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Lesson Plan Template

Instructors name: Kathy Rappaport Week of: Feb 18-21 Course/Grade: ELD2 Unit Name: Strategies for Reading Literature and Informational Texts

Common Core/ NM Content Standards: Craft and Structure Literacy.RL8.4 Key Ideas and Details Literacy. RL.8.1 Analyze what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drown from the text Writing Standard Literacy .W.8.1b Support claims with relevant evidence. Demonstrate an understanding of the topic or text. Literacy Revising and Editing and Rewriting Language Goals Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Think/Pair/Share Discussions Read Alouds Writing down ideas

Essential Question(s): How do I support claims by using relevant evidence from the text?

Other considerations (modifications, accommodations, acceleration, etc.): Accommodations: Three students will be reading Winn-Dixie and doing similar assignments.

Connections (prior learning/prior knowledge): Continuation of strategies used in the prior week such as pre-reading strategies: defining tier 2 vocab words before reading the text, predicting main ideas; reading strategies: asking questions as you read, rereading for comprehension, looking for main ideas and supporting ideas; post reading strategies: answering questions that ask students to recall explicit ideas, infer implicit ideas and summarize. Also students have been taught to use details/examples/quotes to support ideas and develop summaries. Resources/Materials When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo Time for Kids

Assessment (How will you monitor progress and know students have successfully met outcomes?)

Daily: Do Now checks for understanding of the previous days lesson. Written assignments and quizzes check for understanding of daily lessons. This Week: Students will fill out reading packet that focuses on vocabulary, comprehension, inferring information, identifying and summarizing main ideas and supporting details. Students will support ideas with logical reasoning and relevant evidence as they write an essay comparing and contrasting two main characters (the two narrators of Keoko).

Time allotted MONDAY Learning TargetPresidents Day

Lesson activities for instructor and students Assignment(s) Due-

TUESDAY Learning TargetAnalyze complex characters and cite evidence for opinions by answering questions about chapter 5. Show ability to determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text by taking a quiz on Keoko vocab words in chapters 1-5.

Assignment(s) Due-

Chapter 5 Worksheet

Review Keoko Vocab 1-5 Quiz

WEDNESDAY Learning TargetKeoko: Analyze complex characters and cite evidence for opinions by answering questions about chapter 6.

Assignment(s) Due-

Complete Worksheets for Chapter 6

THURSDAY Learning Target-

Assignment(s) Due-

After reading chapter 7 analyze complex characters and cite evidence for claims. They will demonstrate these skills through class discussion and by writing answers to questions and supporting answers with examples

Worksheet for Chapter 7 Quiz for chapter 1-7

FRIDAY Learning TargetStudents will cite evidence (examples from the story) to support a claim as they write a paragraph showing examples of cultural norms in Korea during the time period of this story. Students will demonstrate their ability to use context clues to understand challenging vocab words by completing a worksheet that requires them to use strategies to understand words in context.

Assignment(s) Due-

Using a graphic organizer, students will write a paragraph about how Korean culture has different expectations for boys and girls during the time period of this story. Context clues worksheet

Post-Teaching Reflections on Lesson

What went well?

What needs to be improved? Why?

Strategies to consider for improving lesson: