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Tourist plan

Are you boring of your city? Ayamonte is your place to desconect and relax!! Now, your tourist plan:

Start the day off with some culture at Casa Grande and with a tour to see and explain the sculptures of the city. Casa Grande is a really good place for know some history of Ayamonte and enjoy with the culture. This place have a little theatre and an art gallery with many nice pictures. OPEN DAILY 9:30 21:00

Relax at the beach.. Youll have a really good time at Isla Canela and Punta del Moral, two beautiful beaches. At this beaches can rent some boats and canoas to spend the afternoon and enjoy in the ocean.

Are you ready for a crazy party at the disco? Freedom FX is one of the best disco in Huelva!! Every days, this disco, celebrate big parties and some famous people come to the disco at weekends. You can enjoy and have free drink all night for only 30. OPEN Friday to Sunday 00:30-7:30