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British Board of Film Classification The British board of film classification (BBFC) is the organization that decides the

classifications of all the films that are released. The BBFC look at factors such as language, nudity, violence, sexual scenes, drugs and imitable language. All these factors can have an effect on the audience which is very important. Classification The group has decided that our opening se uence will be classed as a !". This was confirmed after carefully analysis each of the factors below# Discrimination This film does not contain any discriminative language that could offend any member of the public. The actions performed in the film also Will not offend any members of the public in any way, shape or form. Drugs There will be no sight or word of drugs in the film which will not encourage any misuse. $e as a group are aware that drugs are prohibited and in support of that o drugs will be shown during the filming. !orror %trong& harmful threats and menace are permitted unless sadistic or se'ualized. "s our genre is a drama there will not be no elements of horror involved. #anguage There may possibly be some content of strong language throughout the film. (ighly strong& abusive language will be highly unli)ely to be used or acceptable. $here will be no use of strong language in the film. udity *udity may be allowed in a se'ual content but to an e'tent.

%ur film will contain no nudity at all. &exual scenes %e'ual scenes are permitted to an e'tent with possible se'ual language. This can be portrayed but must be +ustified. $here will be no sexual activity in our film. 'iolence ,iolent may ta)e place but with no intention of actual in+ury or pain. There strong in+uries are unli)ely to be acceptable. ,iolent scenes may be displayed to an e'tent in result to in+uries. They will be verbal references to violent to conse uences but must have strong conte'tual +ustification. %ur film contains of some violent scenes however it is not as strong to be unacceptable. %ur film will not contain any sexual violence what so ever.