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JustVision 200 Ultrasound

Because technology should be created to compliment your work style, the JustVision Series has been designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you prefer the JustVision 400 or the portable JustVision 200, your decision can be one based on convenience and personal preference. If you choose the portable JustVision 200, an optional Docking Station Cart is available for in-hospital use. Regardless of which JustVision you choose, rest assured that it has been created to fully integrate and benefit from the latest telemedicine innovations. While flexibility is important, some things should never be negotiable. With the JustVision Series, flexibility does not mean you will be required to pay for items that might be considered "options" elsewhere. Cine-loop memory and multiple probe ports are standard. Additionally, Sound Technologies and Toshiba stand ready to assist you with on-site service and technical support. The JustVision Series has been designed to fill the needs of busy veterinary practices. One-touch abdominal and cardiac settings are easily activated so you can spend less time setting up and more time being productive. Toshiba ergonomics experts have streamlined the control panel so you can focus your attention on the task at hand and not on system controls. Of course, advanced features such as a veterinary measurements, Image Processing, Frequency Shifting, Pan/Expand, and Auto-Focus are at your fingertips. With easy access to every capability, the JustVision keyboard proves that with proper design, less is indeed more. The JustVision Series utilizes a

JustVision 200 Ultrasound

high-volume 64 image memory for Cine-loop playback. Using one dial switch, single frames and loops can be captured and replayed in real time as well as multiple slow motion speeds. This capability greatly facilitates diagnosis in veterinary applications and is a standard feature on all JustVision Series systems.

JustVision 200 ultrasound

Scanning method:
electronic convex electronic linear

Display modes:
B-mode (single, dual) M-mode B/M-mode (simultaneous)

depth: 20 cm max, 3 cm min display size: 5 selections

display method: scroll sweep speed: 4 selections

Image processing:
6 applications x 24 selections real-time pan/expand 8 color pallets (option)

Image memory:
128 frames max. loop speed: 1x, .5x, .25x

Measurement functions:
distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, cardiac function

9 monitor

Power source:
220 VAC 10%, 50/60 Hz 650 VA max. JustVision 200 (shown on optional cart)

Dimensions: (W) x (D) x (H) in

12.9 x 25.2 x 15.2 with docking station: 12.9 x 25.2 x 45.2

35.2 lb All specifications subject to change without notice.