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The site before starting

Hole dug and level, post positions mar ed out, dr! stone foundation "alls do"n, first retaining "all built against front ban #

$% or so small trees and a bit of &hainsa"ing later# 'ift logs, prop up, nail together and &ontinue until no longer "obbl!#

(plit logs over the top and palettes on the floor# Tree in to prop up sleeping platform# )alettes on the floor to ta e insulating bales#

(tra" deliver!# Cotton sheets then stra" bales on the roof and &over it up "ith plasti&, other bales inside, *ui& before it rains#

+uild stra" bale "all inside, a fun and *ui& ,ob# The bales are sta& ed on rough dr! stone "all and sta ed together

"ith ha-el sti& s# Inside bales go on pallette floor read! for floorboards on top#

)op "indo"s in the holes, stuff stra" into an! gaps then &hainsa" trim the bales smooth "ith &ute round! &orners#

.ather/in/la" and tool ben&h, 0#$%am# All tools lost, sno"ing outside, no doors, plastering under"a!#

(pring, mud on the roof, plastering and "hite"ashing done, lands&aping nearl! finished, beer bre"ing, bread in the oven#