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Reply: The requirements of UG-44(b) apply to both screw threads and stud threads, This paragraph gives requirements

for minimum engagement length; however, it is the responsibility of the vessel Manufacturer to determine that the actual engagement length includes the appropriate chamfer and other tolerances. See U-2(g).

Interpretation: VIII-78-127 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, Defects in Plate Date Issued: October 3, 1978 File: BC78-556 Question (1): Is it permissible to measure injurious defects such as pits on plate used for Section VIII, Division 1 construction based on the actual measured thickness at the location of the defect rather than the ordered thickness given on the Mill Test Report? Reply (1): Yes.

Question: Is the permissible depth of the defects described in Question (1) based on the limits given by the applicable Material Specification and the minimum required thickness for the vessel? Reply (2) Yes.

Interpretation: VIII-78-128 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, Table UCS-56.1 , Postweld Heat Treatment as an Essential Variable in Welding Procedure Qualification Date Issued: October 4, 1978 File: BC78-572 Question: May a WPS from a welding procedure which had been qualified with postweld heat treat-merit on a P-No. 1 test plate held at 1100 F (minimum) for one hour per inch of thickness be used in the fabrication of a vessel from the same material which will be postweld heat treated at 900 F for 10 hr (minimum) per inch of thickness without requalification? Reply: Yes. For Section VIII, Division 1 vessels this is covered by Table UCS-56.1.

Interpretation: VIII-78-129 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1 UG-134, Pressure Relief Valves Date Issued: October 4, 1978 File: BC78-583 Question (1) What are the requirements in Section VIII, Division 1 pertaining to set pressure of pressure relief devices on vessels storing liquefied compressed gases and which satisfy the conditions of UG-125(c)(3)? Reply (1): Such relief devices may be set in accordance with UG-125(c)(3)(b).and UG-1 34 including the special provisions of UG-134(e)(2). Question (2): UG-125(a)? Is it required that the vessel Manufacturer furnish the pressure relieving device(s) by