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Music Theory II: Aural Assignment no. 3 DUE: Tuesday, Feb.

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Adam Blaine

! Part I: *Use the WikiSpaces course website to access the following audio examples. ! 1. Scales: labeled the scale type in the audio examples below. ! a) Wouldn't load d) Melodic Minor ! b)Major e) Pentatonic ! c) Natural Minor f) Harmonic Minor !
2. Triads: label the quality of the triad below: major, minor augmented, diminished. a)Major

! b)Diminished e) Major ! c)Augmented ! 3. Intervals: label the following intervals quantity and quality. ! a) Major 2nd d) Perfect 4th g)Minor 2nd ! b)Augmented 4th e) Minor 7th h)Minor 3rd ! c) Perfect 5th f) Major 7th ! ! ! a) I IV I ! b) I V7 I ! Part II: !
c) i V i d) I V7 I e) I IV I V7 I V I

d) Minor

4. Chord Progressions: Label all of the chords that you hear in the following 5 chord progressions using I, IV, V or V7. Each example is played twice.

Example 1: Mendelssohn 1)Major wise its a minor2nd

Example 3: Im in a Dancing Mood 8) c? either a 6th or an octave, but melody

2)a 3)Simple Triple ! Example 2: Bach- Concerto 4)Minor 5)a 6)Simple Quadruple 7)Violin and Harpsichord Example 4: Trumpet Voluntary 9)2 10)3