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To complete first edits on Final Cut Pro which should include: titling, transitions and basic sound track To create an audience feedback form using to harvest feedback from your networks To self and peer assess your first edit using the marking criteria To plan your next steps: re-shooting, additional shooting, fine cutting, titling, foley and additional sound recording, track laying, colour grading.

LESSON 1 & 2
Each team must: Complete first edit including: opening titles and credits, basic sound and transitions Create an audience feedback form using ready for sharing using your social network Create a plan for sharing with your networks

Design this form with no more than 10 questions. Make sure the questions help you refine your edit. Questions regarding the clarity of the genre, narrative, characterisations will be useful but you may also want to determine other things about your current material even if it is incomplete. 1 to 2 people only.


Ensure that the order of these is industry standard, it will affect your overall mark if you do not follow the appropriate conventions. Consider what you want from your titles - these ones may be markers only, plan what you want for the real thing. Ensure that you research both the above before completing 1 to 2 people


Ensure that you have something worth watching Sound must work across the whole - if dialogue is missing then replace it with text on the screen Add guide music if needed.