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ACT 1.

SCENE 2 ROSALIND, CELIA, DUKE FREDERIK, ORLANDO, LE BEAU Charles and Orlando wrestle ROSALIND O excellent young man! CELIA If I had a thunderbolt in mine eye, I can tell !hould do n" Shout" C#ARLES i! thro n D$%E &REDERIC% No more, no more" ORLANDO 'e!, I be!eech your grace( I am not yet D$%E &REDERIC% #o do!t thou, Charle!) LE *EA$ #e cannot !+ea,, my lord" D$%E &REDERIC% *ear him a ay" -hat i! thy name, young man) ORLANDO Orlando, my liege. the younge!t !on of Sir Ro land de *oy!" D$%E &REDERIC% I ould thou had!t been !on to !ome man el!e( /he orld e!teem0d thy father honourable, *ut I did find him !till mine enemy( /hou !hould!t ha1e better +lea!ed me ith thi! deed, #ad!t thou de!cended from another hou!e" *ut fare thee ell. thou art a gallant youth( I ould thou had!t told me of another father" D$%E &REDERIC% 2i!tre!!, di!+atch you ith your !afe!t ha!te And get you from our court" ROSALIND 2e, uncle) D$%E &REDERIC% 'ou, cou!in -ithin the!e ten day! if that thou be0!t found So near our +ublic court a! t enty mile!, /hou die!t for it"


ell breathed"

ROSALIND -hy, hither !hall

e go)

CELIA /o !ee, my uncle in the fore!t of Arden" ROSALIND Ala!, hat danger ill it be to u!, 2aid! a! e are, to tra1el forth !o far! *eauty +ro1o,eth thie1e! !ooner than gold" CELIA I0ll +ut my!elf in +oor and mean attire And ith a ,ind of umber !mirch my face. /he li,e do you( !o !hall e +a!! along And ne1er !tir a!!ailant!" ROSALIND -ere it not better, *ecau!e that I am more than common tall, /hat I did !uit me all +oint! li,e a man) A gallant curtle3axe u+on my thigh, A boar3!+ear in my hand. and33in my heart Lie there hat hidden oman0! fear there ill33 -e0ll ha1e a ! a!hing and a martial out!ide, A! many other manni!h co ard! ha1e /hat do outface it ith their !emblance!" CELIA -hat !hall I call thee

hen thou art a man)

ROSALIND I0ll ha1e no or!e a name than 4o1e0! o n +age. And therefore loo, you call me 5anymede" *ut hat ill you be call0d) CELIA Something that hath a reference to my !tate No longer Celia, but Aliena" ROSALIND *ut, cou!in, hat if e a!!ay0d to !teal /he clo ni!h fool out of your father0! court) -ould he not be a comfort to our tra1el) CELIA #e0ll go along o0er the ide orld ith me. Lea1e me alone to oo him" Let0! a ay, And get our 6e el! and our ealth together, De1i!e the fitte!t time and !afe!t ay /o hide u! from +ur!uit that ill be made After my flight" No go e in content /o liberty and not to bani!hment" E e!nt