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As for the extended inquiry project, specifically I do not have any questions.

Having Professor Ingram for English 11 1, I !no" exactly "hat to expect and ho" to approach the assignments that are composed in this multifaceted assignment. As for the Annotated #i$liography assignment, my research topic is formulated around the topic of athletes and using protein enhancers to gain muscle tone and muscle mass. %he topic that I "ould li!e to research has to do "ith ho" athletes use protein supplements $efore and after "or!ing out and if this has a significant effect in $uilding true muscle mass. In other "ords, can multiple approaches $e used to o$tain the same results "ithout paying outrageous sums of money for expensive protein dietaries. #ased on this concept, here are three possi$le inquiry questions that help guide my research& 1. 'hat is the average mass of an athlete that uses protein supplements $efore and after "or!ing out compared to those that do not use any sort of protein supplement and do the same "or!out routine( ). *oes using protein supplements aim to improve other aspects of an athlete+s physique or ,game- $esides "eight and muscle gain( .. Is there any correlation $et"een using protein supplements and extraordinary performance in the training phase or actual game performance( In the sno" day artifact one and t"o, the techniques that are used to attract the audience is Ethos, Pathos, and /ogos. In the research process, these three appeals can $e very useful in creating a via$le arguments, thesis statement, and pic!ing truthful sources. As a reader $y identifying the three appeals, "e are $etter a$le to generali0e at "hat the author is trying to portray to us as the readers, and ho" the reader "ants us to react to the situation he1she presents. As a researcher, the most important appeal to use is /ogos. 2ou "ant to analy0e and use sources in "hich the author coherently organi0es his1her arguments and seems to !no" "hat they are tal!ing a$out. 'hen pic!ing sources you also "ant to ma!e sure that the author "hose source you are using are "ell esta$lished in your study of interest. /astly as an explorer in the "riting process, it is essential to !eep an open3minded personality and see ho" all three of the appeals intert"ine and react to create a final project. It is very pro$a$le to assume that your final research paper "ill have some Ethos, Pathos, and /ogos and "ith this idea it crucial to experiment and create a research paper that is not $ias, $ut instead is fluid in attracting all sorts of readers "ith multiple interests. 4verall, I am loo!ing for"ard to moving in the positive direction "ith this EIP and experimenting "ith different ideals to "rite an outstanding paper.