu Reward – 1M Pranas -mainkan yut nori dan dapatkan 1000 Rupee (pasang di kotak2 awal aja masing2 1k) -jangan ambil dulu hadiah dr yut nori,tp bicara dulu ke sato (you can get your prize after talking to Sato) -Get 30 kipas from Scare Crow and bring it to Sato. Reward – 1M Pranas, 500k Rupee - Go to Yasuda of Biryu - Go to Storehouse keeper Gubo of Biryu - Get the Kalung Penari (Quest Item) from Dancer and go back to Gubo - After acquiring the necklace go to yumei(tempat bikin Bright Crystal) to repair the quest item - Get 20 Kulit Punggung Gatva from Kappa and bring it to Yumei Reward: 1M Pranas - Give Miner Yumei 3 azis and 2 surapas - Give the repaired necklace to gubo Reward: 20M Pranas, 500k rupee Total Pranas: 22m Total RUpee: 1m Level 76 Quest – Lost - Go to Biryu Administrator Yasuda (For lvl 76 players and above only) - Get 30 Kulit yang sobek from Drum and bring it to good salesman Mamoru Reward: 1M Pranas, 500k Rupee

- Go to Storehouse keeper Zongkui of Jina - Portrait of the King (Quest Item) Acquired - Go to Shambala Hero Amar - Hunt 30 Ancient Sorcery Books and go back to Amar upon getting the books. Reward: 1M Pranas - Go to Defense General Apvas of Mandara - Get 20 Artificial Tooth from Zombie, 30 Rakers from Zombie Cauras and give it to Apvas(catatan: Artificial Tooth cuma drop dr Zombie sewaktu Quest aja) Reward: 1M Pranas - Go to Security Soldier Kumar of Mandara - Go look for the Drunken Boi in Sporvada - Go back to Security Soldier Kumar - Go and talk to pharmacist Karan of Mandara - Get 10 Utara Panakas and the Yellow Bar of Rama (Quest Item) from Sarpa Raja found in mandara Dungeon lvl 2 and go back to karan Reward: 1M Pranas - Give the “Conditioner†ン to Drunken Boi of Sporvada - Scriptures of Rama acquired. Go back to Kumar of Mandara Reward: 20M Pranas, 1M Rupiahs, Ring of Rama End of lvl 76 Quest Total Pranas: 24m Total Rupee: 1.5m Level 77 Quest – The Ring of Rama (for lvl 77 and above only) - Go to NPC Yumei di Biryu - Go to Administrator Yasuda - Hunt 10 Boars(ada di tempat scarecrow -sawah-) and go back to Yasuda Reward: 2M Pranas - Go to Zangzu of Jina Village - Get the Booklet of Rama (Quest Item) found on Pung Suda at the emperor’s tomb) (Hunt cebol ampe kedap kedip)

- After getting the quest item, go to storehouse keeper zongkui of jina Reward: 1.5M Pranas - Get the Tanda Sugriwa (Quest Item) found in Tortoise Gold in Chatur and go back to storehouse kepper Zongkui Reward: 1M Pranas - Go to Pharmacist Karan - Get 20 Maras Liquids(list buat bikin mara liquid ada di karan) and give it to Karan Reward: 1M Pranas (NOT 1.5M Pranas as stated in quest box) - Hunt Quest Items from the following: Candle Flower from Flower, King’s Portrait from Tree, Three Bloods from Old Fox and Territory from Ancient Curmi(di Tomb). After acquiring all the items, go to storehouse keeper zongkui. (catatan: Petunjuk Quest tidak akan berkedip kecuali udah dpt ke 4 item jadi sering2 liat inventory aja) Reward: 20M Pranas, 1M Rupee End of level 77 Quest Total Pranas: 25.5m Total Rupee: 1m Level 78 Quest – Yuri and Naoki - Go and talk to Merchant Oda of Biryu (for lvl 78 and above only) - Go to petuah jiang ziya di Exile. - Get 15 Serbuk Mesiu and 20 Panji - panji pasukan bukdusong and go back to petuah jiang ziya (DON’T HUNT FOR SUPREME REGIONS!) Reward: 1.5M Pranas - Get the Moonlight (Quest Item) from Ancient Scorpion and go back to petuah jiang ziya [Reward: 1.5M Pranas, Moonlight Rock acquired. - Go to npc yumei di biryu - Get the Tepung Beras (Quest Item) from Scare Crow, Bunga Teratai (quest item) from Dancer and go back to npc yumei Reward: 2M Pranas, Jewel of Separation Voucher acquired. - Talk to Yuri (disamping yumei)

- Hunt and Kill the cursed Naoki near the Warfare of Ruins (He is located near the well and looks like Saurabi Swordman) - Go to Reborn Naoki located at Warfare of Ruins (beside the WOR hill) Reward: 1.5M Pranas - hunt saurabi swordman & Spearman dan dapatkan Written Contract (quest item) of Naoki then go back to Naoki after acquiring the item. (Bunuh Saurabi sampe kedap kedip) Reward: 2M Pranas, Jewel of Height acquired - Talk to Yuri -Hunt 3 Adiz and go back to Yumei Reward: Ring of Rama - Go to Merchant Oda of Biryu Reward: 20M Pranas, 2M Rupee End of Level 78 Quest Total Pranas: 27m Total Rupee: 2m Level 79 Quest – Jejak 8 raja (for level 79 and above only) - Go to Biryu Administrator Yasuda - Search for the nun of warefare ruins di ruined battlefield - Get 20 Topi Prajurit and go back to nun of warefare ruins Reward: 1M Pranas, King’s Red Paper Bag acquired - Search for the nun of Mining Area - Get the Kodok Emas (Quest item) from Kappa Miner and give it to nun of miner area Reward: 1M Pranas, King’s Blue Sack acquired - Search for the nun of Kapa Village - Find Soma (Quest item) from the Kapa Farmer and Fighter and give it back to the nun of kapa village Reward: 1M Pranas, King’s Green Sack acquired - Search for the nun of Town of Biryu (deket tempat spawn abis pustika) - Get 20 Kulit yg sobek from Drum and 30 Patung kuku yang rusak from Dancer and go back to Last Safer in Biryu. Reward: 1M Pranas, King’s Yellow Sack acquired - Go to Administrator Yasuda

- Go to Storehouse keeper Zongkui of Jina Village - cari yayur weda di kota mandara bicaralah pada vananta - Donate 2 Dipa Illas, 2 Illas, 3 Surapas and 3 Azis in the offering jar(harus bersamaan) . After a successful donation, go to Vananta of Mandara. Reward: 1M Pranas, mendapatkan yayur weda - Search for the Sama weda in Anu Village. (Maybe Sacrificial Priest Saranu can help you wooot!) - Get 30 Dragon Scales from Nagamudras and go back to Saranu. Reward: 1M Pranas, Sama Booklet acquired. - Go to Jina Village for the Yata weda - Get 15 Fox tail and go to elder zangzu Reward: 1M Pranas, Yata weda - Go to Exile for the Rigu weda (bicara pada sunalang) - Hunt 30 Hell Soldier and go to Maid Ssunalang of Exile Reward: 1M Pranas, Rigu weda acquired - Go to zongkui of Jina Village Reward: patung dewi saraswati (kalo gak salah inget) - Bring patung saraswati dan dapatkan berkah dr masing2 NPC(list NPC ada di keterangan Quest ) dan akan mendapat 50 ribu rupee berkah terakhir ada di zangzu dan kamu harus punya 1 jt Rupee(pake rupee yang didapet selama Quest ini) - After the ritual has ended, go to Yasuda Reward: 2M Rupee, 22M Pranas. End of Level 79 Quest Total Pranas: 30m Total Rupee: 2m Item yg di butuhkan "keseluruhan" Quest 75-79: -20 perjanjian petani -20 perjanjian pekerja tambang -30 Kipas -50 kulit yg sobek -20 kulit punggung gatva -2 dippa illa -2 illa -6 Azis

-5 Surapa -3 Adiz -10 Utara Panaka -15 Fox's tail (Old Fox) -15 serbuk mesiu -30 patung kuku yang rusak -20 Panji-panji bukdusong -30 dragon scales (Nagamudra) -30 Ancient Sorcery Book (Ghorayogi) -20 Ancient tooth (Zombie) -30 Raker (Zombie Caura) -20 Mara's Liquid -20 Topi Prajurit [tidak urutan dengan questnya] Quest level 80 – Tempat Sethi Tersegel 1. Pergi temui Pedagang Oda di Biryu Castle 2. Temui Yumei di Biryu 3. Bunuh 20 Charm 4. Lalu kembalilah ke Yumei 5. Pergi temui Administrator Biryu Yasuda Reward : 1.000.000 Prana 6. Dapatkan Skull (Quest Item) dari Scare Crow 7. Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda 8. Temui Pendeta Zangzu di Jina 9. Temui Penjual Baju Huang Dao Po di Jina 10. Pergi dan carilah 1 Kundala of Nerve, 2 Branch, 2 Smell Ghost Arm, dan 2 Topi Prajurit 11. Temui Pendeta Zangzu dengan membawa Earing of Whisper 12. Temui Gubo di Biryu 13. Dapatkan Fruit (Quest Item) dari Saurabi Swordman/Spearman 14. Lalu kembalilah ke Gubo 15. Temui Mamoru di Biryu Reward : 1.000.000 Prana

16. Dapatkan Book of Mamoru (Quest Item) dari Kapa Farmer 17. Lalu kembalilah ke Mamoru 18. Temui penjual aksesoris Ashuri di Mandara Reward : 1.000.000 Prana 19. Dapatkan Liquid (Quest Item) dari Smell Ghost 20. Lalu kembalilah ke Ashuri 21. Temui penjual Mamoru dengan cairan tersebut Reward : 2.000.000 Prana Quest Level 82 - Dewi Kehancuran dan Kematian 1. Temui Darksa di Mudha 2. Temui Pandai Besi Vartan di Mandara 3. Dapatkan Steel Piece (Quest Item) dari Ancient Tarantula di Emperor's Tomb 4. Lalu kembalilah ke Vartan Reward : 1.000.000 Prana 5. Temui Penjaga Gudang Zongkui di Jina 6. Dapatkan 10 Decoration Oxhorns dari Bull King 7. Temui Zongkui di Jina Rewards : 1.000.000 Prana 8. Kumpulkan 10 Tiger's Leather dan 10 White Tiger's Leather 9. Kumpulkan 5 Patung Kuku yang Rusak, 5 Kulit yang Sobek, 5 Topi Prajurit, 5 Kulit Punggung Gatva 10. Setelah mendapatkan semuanya, temui kembali Darksa Reward : 300.000 Prana 11. Temui Petuah Ziang Ji Ya di Exile 12. Bunuh 20 Bull Boss 13. Lalu kembalilah ke Petuah Ziang Ji Ya 14. Dapatkan Eye of Dead Body (Quest Item) dari Tree 15. Lalu kembalilah ke Petuah Ziang Ji Ya Reward : 2.000.000 Prana 16. Temui Pendeta Vananta di Mandara 17. Dapatkan Piece of Moon (Quest Item) dari Bat Boss di Flower Field 18. Lalu kembalilah ke Vananta 19. Temui Penjual senjata Bivban di Shambala

20. Dapatkan 10 Hand of Stained Blood dari Monk Ghost 21. Lalu pergi temui Pendeta Vananta Reward : 500.000 Prana 22. Temui Penjual senjata Ouyez di desa Jina 23. Dapatkan Crystal Marbell (Quest Item) dari Hell Soldier di Temple of Fire 24. Lalu kembalilah ke Ouyez Reward : Kali's Belt tergantung suku + 2.000.000 Prana Quest Level 84 – Pembebasan Jiwa 4 Ksatria 1. Temui Penjual Mamoru di Biryu 2. Bunuh 20 Kapa Farmer 3. Lalu kembalilah ke Mamoru Reward : 2.000.000 Prana 4. Temui Penjaga Gudang Zongkui di desa Jina 5. Bunuh 30 Balastha Tundela 6. Lalu kembalilah ke Zongkui Reward : 1.000.000 Prana 7. Temui Penjual Aksesoris Ashuri di Mandara 8. Dapatkan Trilo Plant (Quest Item) dari Tree 9. Lalu kembalilah ke Ashuri Reward : 2.000.000 Prana 10. Temui Penjual Mamoru di Biryu 11. Temui Administrator Biryu Yasuda 12. Temui Seniman Kirika di Mandara 13. Kumpulkan 10 Gigi Graham Babi Hutan dari Wild Boar 14. Lalu kembalilah ke Kirika Reward : 1.000.000 Prana 15. Lalu carilah Ashuri 16. Temui Administrator Biryu Yasuda 17. Bunuh Chandi Asura 18. Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda Reward : 6.000.000 Prana 19. Bunuh Chandi Naga 20. Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda Reward : 6.000.000 Prana

21. Bunuh Chandi Garuda 22. Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda Reward : 6.000.000 Prana 23. Bunuh Chandi Gandharva 24. Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda Reward : 6.000.000 Prana + 1 Garv Quest Level 86 – Pencarian Meru Mountain 1. Temui Ahli Obat Karan di Mandara 2. Kumpulkan 10 Spider Legs dari Hadi di Mudha Dungeon 3. Lalu temui Monk di desa Anu 4. Kumpulkan 10 Peal of Desease dari Masan 5. Lalu kembalilah ke Monk Reward : 4.000.000 Prana 6. Temui Pandai Besi Vartan di Mandara 7. Kumpulkan 10 Shell dari Akusra 8. Lalu kembalilah ke Vartan Reward : 4.000.000 Prana 9. Temui Darksa di Mudha 10. Bunuh Jigunchana di Mudha Dungeon 11. Lalu kembalilah menemui Darksa Reward : 10.000.000 Prana

List item-item yang dibutuhkan selama Q 80-86 1 Kundala of Nerve (Beli di Mamoru) 2 2 Branch 3 2 Smell Ghost Arm 4 7 Topi Prajurit 5 10 Decoration Oxhorn 6 10 Tiger's Leather 7 10 White Tiger's Leather 8 5 Patung Kuku yang Rusak 9 5 Kulit yang Sobek 10 5 Kulit Punggung Gatva 11 10 Gigi Graham Babi Hutan 12 10 Spider Legs 13 10 Peal of Desease 14 10 Shell

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