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HONORS Chemistry

Example: For the vaporization reaction, Br2 (l) + 31 kJ ! Br2 (g) !S = 93 kJ/K. Is this spontaneous at 25C?

1. When sugar (glucose) is fermented into alcohol (ethanol), the following reaction occurs where !S =227 J/K. C6H12O6 ! 2C2H5OH +2CO2 + 139 kJ Is this reaction spontaneous at 25C?

2. You have a reaction with a !H = 125 kJ/mol, !S = 0.0350 kJ/K, and T=293 K. Is this spontaneous?

Is the reaction becoming more or less disordered? 3. A reaction has a !H = -76kJ and !S = -117 J/K. Is this reaction spontaneous at 298K?

4. Fill out the chart: Entropy (+!S? Or !S? ) Ice melting into water Water turning into steam Steam condensing into water Water freezing into ice Enthalpy (+!H? Or !H? )

7. The enthalpy change for a certain reaction at 298 K is 15.0kJ. The entropy change under these conditions is 7.2kJ/mol. Calculate the free energy of the reaction and predict whether the reaction will occur spontaneously.

Challenger: 8. A reaction has a value of "H = -40kJ at 400K. Above 400K, the reaction is spontaneous, below 400K it is not spontaneous. Calculate "G0 and "S0 at 400K.